Andros Island Bonefish Club - The Bahamas

Located approximately 150 miles southeast of Miami, Andros Island is the largest island in The Bahamas chain, yet it remains the least populated. Andros Island Bonefishing Club (AIBC) is located a mere 100 yards from a productive, wadeable flat where bonefish are frequently spotted tailing in the nearby waters.

Andros Island Bonefishing

Andros Island Bonefish Club Fishing

Sightcast these world-famous flats for trophy-sized bonefish. Here, you'll find some of the best saltwater sports fishing in all the world and more fishable flats than any area of the Caribbean. These waters are renowned for incomparable sheer numbers of bonefish - in large schools averaging 3-5 pounds. Trophy-sized bonefish exceeding 10-pounds regularly test anglers' skills. The occasional and elusive permit and the resident tarpon found cruising the deeper creeks on the west side attract many serious anglers to the Club.
Barracuda are also available and can be found on the flats most of the year. Jacks, snappers, and sharks are often encountered on the flats while stalking bonefish, permit, or tarpon. Having a rod rigged and ready to cast will greatly increase your chances of hooking these fish.
Boats:  You'll fish from 16' to 18' Dolphin Super Skiffs with poling platforms, 90 to 140 HP Yamaha outboard motors, and a spacious casting deck. The boats are roomy, fast, and comfortable.
 Shawn Leadon, owner and head guide, leads a staff of English-speaking Bahamian guides known internationally for their skills and extensive experience on the Andros and other Bahamian flats.
Equipment:  No fishing tackle is provided. A detailed list of what to pack is in our confirmation packet. Rod rentals are available. Fly rod rental is $35.00 per day
Spin rod rental is $25.00 per day
Fishing License is not included in the package, $20.00 per week + 12% tax.
Westside trips are optional.
And an additional fee of $100.00 fuel surcharge per day.

Andros Island Fishing Seasons:

Andros Island Bonefish Club

Andros is open year-round for their flats and blue water fishing.
October through mid-July remains the popular months to book fishing trips to The Bahamas. Year-round, anglers can stalk shark, barracuda, and snapper.
Late winter - January and February are the best months for big bonefish. It is possible to catch tuna and wahoo. There are lots of barracuda on the flats.
Spring - March and April are peak bonefish months.
Early summer - May and June: Bonefish, tarpon, and barracuda are plentiful. Winds are calmer, and afternoon rain showers are possible.
Late summer and fall - July, August, and September: Morning fishing is best for bonefish. Flats heat up quickly. This is a great time for landing high numbers of tarpon on the west side of Andros. This time of year has the calmest winds, except for the possibility of tropical storms.
Late fall and early winter - October, November, and December:  All bights of Andros are very good at this time for bonefish. Permit sightings are not uncommon during this time of the year. Residential tarpon are available on the west side of the island.

Andros Island Bonefish Club

andros island bonefish club trophy fishing

This world-famous bonefishing club sits at the mouth of a 27-mile long freshwater stream on a 250-acre sisal plantation. The Andros Island Bonefish Club property stretches over a quarter of a mile, and outside every room, there is a great view of the Atlantic ocean. All twelve air-conditioned rooms are comfortable and spacious with a private bath. The main lounge has satellite TV, a well-stocked bar, and a well-stocked fly-tying bench.
Meals:  Made-to-order breakfasts include bacon and eggs, French toast, and an assortment of cereal. Each morning, you’ll make your own boxed lunch for the boat from a buffet of ingredients. Dinners are delicious Bahamian cuisine featuring fresh locally-caught seafood and vegetables. The dining room, lounge area, and deck overlook the ocean.

Getting to the Lodge:

There are direct flights from many major cities in the U.S. to Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas. From Nassau, it is a 15-minute flight to Andros Island, which is serviced by LeAir. You may need a hotel night if you cannot fly to Nassau in time to take the flight on LeAir that leaves at about 3:00 p.m. (This hotel night is not included in the package.) The Lodge will have a taxi and driver waiting for you at the Andros Island Airport. The ground transfer to the Lodge is about 30-minutes and is included in the package.

Brad Staples' Recap:

"I very much enjoyed my time at Andros Island Bonefish Club. Everyone was really nice, and the fishing was good. During our week-long stay at Andros Island, the fish were very aggressive and really good size. This is a great destination for easy travel from the states. Andros is a family-run operation, and they work hard at making sure that everyone is having a good time."
- Brad Staples

2020 USD Rates:

Two anglers per room and boat
3-nights at the Lodge
and 2-days guided fishing
$1,452.00 per person
4-nights at the Lodge
and 3-days guided fishing
$1,995.00 per person
5-nights at the Lodge
and 4-days guided fishing
$2,531.00 per person
6-nights at the Lodge
and 5-days guided fishing
$3,068.00 per person
7-nights at the Lodge
and 6-days guided fishing
$3,610.00 per person
8-nights at the Lodge
and 7-days guided fishing
$4,147.00 per person

One angler per room and boat
3-nights at the Lodge
and 2-days guided fishing
$2,040.00 per person
4-nights at the Lodge
and 3-days guided fishing
$2,836.00 per person
5-nights at the Lodge
and 4-days guided fishing
$3,639.00 per person
6-nights at the Lodge
and 5-days guided fishing
$4,441.00 per person
7-nights at the Lodge
and 6-days guided fishing
$5,243.00 per person
8-nights at the Lodge
and 7-days guided fishing
$6,045.00 per person

Packages Include:

Taxi transfer to and from Andros Town Airport, all accommodations and meals at the Lodge, complimentary glass of wine with dinner, daily laundry service, fishing with a boat/guide/lunch, V.A.T. on fishing package, in-room Wi-Fi, bottled water, and laundry service.

Packages Do Not Include:

Airfare, airport departure taxes, a one-night hotel stay if needed; alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, gratuities, fishing license $20.00, V.A.T. of 7.5% on all miscellaneous items (excluding tips), and anything not mentioned under inclusions. There is a fuel surcharge of $150.00 per boat for trips to the west coast of Andros.

Typical Fishing Day:

•  5:30 a.m. Coffee is ready.
•  6:30-7:30 a.m., breakfast is served.
•  6:15 a.m., lunch makings are set out. You'll make your lunch, which will go into the cooler for your fishing day.
•  8:00 a.m., the boats depart for fishing.
•  Midday, enjoy lunch on the water.
•  4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., hors d’oeuvres are served at the bar. There is a well-stocked bar, and the honor system is in place. You’ll keep track of your drinks on the bar tab provided.
•  6:30 p.m. Dinner is served.

Andros Island photos

Trophy-sized bonefish

Andros Island Bonefish Club

Archie Adams with Andros bonefish

Andros Island Bonefishing

Tarpon fishing - photo credit: James McVay

Photo credit: James McVay

Spacious,  comfortable skiffs

World-class trophy bonefish

Bonefish average 3-to 5-pounds

World class Bahamas bonefish

Red flamingos - photo credit: James McVay

Photo by James McVay

The Dining room at The Club

Andros Island Dining

Air-conditioned four-plex units

Andros Island Lodging

Assorted beverage options

Andros Island bonefish club

Free Wi-fi at the Lodge

Andros Island Lounge

Fishing Travel Experts

Guy Schoenborn

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MT Office:  406-322-5709


Brad Staples

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Cell (503) 250-0558