Egdorf's Nushagak Camp Egdorf's Nushagak River Camp

Egdorf's Nushagak River Camp

World-Class Rainbow and Dolly Varden Fishing

Fly and Spin fishing - Egdorf’s is a floatplane only-in, remote trip in Western Alaska’s Bristol Bay region. Dave and Kim Egdorf's camp is located on the banks of the upper Nushagak River, 250 miles from saltwater, in a breathtaking wilderness setting. This trip is remote--there are no roads within 100 miles, and the nearest habitation is an Eskimo village 60 air miles away. Wildlife abounds here, with numerous weekly sightings of moose, grizzly bear, eagles, and more.

Fishing Egdorf's Nushagak River

Nushagak River rainbow

Egdorf's is an excellent trip for beginning fly anglers because you’ll get so many opportunities to hook and fight big numbers of rainbows, dollies, and grayling. Plus, the guides are excellent instructors.

The Nushagak River is a vast spawning bed with a gravel-bottom, clear running, modest-sized river. The Nushagak produces an annual smorgasbord of protein-rich salmon eggs that supports the resident fish population, and an ideal habitat for spawning salmon, rainbow trout, Arctic grayling, and dollies. For the most part, you’ll have the Nushagak to yourself.

Some days begin with fishing/drifting right from camp while other days, you’ll run up to 20 miles upriver or downriver. You’ll also explore braids and creeks. Catch-and-release fishing only. As in any fishery, sustained heavy rainfall can cause the river to discolor, but this scenario on average is not a great concern.

Egdorf's Fishing Facts:

Egdorf's Nushagak River

2021 season:  June 10 thru September 9.
Group Size:  The camp hosts up to six anglers. Non-anglers are welcome, too.
Boats:  18’ Lowe flat-bottom boats with 30, 35, and 40-HP two-stroke engines (reduced weight). You’ll fish areas by running to an area then drifting, rowing, walking or wading down the river. Boats are set up to fish one angler in the bow and one angler in the stern, with the guide on the oars.
Guides:  Hardworking, experienced guides who are also fly fishing instructors, and excellent jet boat operators.
Equipment:  Fly outfits are not provided. A comprehensive gear and tackle list is included in our confirmation packet.
Fishing licenses: are not included, but can be purchased online at: Alaska Department of Fish and Game.
Fly tying:  The camp has fly tying materials for you to use. Guides sit with clients and assist with fly-tying daily. In some cases the flies are provided at no cost. In others, they may be $3.00 to $4.00 each.

Egdorf's Nushagak River Camp

Egdorf's Nushagak Camp

Egdorf's camp is in an area called the Big Bend of the upper Nushagak River. The camp is very well laid out, and extremely scenic with lots of spruce trees.
For 2021, they have new single-occupancy cabins. If you prefer to buddy-up and stay together, you just need to ask. They also have a new heated lounge facility that has a drying area for waders and clothing. Plus, a fly tying area with bright lights, and a social gathering area for card-playing area. Guides join in when they're not on the water. Hearty, chef-prepared meals. The camp accommodates six anglers. There are hot showers and chemical toilets.

Communications:  An emergency-use-only satellite phone and email capability are available on a limited basis.

John Crocker's recap:  “The river was awesome, and the people who made it happen for us were, too. I would recommend it to anyone who wanted to fish in remote Alaska to catch large numbers, big fish, and several different species.”  –John Crocker

Aerial View of Nushagak River and Camp

Getting to the Camp:

You’ll fly to Dillingham, Alaska, on a Wednesday. One hotel night is required and not included in the package - recommendations are listed in our confirmation packet. On Thursday morning, a lodge representative will meet you in Dillingham and then drive you about 20 miles in a van to Aleknagik Lake where Dave Egdorf’s floatplane is waiting. The owner Dave Egdorf, a pilot, will fly you to camp, a one-hour scenic flight. The floatplane flight is included in the package. There is a luggage weight limit of 50-pounds.

2021 Rates:

Thursday to Thursday
Maximum of 6 anglers per week
7-nights at Camp
and 6-days guided fishing

$6,595.00 per person

Packages Include:

Roundtrip air transportation from Dillingham to Camp, all lodging and meals at camp, daily guided fishing, and use of spin gear (except for lures).

Packages Do Not Include:

Airfare, personal gear, tackle, flies, first and possibly last night’s stay in Dillingham, gratuities, ($500.00 to $1,000.00 is the average tip per person), fishing license, liquor, sodas, anything not mentioned under inclusions, and any expenses incurred due to weather delays. Extra charges at the Camp:  sodas $4.00, a bottle of wine $30.00, beer $7.00 (cans), and $8.00 (bottles). Flies, lures, etc. are also available for purchase.

Optional Side-Trips:

Fly-out side trips:  Bear viewing, flightseeing, fishing for ‘fresh’ salmon, sheefish, Arctic char, lake trout, northern pike, etc. You may also wish to visit Tikchik State Park, the largest state park in the United States.
The fly-out side trips range from $150.00 to about $350.00 per person depending on what activity you want and how many are in the group. Group max is three anglers per trip.
For example, a fairly close 50-mile trip (one way) for pike with three anglers would be about $150.00 per angler. Whereas, a 100-mile trip (one-way) for king salmon or Arctic char would be about $350.00 per person and three anglers.
Dave Egdorf works with guests to customize your side-trips to your desired experiences. Sometimes, you may have to wait a day for good weather. But, weather permitting there is a variety of wonderful outings to choose from.

For the Non-Angler:

The Camp could prove to be somewhat dull for the non-angler, although an outdoor photographer would enjoy this experience. There is significant wildlife viewing, bird watching, and blueberry picking in season—not to mention, a vast wilderness with scenery galore.

Egdorf's Nushagak River

Nushagak River rainbow fishing

world-class rainbow fishing

Large Nushagak dolly varden (char)

Egdorf's dolly varden

John Crocker with Nushagak rainbow.

Nushagak rainbow fishing

Nushagak River rainbows

Egdorf's rainbow fishing

Camille Egdorf with Nushagak rainbow

Camille Egdorf

John Crocker with dolly varden

Dolly varden fishing

Nushagak River grayling

Nushagak grayling

Cessna 185 float plane

Cessna 185

John and Robb Crocker with rainbows

Nushagak rainbows

Wildlife viewing opportunities

brown bear

New heated dining facility

Heated dining tent

WeatherPort tents with elevated floor

WeatherPort tents

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