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Fly Fishing for Arapaima and Arowana

The Mamirauá Reserve lies about 370 miles west of Manaus. The Reserve encompasses a complex system of lakes and channels between the Solimões River and the Japura River. In 1996, Mamirauá became the largest arapaima reserve in the world.

Pirarucú Fishing - Untamed Angling

Pirarucú Lodge

Pirarucú and arapaima are one and the same. Arapaima can grow to over 400 pounds and most closely resemble a freshwater tarpon or an alligator gar. When hooked, they start to move and then explode into aerial displays and headshakes.
Guides and anglers watch for arapaima rising to the surface to gulp air. In the shallow bays of the lake, these rolling fish offer more of a sight casting opportunity than in the deeper parts. Similar to hunting the flats and mangroves for tarpon, anglers search the lakes, channels, and rivers for pods of fish. Be prepared. When you see the rolling fish, it is usually the fish mid-water or on the bottom that hit your fly. The toughest part of fishing for arapaima is setting the hook. You’ll need to get a firm hook set and keep continual pressure.
Arowana:  There’s no other place where you can catch so many arowanas on the fly. These fish are omnivorous and eat just about any insect or baitfish presented to them. Anglers will want to use streamers or big dry flies.
Tambaqui:  The mighty Tambaqui is a round fish and a close relative of the pacú. Tambaqui are normally found in the 8 to 20-pounds. They readily take artificial flies. Pound-for-pound, Tambaqui are stronger than the pacú and prove an extreme battle on a fly.
Peacock bass:  The smaller peacock bass, the yellow species, range in size from 2 to 10-pounds and act much like their larger cousins found elsewhere in the Amazon. When found, they are usually busting bait along the shorelines.

Fishing Season and Skiffs

Pirarucú Lodge

The Pirarucú season is short, running only from the middle of September to the end of November. The dry season in this part of the Amazon runs from July through January, so this season straddles the middle of the dry season when water should be low, and fish congregate in the lakes and channels. November 30th marks the end of fishing due to special regulations. In order to protect juvenile fish, the Arapaima fishery is closed throughout the Amazon.
Guides:  Professional, English-speaking native guides.
Boats:  You'll fish from extremely comfortable and smooth flats skiffs. Each skiff has two large casting platforms and an electric trolling motor with remote control for moving silently within the lagoons. 60-HP four-stroke. GPS and VHF radios are on board to keep guides in contact and to remain aware of each other’s position.
Fishing licenses  are included in your package.
Fishing Tackle:  is not included in the package. A complete list of recommended fly fishing gear will be provided in our confirmation packet.

Uakari - Floating Cabins

Uakari Lodge

Uakari, a floating lodge, is very simple yet comfortable constructed of beautiful local woods. The Lodge has ten floating cabins, each with two ensuite rooms. The main lodge features a dining room, living area, and kitchen. All buildings are on the water connected by wooden platforms. Solar-powered showers, comfortable beds with mosquito netting.
Meals:  Simple local dishes.
The Lodge is located in the heart of the reserve with very short run times to the fishing—no more than 20-minutes and sometimes as short as a five-minute boat ride. During the year, the Lodge is primarily used as an ecotourism lodge primarily for birdwatching and wildlife viewing. It is recognized as one of the top five birdwatching areas in the Amazon.
Non-angler activities:  Bird safaris, jungle tracks with professional guides, and visits to the local communities to see the lifestyle and villages.
Mandatory Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate:
A Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate is required to enter any Indian Territory in Brazil. It’s a Government Regulation to protect Indians. All anglers must bring within their travel documents their vaccine certificates.

FlyFishing the Biggest Arapaima Reserve in the Planet. 12:29 YouTube video.

The Wildest Jungle fish - Arapaima 1:21 YouTube video.

Uakari Lodge Uakari Lodge

Getting to the Lodge:

When you arrive in Manaus, you’ll be greeted by an English-speaking lodge representative who’ll arrange your ground transfer to the Caesar Business Hotel. (The ground transfer and the first night hotel are included in the package.) At 10:00 a.m., the following morning, your host will drive you to the local airport for your flight to Tefé, which is not included in the package. You’ll have lunch in Tefé before taking a 60+ minute fast-boat ride to the Lodge.

2020 USD Rates:

Two anglers per room and boat:
6-nights and 4½-days guided fishing
$4,995 + $490 Native Comm. Fee = $5,485.00 per person

8-nights and 6½-days guided fishing
$5,995 + $590 Native Comm. Fee = $6,585.00 per person

Single Angler per room and boat:
6-nights and 4 ½-days guided fishing
$7,875 + $490 Native Comm. Fee = $8,365.00 per person

8-nights and 6½-days guided fishing
$8,990 + $590 Native Comm. Fee = $9,580.00 per person

Non-angler sharing room:
6-nights and 4½-days
per person
8-nights and 6 ½-days
$2,990.00 per person


Packages Include:

One overnight at a hotel in Manaus upon arrival, all necessary ground transfers in Manaus, guided fishing, Untamed Angling also provides Global Rescue Medical Evacuation Coverage, a $119.00 value, all-inclusive at the Lodge: lodging, meals, and beverages (including wine, beer, and spirits), fishing license, and laundry service.

Packages Do Not Include:

International airfare, roundtrip domestic airfare (Manaus/Tefé – approximately $165.00 p.p. roundtrip), Brazilian visa ($44.24), Native Community Fee ($490.00 p.p. or 10% of the package rate for custom packages), tips and gratuities for staff and guides, food and beverages in Manaus, airport departure tax (if not included in airfare), satellite phone calls ($5.00 per minute), city tours in Manaus, extra hotel overnights, flies ($10.00 each at lodge), tackle, and anything not mentioned under inclusions.

Pirarucú & Rio Marié Combo:

Two anglers per room and boat:
13-nights and 10-days guided fishing
$11,950 p.p. + $1,170 Native Comm. Fee = $13,070.00 per person

Combo Packages Include:
Charter flight (floatplane from Marié to Pirarucú), boat transfers, all necessary ground transfers in Brazil, 6-days guided fishing in Marié, Untamed Angling provides Global Rescue Medical Evacuation Coverage a $119.00 value, 7-nights on the Untamed Amazon liveaboard, 4-days guided fishing in Pirarucú, 5-nights at the Pirarucú Lodge, all-inclusive: lodging, meals, and beverage (including wine, beer, and spirits), one overnight at the Caesar Business Hotel in Manaus upon arrival, use of a guide-operated 21-foot fully-equipped shallow draft skiff, fishing licenses, and daily laundry and maid service at fishing destination.

Combo Packages do not include:
International airfare, Native Community Fees (payable in USD in Manaus), Azul Airline tickets (Tefé to Manaus – on day 13), Brazilian visa, tips and gratuities for camp staff and guides, food and beverages in Manaus, airport departure tax (if not included in airfare), satellite phone calls ($5.00 per minute), city tours in Manaus, extra hotel overnights in Manaus, flies, tackle, and anything not mentioned under inclusions.

Pirarucu Lodge - Brazil

Arapaima can grow to over 400 pounds.

Pirarucu Lodge

Brad Staples with baby arapaima

Arapaima fly fishing

Tambaqui readily take artificial flies.

Tambaqui fishing

Pirarucu explode on the line.

Pirarucu fishing

Extremely fun to catch on a dry fly

Pirarucu fly fishing

Fly fishing for Pirarucu (arapaima).

Pirarucu fishing

Arowana fly fishing, too.

Fly Fishing Brazil

Pirarucu Lodge - Floating Cabins

Pirarucu houseboats

Houseboat bedroom

Houseboat bedroom

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