Rio Marié Liveaboard Fly Fishing Adventure

The Rio Marié also known as the River of Giants is the most remote river in the Brazilian Amazon. The headwaters of the Rio Marié lie more than 400 air miles northwest of Manaus in the rainforest between Brazil and Columbia.

Fly fishing the Rio Marié

Rio Marie Fly Fishing

Lure fishing - limited opportunity: January 15-23, 2020 and January 23-30, 2020, use artificial lures with single hooks. Lure Trips sell out quickly.)
The Rio Marié is a very remote river—more than 400 miles by float plane from Manaus, Brazil. The Marié River is born in the northwest side of the Brazilian Amazon, near the Colombian border, and is a tributary of the upper Negro River. The river is contained inside an Indian territory of more than 494 million acres.
There are over 400 miles of river, tributaries, and lagoons. The Rio Marié liveaboard adventure is the first official sportfishing operation inside an Indian territory in Brazil. It is now the largest area in the world specifically dedicated to fly-fishing-only and catch-and-release only.
The speckled, the largest of all peacock bass, average 10-to 18-pounds in the more remote locations but have been known to reach 30-pounds. 2017 pending world-record peacock - almost 31-pounds! In 2016, a 28 ½-pound fly-caught peacock bass was landed at the Rio Marié. The butterfly peacock bass are abundant and smaller, reaching up to 13-pounds.
The liveaboard’s three-month seasons runs mid-September to mid-December. This is the dry season when the water levels are at their lowest.

View Todd Moen's YouTube 10:14 video:
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Dr. Meng Syn's Trip Recap - Blog, Videos...

Rio Marié Liveaboard

Dr. Meng Syn with Rio Marié peacock bass.
Season:  The Rio Marié season runs from mid-September through early December.
Group size:  Eight anglers each week. (The liveaboard hosts a maxiumum of fourteen guests.)
The Adventure begins in the uppermost stretches of the Rio Marié with the liveaboard moving downstream at a pace of about 75 miles each week. They do not overfish any area. Anglers are greeted each day with new water, a constant and fresh trophy peacock bass fishing grounds.
Guides:  Two anglers per professional English-speaking guide, plus a native guide who drives the boat.
Boats:  20-foot fully equipped shallow draft skiffs have two casting platforms (one at either end of the boat so both anglers can fish at the same time), a center console, and are powered by 90 h.p. 4-stroke motors, as well as remote-control electric motors.
Methods:  Most of the fishing is done using baitfish imitations.
Our client Meng Syn does a phenomenal job of his post-trips reports. Read his blog and see his outstanding videos, listed below.
Dr. Meng Syn's Videos of Rio Marié:
Rio Marié - River of Giants

Butterflies - Butterfly Madness

Flies for the Rio Marié

Dr. Meng Syn's Blog:
The Rio Marié River of Giants

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More of the Rio Marié

The Untamed Amazon Mothership

Rio Marié Liveaboard

The Untamed Amazon has three floors. The lower floor is a restricted area for staff only and includes the inner workings of the vessel with twin 200-h.p. propulsion engines. The main floor has seven double occupancy suites for Rio Marié guests. Maximum number of guests is fourteen. Each suite accommodates two guests in super single beds and has a private bathroom, air conditioning, and space for storage. The top floor is the place for relaxation after a long fishing day. There is a spacious living and dining room, an open lounge on the rear deck, limited Wi-Fi, and two large Jacuzzis.
Meals:  There is a full-scale kitchen which serves American meals in addition to regional favorites. You'll enjoy expertly prepared four-course dinners in the comfortable dining area. Exotic dishes of freshly caught fish, fresh baked bread and pastries, chilled wines, ice-cold beer, spirits, and soft drinks await each guest throughout the week. Beer, fine wines, and spirits are included in the package.
The Mobility of the Untamed Amazon – the deluxe, shallow-draft mothership – and the utilization of the Cessna Caravan fitted with amphibious floats to transport anglers direct from Manaus to the Rio Marié, is making all the difference in the world. When the water is high, they fish the headwaters of Marié further upriver, exploring new tributaries and lagoons. Upstream, there is 100 more miles of river to explore. When the water drops, they move downstream to familiar beats. Not only does this mobility allow them to fish and explore new water, but it also helps to manage fishing pressure on the river by incorporating a beat system across a broad expanse of over 200 river miles.

Getting Here:

At the international airport in Manaus, you'll be greeted by an English-speaking representative. He'll arrange for transfers to the Quality Hotel Manaus. (The ground transfers and the first hotel night are included in the package.) After breakfast at the hotel, the driver will pick up your group between 5:30 and 6:30 a.m. and head to the local airport. You'll take a four-hour flight aboard a Cessna Caravan hydroplane to the new landing strip near the liveaboard. The Untamed Amazon will be anchored and waiting for you.

2019 - 2020 USD Rates:

8-nights and 6½-days guided fishing
September - December 2019:
Two anglers per room and skiff:

$7,325 + $670 Native Comm Fee
=$7,995.00 per person
One angler per room and skiff:
$11,680 + $670 Native Comm Fee
per person
Non-angler companion:
$4,980 + $490 Native Comm Fee
=$5,470.00 per person

8-nights and 6½-days guided fishing
January and February 2020:
Two anglers per room and skiff:
$5,850 + $500 Native Comm Fee
=$6,350.00 per person
One angler per room and skiff:
$9,000 + $500 Native Comm Fee
=$9,500.00 per person
Non-angler companion:
$4,450 + $380 Native Community Fee
=$4,830.00 per person
Upgrade to single-occupancy room
Add $750.00 based upon availability

Packages include:

All internal charter flights, boat transfers, and all necessary ground transfers in Brazil; one hotel night in Manaus upon arrival, use of guide-operated skiffs, fishing licenses, all meals on the liveaboard (and lunch at fishing destinations), wine, beer, and spirits; daily laundry and maid service on the liveaboard; Global Rescue Medical Evacuation Coverage, a $119.00 value; and, upon request, our eBook Fly Fishing for Peacock Bass by Larry and Guy Schoenborn.

Packages do not include:

International airfare; Indian Association Fee, paid in cash upon arrival to Brazil; gratuities, fishing equipment, premium spirits on the liveaboard, food and beverages in Manaus, any private city tours, airport departure tax, satellite phone calls ($5.00 per minute), extra hotel overnights, flies ($10.00 each on the liveaboard), Signature Travel Insurance, and anything not mentioned under inclusions.

New Requirements:

• As of June 17, 2019, Brazil will no longer require a Tourist Visa for U.S. citizens. This will make it a lot easier for anglers traveling to Brazil. (Acquiring the old visa was a real headache.)
• Mandatory Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate:  A Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate is required to enter any Indian Territory in Brazil. It’s a Government Regulation to protect Indians. All anglers must bring within their travel documents their vaccine certificates.

Call 1-800-205-3474 for more Information:

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Rio Marié photos

Rio Marié - River of Giants

Rio Marié Fishing

Peacock bass fly fishing

Rio Marié peacock Fishing

Popular peacock bass flies

Rio Marié Liveaboard Fishing

Rio Marié giant peacock bass

Rio Marié bass Fishing

Mike Sadar with Rio Marié peacock bass

Mike Sadar with Rio Marié peacock bass

Untamed Amazon mothership

Rio Marie Liveaboard suites

Liveaboard dining area

Rio Marié Liveaboard

Untamed Amazon bedroom

Untamed Amazon bedroom

The Seafood Paella - Chef Leandro's specialty

Seafood Paella Dinner

Fly Fishing for Peacock Bass eBook $2.99 on Amazon

Fly Fishing for Peacock Bass

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