Zhupanova River Fly Fishing

Cedar Lodge on the Zhupanova River is a 30 to 50-minute helicopter flight from Petropavlovsk. The Zhupanova River is the legendary water that first put Kamchatka on the angling map.

Zhupanova River

Zhupanova River

2018 marked the first time in over a decade that American anglers were allowed access to Cedar Lodge's sections of the Zhupanova River. Cedar Lodge is located on the banks of the middle section of the world-famous Zhupanova River. This section of the river is below the end of the upriver Zhupanova float trips, and above the river beats fished by Zendzur Lodge. The Zhupanova is home to the oldest, largest rainbow trout in Kamchatka. Here, rainbows average 24 to 28-inches, and 30-inch bows are hooked almost daily.
Cedar Lodge employs a three-beat system. There is an Upper, Middle, and Lower Beat. Each beat consists of about eight miles of water. Guides typically stay on their beat as anglers rotate through each day. During the week, anglers get to fish each beat twice and also get to fish with each guide twice. The Lodge is limited to six anglers per week. No rush to beat the crowds. Enjoy these world-class waters in solitude.
Cedar Lodge's location is the closest access point to the Right Fork, which is famous for the highest concentration of trophy rainbow trout in Kamchatka and accessible only by a Russian tank. While it's not a guarantee, guests at Cedar Lodge may have the rare opportunity to ride in a Russian tank to the Right Fork.

Cedar Lodge Fishing Facts:

Jeanie Koenemann

Jeanie Koenemann and guide at Cedar Lodge about 2002 when Larry Schoenborn used to host large groups here.
Boats:  While most of the fishing is done on foot, Alaskan-style 18-foot aluminum boats with 40-h.p. four-stroke motors are used to access the river above and below camp and the middle sections of the river. Two anglers per guide and boat are shuttled from wade-spot to wade-spot. Most anglers prefer to wade fish, but for those that prefer to fish from a boat, the guides are accommodating.
Guides:  The Lodge employs a guide rotation system. Each group of two anglers spend two days with each guide. There are two experienced Russian guides and one Western guide.
Fishing day:  You're guided from approximately 6:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. each day.
Fly Fishing methods:  Mice patterns and streamers.
Fishing Equipment:  No rods, reels, or tackle is provided. A detailed list of what to bring is in our confirmation packet.
Fishing License: is not provided, $100.00 US.
Physical condition: You’ll need to be in good shape for this trip. There is the potential for some light climbing or walking around sections of the river.

Cedar Lodge

Cedar Lodge

Cedar Lodge sits on the banks of the Zhupanova River, hidden among birch and cottonwood trees. This full-service wilderness lodge was the patriarch of the Zhupanova and Anatoly Kovalenkov's personal lodge for many years. Given the remote setting, the amenities are surprisingly deluxe. Comfortable double and triple rooms, each with private bathroom and hot shower. There is also a sitting area for cards, chess, a game of pool, and even a ping pong table. There's also a Russian banya sauna—complete with an adjoining cold pool, showers and dressing rooms. These type of accommodations are almost unheard of in Kamchatka.
Zhupanova River Back in early 2000, Larry Schoenborn hosted many groups to Cedar Lodge several years in-a-row. He loved Kamchatka, Cedar Lodge, and the fishing here.

Getting Here:

Tuesday morning you'll arrive in Petropavlovsk. After you pass through customs, you'll be greeted by Andrey Konovalov, the lodge representative. He'll drive you to the offices of Purga, and assist with the paperwork required for your fishing license and departure paperwork. (The Purga offices are located adjacent to the heliport.) Depending on the weather, the helicopter flight to Cedar Lodge is 30 to 50 minutes. You'll pass dramatic mountains and towering volcanoes. Upon landing on the helipad in front of the Lodge, you'll be greeted by the guide staff, who will assist in carrying your luggage from the helicopter to your rooms. Once you’ve settled in your rooms, the head guide will give everyone a quick orientation and fishing talk, and the guides will help you set up and organize tackle. For those wanting to get in a little fishing before dinner, there is some great water right in front of the Lodge.

Sample Fishing Day:

7:00 am: Coffee and tea
8:00 am:  Breakfast
9:00 am:  on the water
1:00 pm:  A grilled streamside lunch on the river often features fresh salmon or char, along with bread, meats, cheese, fresh fruit, and vegetables.
6:00 pm:  Return to the Lodge for a hot shower before dinner. A nightly soak in Cedar’s on-site banya is a sublime way to end the day.
7:00 pm:  Dinner

2019 USD Rates:

Cedar Lodge
7-nights and 6-days guided fishing
$6,995.00 per person
Kamchatka, more than any destination in the world, attracts adventurous single anglers. There is no surcharge to come alone.
Cedar Lodge & Zendzur Lodge Combo
13-nights and 12-days guided fishing
$11,995.00 per person
Cedar Lodge & Zhupanova Float
13-nights and 12-days guided fishing
$11,995.00 per person

Packages include:

All ground and air transportation once in Kamchatka and all food, accommodations, and guided fishing.

Packages do not include:

Airfare and travel expenses from your home to Kamchatka, Russian visitor's visa, fishing gear, flies, fishing license, medical evacuation insurance (required), and alcohol.
We recommend Global Rescue.
Visit our Travel Insurance page.

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Zhupanova River photos

Trophy Rainbow Fishing - Zhupanova

Zhupanova Trophy Rainbows

18-foot with 40-h.p. 4-stroke motors

boats with 40-h.p. 4-stroke motors

Larry Schoenborn with Zhupanova River rainbow

Larry Schoenborn