Photo:  Tourette's Fishing


Tigerfish are renowned for their speed, strength, aerial antics, and aggressive nature. Tigerfish are one of the strongest fighters, pound-for-pound. They attack from the side at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, then turn the bait around and swallow it headfirst.

Africa - Nxamaseri Island Lodge

Nxamaseri Island Tiger Fishing

Lure and Fly Fishing - Nxamaseri Island Lodge is regarded as the premier fly fishing destination in Botswana. Peaceful, riverside lodge with over 300 bird species in the area.

Africa - Tourette's Tigerfishing Safari

Tourette's Dhalla Tiger Fishing

Over the past five years, Tourette's fisheries on the Mnyera and Ruhudji Rivers in South West Tanzania, have become recognized as the go-to destination for tigerfish in the 10-to 28-pound range. On both rivers, anglers have the opportunity of landing tigers over 20-pounds, with daily shots at multiple trophy fish.

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