Photo:  Lake Thingvallavatn Brown Trout


Fish Partners, our outfitter in Iceland, has decades of guiding and fishing experience. From world-class Atlantic salmon fishing to wild browns on Lake Thingvallavatn, you can tailor the trip to suit your needs. Fish Partners passion is to provide anglers with an unforgettable fishing experience in Iceland.

ICELAND - Big Laxá River
Brown Trout and Atlantic Salmon

Big Laxá River - Iceland

The Big Laxá is said to be the best brown trout river in Europe and is also world-class for Atlantic salmon. The river is home to a huge stock of brown trout averaging 3-to 4-pounds, and weighing up to 13-pounds. All packages are wade-fishing only.

ICELAND - Lake Thingvallavatn
Brown Trout Fly Fishing

Brown Trout Fly Fishing - Iceland

Lake Thingvallavatn is the largest lake in Iceland and home to wild native giant brown trout. With streamers, you'll target brown trout up to 36-pounds. Twenty-pounders are frequently landed during peak fishing times. You're guided up to 12 hours each day.

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