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Alaska Cast-and-Blast

The Cast-and-Blast is the first three weeks of September.
Cold Bay is roughly 630 miles southwest of Anchorage. The Alaska Peninsula is bordered by the Bering Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. Four Flyways are full-time guides for waterfowl hunting trips. Groups are limited to eight hunters per week.

Four Flyways Outfitters

Alaska salmon fishing

They fish two small rivers and a couple of creeks. Silver salmon fishing can be exceptional during the first three weeks of September. Dolly Varden are abundant and are a lot of fun on light tackle. Chum and pink salmon are also present. On the pier, some saltwater fishing is available for cod, flounder, halibut, and more. They use Achilles inflatable boats to access prime hunting locations on Izembek Lagoon and surrounding areas.
They occasionally hunt the Cold Bay side of the Peninsula and nearby upland areas. They use a large spread of custom-painted Brant decoys, Canada goose decoys, and duck decoys to lure all these species within close range. They use the best gear possible to make your hunt more successful and enjoyable. They have a wide variety of hunting and fishing available and will cater the hunting and fishing to each group’s goals. Black brant are the most abundant species of waterfowl in the Cold Bay area. Izembek Lagoon offers the best black Brant hunting anywhere. Taverner cackling geese are also very abundant.  Pintails are by far the most abundant puddle duck species in the area. They also have a good number of mallards, wigeon, and green-winged teal. Ptarmigan are plentiful on the tundra in the Cold Bay uplands.

Cold Bay Seasons:

Three-Banded Birds in Flight

Season:  September 1 - December 15
• The first three weeks of September are best for the Cast & Blast.
• September 25 - October is great hunting, with some steelhead, a few silvers, and dollies.
• November and December is time for trophy Brant, sea ducks, ptarmigan, plus other ducks.
Fishing Equipment:  Guests are encouraged to bring their own fishing gear. They can also use the Lodge's fly, bait cast, spinning, and related tackle.

A Typical Day:
Each trip is tailored to the group’s interests.
7:00 a.m., you’ll enjoy a hearty breakfast. Snacks are packed to-go to eat in the field.
Midday:  Lunch plans will vary based on the time of year and the activities. Guides will either pack food for when the weather and tides allow you to stay out hunting and fishing all day, or you will return to the Lodge in between activities for a warm, filling lunch.
Dark:  On most days, you'll hunt until dark, although most of the hunting is more influenced by the tides than the time of day. If you’ve lost days due to bad weather, you may be able to fit in a half-day of hunting or fishing on the day of your departure, depending on your departure time.

YouTube Video about the Lodge:


Brown Single-Level Building with Green Metal Roof

The Lodge is their home in the town of Cold Bay, within walking distance of the airport, city library, and the Bearfoot Inn’s grocery and bar. Four guest rooms, two guests per room. Two full bathrooms with plenty of hot water. Large screen HDTV, DISH Satellite, and DVD player in the common area. A warm space for drying your gear is available with a separate dryer for coats, hats, gloves... as well as boot dryers. A washer and dryer too.
Meals:  Chef-prepared meals. Hearty breakfasts and high-quality dinners, often featuring the fish/fowl of the day.
Communications:  A phone is available in the common area. (You should bring calling cards for long-distance calls.) StarLink Wi-Fi access is available at the Lodge.

Four Guestrooms and Two Bathrooms

Four Guestrooms and Two Bathrooms

Comfortable Living Room

Comfy Dark Brown Couches and Coffee Table

Getting to the Lodge:

1.) You'll fly to Anchorage.
2.) The Lodge recommends spending a hotel night in Anchorage before and after your trip.
3.) In the morning, you'll take a two-hour and 20-minute flight from Anchorage to Cold Bay.
4.) A lodge representative will drive you from the airport to the Lodge, a five-minute drive.
(Airfare, hotel nights, and meals in Anchorage are not included in the package.)

Bird Hunting Cold Bay, Alaska

Hunters Kneeling with Birds and a Hunting Dog

2024 Rates:  Limited to 8 guests per week

September and October: Saturday to Friday
6-nights and 5.5-days guided fishing and hunting
$5,000.00 per person

Early November - Dec. 16: Saturday to Saturday
7-nights and 6-days guided hunting
$5,900.00 per person

Request an Alaska Cast-and-Blast
Information Packet  

The Packages Include:

• Ground transfers between Cold Bay Airport and the Lodge
• Lodging
• Meals at the Lodge
• All transportation to and from hunting and fishing areas
• Fully guided hunting and fishing
• Tagging
• Packaging and freezing of fish and game.

The Packages Do Not Include:

• Airfare to Anchorage, and return
• Hotel nights and meals in Anchorage
• Airfare Anchorage to Cold Bay, and return
• Alcohol and sodas available at the nearby store
• Non-resident 7-day fishing license $45.00
• Small game hunting license, $60.00
• Federal waterfowl stamp, $25.00
• State waterfowl stamp, $10.00
• Optional gun rental fee, $100.00 per trip
• Ammunition
• Gratuities for guides and staff
• Global Rescue
• Travel insurance
• Anything not mentioned under inclusions.

Guy Schoenborn's 2014 Recap

Alaska Cast-and-Blast

I hosted a group of hunter/anglers at Four Flyways Outfitters in Cold Bay, Alaska, September 7-13, 2014. For our stay, we had a real mixed bag.

The first evening we went out for brant on Izembek Lagoon. We split into two groups to keep the birds moving and set out a few brant decoys. We ended up with near limits on the brant and a couple of Canada geese. Most of the group fished for silvers in a couple of the local streams the next morning. We caught some nice fish up to 13 lbs on flies and lures. The flies outperformed the lures most of the trip. We took the salmon down to the pier to fillet them and brought some outfits to fish for cod from the pier. The cod fishing was amazing, using pieces of salmon belly or chunks of cod on a jig-hook or circle hook rig. Some of the guys caught at least 20 in a couple of hours.

We shot a few ptarmigans while driving from one location to another in the Izembek Lagoon Refuge. The ptarmigan were brown on top and were starting to turn white on the underside. We did a couple of brant shoots from a layout boat with decoys near the boat. What an effective method of hunting these open-water birds. They would come right into the decoys and not even pay attention to the gunner in the layout boat until it was too late.

We had a couple of days where the wind was blowing too hard to take the boat, and we hiked a couple of miles or more into some ponds or along the lagoon for ducks, geese, and brant. One of those days, six of us shot 56 mallards, teal, pintails, brant, and Canada’s.

The staff barbecued some of the brant and teal, and we had cod, fish, and chips. The brant were amazing. They are the best-eating waterfowl I have ever had. For those of you who would like a mixed bag Cast-and-Blast type trip, you can’t beat the options at Four Way Outfitters.
- Guy Schoenborn

Alaska Cast-and-Blast

Three Anglers in Camp with Alaska Salmon

Cold Bay Cast-and-Blast

Alaska Cast-and-Blast Combo with Four Fly Ways

Silver Salmon Fishing

Guide and fly angler with Bright Silver Salmon from Cold Bay Alaska

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Cold Bay Hunting and Fishing Package

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