Photo:  La Zona Lodge - Argentina


Golden Dorado are extraordinary hunters and are regarded as one of the best fighting freshwater fish on the planet. They’re aggressive with a ferocious strike, long, hard runs, high jumps, and fighting stamina. The locals call them River Tigers. They like moving water and most often stalk close to river structure. Our client Mike Sadar set a world record at La Zona Lodge for a fly-caught 50-pound golden dorado. Scroll down to see Mike Sadar's La Zona Recap.

Argentina - Dorado Cua Lodge

Dorado Cua Lodge

Fly and spin fishing for golden dorado. Dorado Cua Lodge is located in the heart of the Isoro’ marshland area, 400 miles north of Buenos Aires in the province of Corrientes. Birding and wildlife viewing opportunities.

Argentina - Golden Dorado River Cruiser

Golden dorado fishing

Within a few hours of Buenos Aires, this Golden Dorado River liveaboard adventure accesses some of the best dorado fishing on the upper delta of the Paraná River system.
See our 2022 and 2023 Hosted Weeks.

Argentina - La Zona Lodge

La Zona golden dorado

Fly fishing or lures. La Zona golden dorado fishing is unrivaled in the world and is home to over 12 fly-fishing world records. La Zona is the exclusive area on the Uruguay River, downstream from Salto Grande Dam. Our client, Mike Sadar, set a world record here.

Bolivia - Casaré River

Casare River

Remote fly-fishing-only camp hosts only six anglers per week. The Casaré River is nestled in the meeting point between the Bolivian Amazon and the eastern slopes of the Andes Mountains of Bolivia.

Bolivia - Casaré Headwaters

Casare River

Remote fly-fishing jungle adventure. The camp is limited to four anglers per week. You'll travel up the headwaters of the Casaré River with local and professional guides in search of golden dorado.

Bolivia - Tsimane Lodges

Tsimane Lodges

Fly fishing only. Tsimane is home to some of the most amazing, untouched rivers of the world. Sightcast freestone mountain rivers for two dorado species, pirapitinga and pacú. Stay at Pluma, Secure, and Agua Negra Lodges.

Mike Sadar's La Zona Recap

World Record Golden Dorado

In 2012, our client Mike Sadar landed a world record fly-caught 50-pound golden dorado. Here is his La Zona recap for his subsequent trip in 2015.
Mike's Golden Dorado Pledge:  "I, Mike Sadar, will do my very best to fish for this species at least once per year, until the day I die."

Fly Tying Video:  The Andino Deceiver

Chasing Chrome and Gold

In this fly tying You-Tube tutorial, Dario Arrieta shows us how to tie the Andino Deceiver Special. The Andino Deceiver has probably caught more dorado than all the other patterns combined. The video is 1:14 in length.

Many of our lodges require that you wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. In this article, you'll find several tips on why wearing high-quality Polarized Sunglasses is so important.
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• Mike Sadar - World-Record Golden Dorado

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