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Rainbow Trout Fishing Trips

Rainbow fishing in Alaska varies wildly from rivers with 8 to 15-inch fish to rivers where you have a chance at rainbows over 20 pounds. Some rivers have colorful leopard rainbows, while others have the less colorful nickel-bright lake-run fish. Rainbow fishing in Alaska is great from early June through late September, depending on the region. Use bait-fish imitations, flesh patterns, beads, or the ultimate dry fly for trout - the mouse. And then there's Jurassic Lake in Argentina, where wild rainbows average 8 to 10 pounds. Join our Hosted Weeks at Aniak River Lodge in Alaska, Jurassic Lake Lodge, and Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge in Argentina for some of the best rainbow trout fishing in the world.

Alaska - Alaska Trophy Adventures

Trophy Adventures

Spin or Fly Fishing. On the upper Alagnak River, this deluxe lodge is 40 miles NE of King Salmon, Alaska, deep in the Katmai National Park of Bristol Bay. World-class rainbow fishing, all five salmon species, and bear viewing.

Alaska - Aniak River Lodge

Aniak River rainbow

Spin or Fly Fishing. Rainbows average 20" in length, with up to 30" bows landed. Mousing is very popular. Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Expedition.
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Alaska - Copper River Lodge

Boy with Large Rainbow Trout

Fly fishing only. Fly-outs are included in the pkg. The Copper was the first river in Alaska designated as a "fly fishing, catch-and-release only, trophy rainbow river." Six anglers per week. The Lodge has operated here for 40 years.

Alaska - Dave Duncan and Sons

Dave Duncan & Sons

Dave Duncan & Sons have Lower and Upper Camps on the Kanektok River, also known as the "Chosen," an unbelievable Alaskan river that flows through the majestic Togiak National Wildlife Refuge.

Alaska - Duncan's - 90-Mile Float Trip

Dave Duncan & Sons

90-mile float trips on the Kanektok River with incredible fly fishing for large leopard rainbows, salmon, dolly varden, and grayling. Trips are limited to four weeks each season and eight guests per week.

Alaska - Royal Coachman Lodge

Royal Coachman

Bristol Bay - The Royal Coachman, a remote fly fishing lodge, offers daily fly-outs to over thirty different rivers, with 20 Jon boats on ten rivers within the area. You’ll have an opportunity to catch rainbows up to 15 pounds. All fishing is with single, barbless hooks.

Argentina - Chocolate Lab Expeditions

Angler with large brown trout and Guide

Flyfish the Malleo, Collon Cura, and Chimehuin Rivers in Patagonia. Target rainbows and browns with decent numbers of fish in the 21 to 24-inch class landed each year. Excellent English-speaking guides.

Argentina - Estancia Laguna Verde

Lake Strobel Jurassic Lake

Jurassic Lake is a 25-square-mile body of water in the absolute middle of nowhere. Burly wild rainbow trout average 6 to 8 pounds. World-class fly fishing, excellent food, wine, and lodging. Plus, access to new fishing areas and guide-prepared daily shore lunches.

Argentina - Jurassic Lake Lodge

Jurassic Lake Lodge

Jurassic Lake, also known as Strobel Lake, is probably the most prolific trophy rainbow fishery in the world. The Lodge is at the mouth of Jurassic Lake's only significant tributary, the Barrancoso River.
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Argentina - Lago Strobel Lodge

Angler Playing Rainbow to Rocky Shore

Estancia Laguna Verde's new Lodge has tempting rates! The Lodge is only 300 yards from Jurassic Lake and has exclusive access to more than 10 miles of the north and NE shoreline. You'll get in one day of fishing on the Barrancoso River, the only tributary of the Lake.

Argentina - Las Pitras Lodge

Anglers with Rainbows

Las Pitras Lodge, a world-class fly-fishing operation, is near Los Alerces National Park. Short drives to famous Patagonia rivers like Rivadavia, Carrileufu, Chubut, Arrayanes...
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Montana - Ed Lawrence's Fly Fishing

fly fishing Montana

Fish some of the healthiest streams in the Lower 48. Rivers are teeming with wild browns, rainbows, and cutthroats. Mix and match your trip: Fish the Yellowstone, the Madison, the Missouri River, The Gates of the Missouri, also known as Land of Giants...

Wyoming - North Platte River

Angler with Bright Brown Trout

Flyfish the Miracle Mile section of the North Platte River, a blue-ribbon trout fishery. This 5.5-mile section was named "The #1 Big Fish Destination" by American Angler Magazine, 2005. An Orvis Endorsed Fly-Fishing Outfitter. Two Lodging options.

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