Photo:  Cuba - Gardens of the Queens


Tarpon are renowned for their wild acrobatic leaps. It helps if you're physically fit - as tarpon can prove to be a test of endurance on the line.

COSTA RICA - Rio Parismina Lodge

Caribbean tarpon fishing

Choose between the Caribbean for abundant, large tarpon, or the Tortuguero National Park jungle waterways and streams for snook, guapote, machaca, and mojarra. Join our 2022 and 2023 Hosted Weeks.

COSTA RICA - Silver King Lodge

Silver King tarpon fishing Lodge

Silver King Lodge is located in Barra del Colorado Wildlife Refuge on the banks of the Rio Colorado, which is world-renowned for its tarpon fishing. Large, numerous tarpon are caught both in the Caribbean and the river.

COSTA RICA - Tarponville Lodge

Tarponville Lodge

Tarponville Fly Fishing Lodge is located on the Caribbean coast within the Gandoca Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge, just above the border of Panama. Tarpon weighing over 200-pounds have been landed on both lure and fly.

CUBA - Cayo Largo Resort

Cayo Largo Resort

Fly-Fishing only. Large number of tarpon or sabalo, as they are known in Cuba, are resident year-round in Cayo Largo’s tidal channels and flats, with migrating fish showing up in April until August.

CUBA - Gardens of the King Resort

Gardens of the King tarpon

Jardines del Rey is Spanish for Gardens of the Kings, a famous protected area for fly fishing for tarpon. Resident tarpon are present all year long and range in size from 10-to 80-pounds.

CUBA - Gardens of the Queen Liveaboards

Cuba tarpon fishing

Jardines de la Reina is Spanish for Gardens of the Queen. A vast, protected marine park that is twice the size of the Florida Keys. April through July being the best time for large tarpon. Three air-conditioned liveaboards.

CUBA - Isla de Juventud Liveaboard

Cuba tarpon fishing

Group Rates only. Fly fishing only. Aboard the JAF1, Avalon's 110-foot liveaboard yacht, you’ll explore the most remote areas of the Canarreos Archipelago, the world-famous chain of islands that runs 80 miles from the Isle of Youth to Cayo Largo.

MEXICO - Campeche Baby Tarpon

Campeche tarpon fishing

The brackish waters of the Mayan Peninsula are perfect for baby and juvenile tarpon, ranging from 5-to 30-pounds. The tarpon are in depths ranging from one to ten feet. You'll stay at the Ocean View Hotel. Join Brad Staples' Hosted Week in 2022.

MEXICO - Holbox Island Lodge

Holbox Mexico fishing

From Cancun, you'll take a two-hour van drive through the Yucatan jungle to the village of Chicquila. Here, you'll board a private boat for a 30-minute ride to Holbox Island. Tarpon exceed 100-pounds from May to September, and there are 5- to 40-pounders available year-round.

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