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Larry Schoenborn, the host of the popular TV show Fishing the West, started his first fishing travel company in 1986. Larry soon opened a fishing travel agency in each of his three Oregon-based Larry's Sports Center stores. After the stores sold in 1994, Larry's Travel became an independent and renamed Fishing with Larry.
Like Larry, fishing travel agents/experts, Guy Schoenborn and Brad Staples, have fished all over the world at the best lodges, camps, and liveaboards and share their expertise.

Larry Schoenborn
Founder and TV Host

Larry Schoenborn

Larry Schoenborn pioneered and hosted  Fishing the West,  a popular TV show for thirteen years. He fished over 500 locations around the world. More than 330 shows aired across the United States and internationally from Britain to Japan. The show's audience repeatedly asked Larry's advice— where to fish and where to stay — inspiring Larry, a proven entrepreneur, to start a fishing travel business - Fishing with Larry.
Larry introduced many anglers to incredible fishing opportunities worldwide. He passed away on February 3, 2011, after a twelve-year battle with cancer. Larry will be remembered fondly by outdoorsmen across the globe.

Guy Schoenborn
President and Agent

Guy Schoenborn

Guy Schoenborn - President, Agent, and Host, Guy, Larry’s son, has been an avid outdoorsman all of his life. He’s fished and hunted throughout the western U.S. and has hosted fishing trips in Africa, Alaska, Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Christmas Island, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Venezuela...
He joined FWL in 2006. Guy resides in Montana and runs Fishing with Larry with the help of his staff.
Check out Guy's hosted weeks.
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Email:  guy@fishingwithlarry.com

To call:  1-800-205-3474 ext. 1 EXT 1

Montana:  406-322-5709

Brad Staples
Agent and Host

Brad Staples

Brad Staples, a licensed fishing guide in Oregon since 1983, spends 100 days a year guiding steelhead anglers on the lower Deschutes River. Brad has also spent seven years guiding on Alaska’s Kenai River for king salmon. Brad’s our bonefish and tarpon specialist and has fished numerous countries for them.
Brad has a number of hosted weeks scheduled for 2024 and 2025.
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Email:  brad@fishingwithlarry.com

To call:  1-800-205-3474 EXT 3

Oregon:  503-250-0558

Our Hosts

We have a great line-up of fishing hosts for our Hosted Weeks.

Host John Holpuch

John Holpuch

John Holpuch:  John is a dentist in Bend, Oregon, and an innovative fly designer for Rainy’s Flies. John has hosted several trips for us at Agua Boa and visited the Amazon numerous times. He pursues steelhead, brown trout, and peacock bass or any species in North or South America that takes a surface pattern.
John will host:
Brazil - Agua Boa Amazon Lodge:
• November 1-9, 2024
• Oct. 31 - Nov. 8, 2025

Host Mike Sadar

Mike Sadar

In May of 2012, Mike Sadar broke the world record when he landed a fly-caught 50-pound golden dorado at La Zona in Argentina. Mike has fished extensively throughout North, Central, and South America, and has a passion for exploring and fishing new waters. His favorite species include all giant coldwater trout and those big predatory fish from South America.