Bahia Solano Fishing - Colombia

Saltwater Sportfishing with Afloat's Anigua

Bahía Solano, on the Colombian Pacific coast maritime border with Panama, is one of the few unexplored areas left in the world. The area has the same fishing conditions as Tropic Star Lodge in Panama but less fishing pressure. Bahia Solano is remote, and like Tropic Star, this up-and-coming sportfishing mecca is only accessible by boat or plane. Several hundred miles of virgin jungle border the Pacífic Ocean with a mix of sandy beaches and rocky shoreline.

Anigua - Afloat - Colombia

Map of Anigua

Anigua Inshore and Offshore Fishing

Year-round fishing - all of the prime species are residents, plus roosterfish, huge cuberas, snooks, and more.
Inshore Season is March to June. Between March and July, the sardine migration from Panama (one of the largest sardine migrations in the world) creates a feeding frenzy. Target cubera snapper, amberjack, tarpon, and roosterfish. During the inshore season, anglers often battle fish with the beautiful jungle backdrop and whale sharks eating below the boat, a unique setting.
Offshore Season runs October to January. A short-run offshore takes you into the fangs of the Humboldt Current. They are looking for the sea currents that form from 20 up to 50 miles from the coasts of Bahia. The Humboldt current passes through Bahia heading North, main species blue and black marlin, Pacific sailfish, big yellowfin tunas, mahi-mahi. In fee places in the world can you get a Grand Slam in the same day—blue marlin, black marlin, and sailfish.

Two Anglers with Yellowfin Tuna

Offshore Fishing

The Perfect geographic location of Bahia Solano allows anglers access to prime bluewater in less than a 15-mile run. The Humboldt Current is known worldwide for holding the very best pegalic life. Huge schools of yellowfin tuna, black and blue marlin, Pacífic sailfish, wahoo, and mahi-mahi are abundant year-round, making it one of the most productive destinations in South America. Peak season runs October to January.

Two Pictures of Sailfish

Fishing Facts:

Boats:  38-foot sportfishing Bertram (the only one in Bahía Solano) is fully equipped with live well, tuna tubes, and trolling equipment. Their 38 ft. Bertram twin cummings diesel inboard is loaded with first-class trolling Shimano gear and casting and jigging gear. The boat has the best GPS system to track down your trophies, a cabin with full A/C, bathroom, kitchen, and rooms with single beds for a nice rest right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The captain and deckhand are from the region and have over 20-years of experience.
Methods:  Popping and jigging are popular methods, plus trolling and fly fishing.
Fishing Equipment:  Trolling equipment and basic lures are provided, but they recommend bringing your own lures. Single hooks are a requirement. Fly fishing equipment is not provided. There is a 33-pound baggage weight limit on the charter flight, so they recommend that you NOT bring equipment. Please be aware that you will need to pay for any equipment that you damage due to negligence.
Fishing License:  A fishing license is currently not required.
Photographs:  A photographer can be added on the boat for $150.00 per day.

Two Anglers with Large Red Snapper

Typical Fishing Day:

6:00 a.m. you'll have breakfast at the Lodge.
6:30 a.m. you'll leave for fishing. They can leave earlier, depending on the group. The day can be a mix of offshore fishing in the morning and inshore fishing in the afternoon. Offshore fishing depends on what you want to target. The guides will have you try different techniques like trolling lures or dead bait, live bait trolling, and bait and switch. If they spot a school of tuna, you'll change to popping and fly action for a while. With inshore fishing, the shoreline extends for hundreds of miles, offering amazing opportunities for fly, popping and jigging, and live bait trolling.
Midday:  You'll remain on the boat for lunch, enjoying regional food, snacks, wine, beer, and sodas.
About 5:30 to 6:00 p.m. you'll return to the Lodge. Dinners feature a variety of delicious regional dishes. You'll rest and enjoy drinks on the beach. If you would like to take a day off from fishing to explore birding, eco hikes, ethnic communities, they can help you plan out your day.

Sailfish near the Boat
Fish Species Chart
Sailfish near the Boat
Fish Species Chart
Sailfish near the Boat
Fish Species Chart

Getting To Bahia Solano:

You'll fly to Jose Maria Cordoba International Airport in Medellin, Colombia. An Afloat representative will greet you at the airport and transfer you to the hotel for your overnight stay. The hotel and ground transfers in Medellin are included in the package. In the morning, you'll take a 40-minute domestic flight to the airport in Bahia Solano, which has an asphalt runway. For this flight, the baggage weight per person is 33-pounds, checked baggage of 22-pounds, and a carry-on of 11-pounds. Once you arrive in Bahia, you'll take a 10-minute tuk tuk ride (three-wheeled open-air vehicle) from the airport to the tourist pier, then a 10-minute boat ride to the beach house. (Bahia is a small town made up of dirt roads and wooden shacks.)
The first and last hotel night in Medellin and the charter flight from Medellin to Bahia Solano are included in the package.

Rio Verde Hotel in Medellin

Your Trip Begins in Medellin, Colombia.

You'll stay your first and last night at one of the best hotels in Medellin, Colombia. The hotel is within walking distance of some of the best restaurants, cafes, and bars in the city. Both hotel nights are included in the package. Medellin is the second-largest city in Colombia and one of the most developed cities for tourism in Latin America.

Lodge Nestled Amongst Palm Trees

New Lodging for the 2023 Season:

The Comfortable Beach House has six bedrooms with queen and twin-sized beds and ensuite private bathrooms. Free Wi-Fi, laundry, and housekeeping service is provided. A boat stays in front of the house for quick transfers to the fishing yacht.
Meals:  Colorful and tasty cuisine features fresh fish, seafood, and the best flavors of the region. Snacks, refreshments, fruits, and beers are on the boat and at the Beach House.

Lodge Nestled Amongst Palm Trees
White flowy curtain over double bed
Chairs on Porch with beautiful View of the Beach
Birds on the Beach

Great Bird Watching

With around 1,876 species, Colombia has the largest bird diversity in the world. The country also has almost 70 endemic species, making it third for birdwatching in South America after Brazil and Peru.
One of the best bird-watching areas is Ensenada de Utría National Natural Park in the Bahía Solano area.

2023 USD Rates

Rates include a first and last hotel night in Medellin, Colombia.
6-nights at Lodge and 5.5-days guided fishing
 1-angler per boat   $8,000.00 per person
 2-anglers per boat $5,000.00 per person
 3-anglers per boat $4,500.00 per person
 4-anglers per boat $4,000.00 per person
 5-anglers per boat $3,700.00 per person
 6-anglers per boat $3,400.00 per person

5-nights at Lodge and 4.5-days guided fishing
 1-angler per boat   $7,000.00 per person
 2-anglers per boat $4,500.00 per person
 3-anglers per boat $4,000.00 per person
 4-anglers per boat $3,500.00 per person
 5-anglers per boat $3,100.00 per person
 6-anglers per boat $2,900.00 per person

4-nights at Lodge and 3.5-days guided fishing
 1-angler per boat   $6,000.00 per person
 2-anglers per boat $4,000.00 per person
 3-anglers per boat $3,500.00 per person
 4-anglers per boat $3,000.00 per person
 5-anglers per boat $2,700.00 per person
 6-anglers per boat $2,500.00 per person

The Packages Include:

• Airport and hotel shuttles in Medellin and Bahia Solano
• First and last night's hotel stay in Medellin, Colombia
• Charter flight from Medellin to Bahia Solano, and return
• Tuk-tuk ride and boat transfer to the Lodge, and return
• Lodging at the Beachhouse
• All meals at the Beachhouse
• Snacks, fruit, and beer at the house and on the boat
• Wi-Fi at the Lodge
• Up to 3-minutes of satellite phone calls
• Laundry and housekeeping service
• Guided fishing aboard a 38 ft. Bertram yacht
• Use of trolling equipment and basic lures
• $200.00 Native Community Fee
• Groupomok travel insurance (See details under Deposit Policy)

The Packages Do Not Include:

• International airfare to Medellin, Colombia, and return
• Meals in Medellin
• Popping and jigging gear
• Fly fishing gear
• Please bring lures, they only have basic lures
• Strong liquor
• Overweight baggage charges
• Gratuities to guides and staff
• Global Rescue
• Travel insurance
• Anything not mentioned under inclusions.

Fishing Travel Experts

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