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Langara Island, also known as Haida Gwaii

Aerial view of Langara Island

Langara Island lies 30 nautical miles south of Alaska, off the northern tip of Canada's majestic and remote Haida Gwaii ~ Queen Charlotte Islands. This remote island is the centerpiece of one of the richest marine environments on earth. Luxury floating lodge, world-famous salmon fishing, and spectacular wildlife viewing in North America. 2024 is Langara's 40th year in the sportfishing industry.

Floating Lodge with a Fleet of Boats

Langara Fishing Lodge, a floating lodge, is nestled in the sheltered waters of Henslung Cove, just minutes from the fishing grounds. Langara Fishing Lodge combines the atmosphere of a classic on-the-water lodge with first-class service and fine restaurant-style dining. The docks are just steps from the Lodge, providing immediate access to the boats and great fishing grounds.

Langara Species:

Langara Island Salmon fishing

In 2019, one of Langara's guests landed a near-world-record Chinook salmon of 77.2 pounds before being released.
All five species of Pacific salmon can be found at Langara Island. The star attractions here are Chinook salmon, ranging from 12 to 70+ pounds, and coho salmon, from 7 to 20+ pounds. At certain times of the season, it is not uncommon to catch three or even four different salmon species in one day.
Unlike many other fishing areas that target salmon returning to a specific river system, Langara benefits from being on the migratory path of salmon returning to rivers all along the west coast, from SE Alaska to northern California. So, Langara sees a more consistent abundance of salmon over a longer period of time.
King Salmon:  The Langara area record is a 78-pound king salmon. Mooching or slow trolling with herring is the preferred method. Plugs or spoons are also effective. Success can be found in virtually any location around the Island and at depths from near-surface to 300-plus feet. Kings are available all season long--late May to September, with peak fishing in May and June.
Silver Salmon:  An increasing number of anglers are enjoying fly fishing for silvers in the ocean waters around Langara Island.
Solid numbers of silver salmon (Coho) from mid-July through September.
Halibut and Lingcod are generally abundant in the Langara Island area all season long. They are found at depths ranging from 60 to 150 feet nearshore to 300-500 feet offshore. The gear consists of a stout rod and star drag reel with herring, squid, or salmon head for bait. The Langara area halibut record is 307 pounds. Lingcod are found in numerous locations around Langara Island in depths from 50 to 500 feet. When initially hooked, their fight is similar to salmon. Gear includes salmon or halibut rods, with jigs or herring as bait. Lingcod are an extremely durable fish with a very high survival rate when released.

Fishing Facts:

British Columbia Fishing

Season:  Late May to mid-September.
Travel Time:  Langara's entire fishing area is just 5-25 minutes from the Lodge, so it’s easy to break up the day with some time off the boat. Some of their very best salmon fishing is within sight of the Lodge docks. Even their deeper-water bottomfishing spots are no more than 20-25 minutes away.
Guides:  Langara has some of the most knowledgeable guides on the West Coast. You'll fish one to four guests per boat and guide, depending on your group size.
Langara's Fleet:  20 and 24 ft. custom-designed, double-hulled, welded aluminum with 75-115 HP Yamaha outboards and 27-29 ft. Grady White Express Cabin Cruisers with twin 255 HP Yamaha outboards. All boats have Raymarine GPS/fishfinder, AIS global positioning system, VHF radio, and recommended safety equipment.
Equipment:  For salmon fishing, 10-foot mooching rods with single-action reels and 25-pound test line, level-wind reels are also available. For halibut and other bottomfish, stout 6-foot halibut rods with level-wind reels and 50-pound test line. They also stock a limited supply of fly fishing gear for guests interested in ocean fly fishing. Of course, you're always welcome to bring your own rods and reels.
Bait:  Herring is the bait of choice.
Mustang Flotation:  Each guest will be fitted with a comfortable all-weather Mustang Survival Catalyst jacket, pants, and rubber boots for wearing on the water.
Fishing Licenses:  are not included in the package. A Canadian Tidal Water Sport Fishing license is about $35.00 Canadian (2023). You will also need to purchase a Pacific Salmon Stamp, $30.00. Anglers under 16 do not need a license, but a Salmon Stamp is required.

Langara Fishing Chart

Dining Room of Floating Lodge

Langara Lodge dining room

Langara Fishing Lodge accommodates up to 65 guests. The dining room has the feel of a fine restaurant, plus several spacious lounges, including the main lounge with a full-service bar.
Meals:  Hot-cooked breakfasts as early as 5:00 a.m. Lunches are enjoyed in the restaurant, or their supply boat can deliver food throughout the day right to your boat. Each evening features a different dinner menu with up to six different entrées, accompanied by a selection of fine wines.
Alcohol:  Alcohol served with meals is included in the package. Alcoholic drinks ordered outside of meals will be added to your tab.
Communications:  Wireless internet is available at the Lodge. Speed is adequate for light browsing and email. Cellular phone service is not available at the Lodge. A phone line is available for guests wishing to call out. We recommend WhatsApp.
Amenities:  The Lodge has three hot tubs. From the docks, you can stroll Henslung Cove's scenic shoreline.

Bedrooms with Private Ensuite Bathrooms

Two Twin-Sized Beds and View of the Water

Very comfortable double-occupancy bedrooms with a private bathroom.

Getting to the Lodge:

Plan on staying one night at a hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia. The next morning, your check-in time is 6:15 am for the flight from Vancouver, B.C. to Masset. You'll take a 90-minute 737 flight to Masset in the remote Haida Gwaii Islands. Upon arrival in Masset, you'll take a scenic one-hour helicopter flight to Langara Island and the Lodge. (Both the 727 flight Vancouver to Masset and the helicopter flight are included in the package.) Please limit your check-in and carry-on soft-sided luggage to 30 pounds total.
After the Lodge orientation and lunch, you'll be fishing by early afternoon.
If you plan on driving to Yellowknife, long-term parking is available at the YVR South Terminal for $11.00 per day (2023).
Departure Day:  Your expected return time to Vancouver, B.C., is by 3:00 p.m. on the final day of your trip. The Lodge recommends booking return flights for the following day and spending one more night in Vancouver. If you are eager to book a return flight for the same day, guests should allow a minimum of four hours from your expected return time and purchase tickets that can be revised if needed. (Allot time to deplane, collect luggage/fish boxes, transfer to Main Terminal, etc…).

Langara record is a 78-lb. king salmon.

Langara King Salmon Fishing

The Lodge Lounge Area

Langara Lodge Lounge

Langara Fishing Lodge

Fish Limits:
(Note: The allowable limits for each species are subject to change.)
Limits are for 2023:
Salmon:  The total limit is 8 salmon per person; within that limit of 8, you can retain up to 4 Chinook (spring) and up to 8 of any other species (Coho, Chum, Sockeye, Pink).
Halibut:  Total limit is either 1 or 2, depending on the length of Halibut you choose to retain — you can retain a total of 1 Halibut if its length is between 90cm – 126cm (approximately 20-70 lbs), or you can retain a total of 2 Halibut if both are under 90cm (up to approximately 20 lbs).
Lingcod:  Total of 3 in possession.
Rockfish:  Total of 3 in possession per day. This excludes Yelloweye Rockfish which are zero retention.
Within these retention limits, there is no weight limit for how much fish a guest can have shipped back to Vancouver at the end of your trip.

Fish Care:  The Lodge has a certified commercial-grade fish processing facility. Your catch will be filleted, vacuum-packed, and flash-frozen at the lodge and, on the day of departure, packaged in insulated styro-boxes with a waxed cardboard outer box. These boxes should keep your catch frozen for up to 24 hours and are suitable for transport on any airline — just treat them as extra pieces of luggage.

If staying in Vancouver after your trip, their recommended hotels have freezers for storing your fish boxes if you plan on staying in Vancouver post-trip.

Fish you choose to take home will be transported to Vancouver on the return charter flight; if you are flying home, the fish boxes can be handled as extra luggage items.

At the Lodge, you’ll also have the option (and for an additional charge) of having all or some of your catch sent off for further processing, such as smoking, canning, or portioning. This fish will be sent from the Lodge to their processor and shipped to you at a later date.

Langara Fishing Lodge is certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as an approved facility for the export of fish products to the European Union (Approval No. SFL-001), which means you can return home with your full catch.

Smoking of Your Catch:  Langara strongly recommends St. Jeans for guests who want excellent-quality smoking, portioning, or canning of their catch. Guests can place an order at the Lodge and have some or all of their catch shipped by the Lodge directly to St. Jean’s. After processing, St. Jean’s will ship your catch directly to your home anywhere in North America and most parts of the world. Samples of St. Jean’s processing options will be available at the Lodge for guests to enjoy before placing orders. For more info on St. Jean’s products and services, visit

2024 USD Rates - Lodging and Meals Only:

Please Note:  Lodging and meals are priced per person, while boat and guide options are priced per boat.
Rates do not include 10% HST (Harmonized sales tax).
Lodging and meals only: Saturday - Tuesday:
3-nights and 4-days $4,550.00 per person
Lodging and meals only: Tuesday - Saturday:
4-nights and 5-days $5,075.00 per person

Add Guided Fishing to Your Package:

For guided fishing, there are no restricted hours for guide services.
Guides and boat are subject to availability and must be confirmed prior to your trip. The Lodge cannot guarantee additional guides or boats will be available at the Lodge.
Add 4-Days of Guided Fishing:
Per Boat - Split Rate Between Anglers
1 to 2 guests:   $1,890.00 per 20' Console boat
1 to 4 guests:   $2,195.00 per 24' Console boat
1 to 4 guests:   $2,575.00 per 27' Console or Cabin
1 to 4 guests:   $3,025.00 per 29' Grady White

Add 5-Days of Guided Fishing:
Per Boat - Split Rate Between Anglers
1 to 2 guests:  $2,195.00 per 20' Console boat
1 to 4 guests:  $2,575.00 per 24' Console boat
1 to 4 guests:  $3,025.00 per 27' Console or Cabin
1 to 4 guests:  $3,635.00 per 29' Grady White

Self-Guided Fishing Packages:

Unguided Fishing with the use of a 19' Console Boat:
4-days of Unguided Fishing:
1 to 3 Guests:   $375.00 per boat
5-days of Unguided Fishing:
1 to 3 Guests:   $455.00 per boat

The Packages Include:

• Roundtrip air from Vancouver, B.C., to Haida Gwaii via 737 plane
• Helicopter transfer between Haida Gwaii and the Lodge
• Double-occupancy accommodations
• All meals at the Lodge
• Beer and wine with meals
  (Any other beverages in the bar, etc., are charged.)
• Use of marine clothing (2-piece Mustang Catalyst jackets, pants, and rubber boots)
• All fishing equipment, except for fly gear
• Private boats
• Vacuum-packaged fish care and Styrofoam-box shipment to Vancouver, B.C.

The Packages Do Not Include:

• Airfare to Vancouver, British Columbia, and return
• First and last hotel night in Vancouver, B.C.
• Additional fish processing such as smoking, canning, etc.
• Alcoholic drinks ordered outside of meals (added to your tab)
• Gratuities to guides and Lodge staff
• Canadian Tidal Water Sport Fishing License
• Pacific Salmon Stamp, $30.00
• 12% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) on total package
• Items purchased at the lodge
• Global Rescue
• Travel insurance
• Anything not mentioned under inclusions.

Deposit:  Reservations are confirmed upon receipt of a 50% deposit. The full balance is due 90 days before the start of your trip.
Cancellation Policy:  Deposits are non-refundable; however, with at least 90 days’ notice before departure, they will transfer deposits to a trip later in the season or the following year, pending availability.
We recommend Trip Cancellation Insurance.
Click here for our Travel Insurance page.

Langara Fishing Lodge

The Lodge Delivers Lunch to you on the Water.

Langara Island salmon fishing

Rockfishing and Lingcod

Langara Island Rockfish and Lingcod

Whale Watching at Langara Island.

Langara Island Whale Watching

Three Hot Tubs at Langara Fishing Lodge

Covered Gazebo with Hot Tub

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