Photo:  Jurassic Lake rainbow

Argentina Fishing Trips

World-Class Lodges and Liveaboards

Argentina is located in South America and is a must-visit fishing destination for hardcore anglers. Here, you'll find Jurassic-size rainbows and world-record golden dorado. Argentina’s seasons are the reverse of the Northern Hemisphere. Spring weather begins in September. The warmest summer months are January, February, and March. April is considered early fall. All international flights to Argentina arrive at Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires.
Carry-On Restrictions:  For domestic flights in Argentina or international flights leaving Argentina, you will need to pack all rods, reels, lures, lines, and flies in your luggage. Most often, you are not allowed to carry on these items, so plan ahead.

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Chocolate Lab Expeditions
Three Rivers Package

Dorado Cua Lodge

Flyfish the Malleo, Collon Cura, and Chimehuin Rivers in Patagonia. Target rainbows and browns. A mix of three rivers, camping, and one private estancia. Excellent English-speaking guides. Great meals and wine at each location. Sample itinerary provided.

Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge
Jurassic Lake Giant Rainbows

Lake Strobel Jurassic Lake

Jurassic Lake, also known as Lake Strobel, has quickly become a must-visit rainbow fly-fishing destination. The Lodge fishes Barrancoso River and 15 lakes and streams. The Lodge has new trucks, more access to new fishing areas, and daily shore lunches. Delicious meals.

Argentina - Golden Dorado Combo
Ibera Wetlands and Upper Parana River

Golden dorado fishing

Flyfish the Ibera Wetlands and the Upper Parana River for trophy golden dorado, pacu, and pira pita. You'll stay five nights at two very nice lodges and two nights at camp in the Ibera Wetlands.
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Golden Dorado River Cruiser
Golden Dorado

Golden Dorado River Cruiser

The Golden Dorado River Cruiser accesses some of the best dorado fishing on the Paraná River system. Each day, you'll fish new waters. Great fishing, great meals, vast wildlife, and exceptional birding. Cast-and-Blast option.
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Jurassic Lake Lodge
Giant Rainbows

Jurassic Lake Lodge

Jurassic Lake Lodge is only a five-minute walk from great fishing. The Lodge sits at the mouth of Jurassic Lake's only significant tributary, the Barrancoso River. Comfortable lodge with international cuisine. Lightly guided fishing with two anglers per guide.
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La Zona Lodge
World-Record Golden Dorado

Jim Schmid with Huge Golden Dorado

Flies or Lures for World Record Golden Dorado. La Zona is the exclusive area on the Uruguay River, downstream from Salto Grande Dam. Our client, Mike Sadar, set a world record here with his fly-caught 50-pound golden dorado. Very nice lodge. Eight to 13-hour guided fishing packages.

Lago Strobel Lodge
Jurassic Lake Rainbows

Angler with Large Brown

Estancia Laguna Verde's new Lodge is a great value! The Lodge is 300 yards from Jurassic Lake and has exclusive access to more than 10 miles of the north and NE shoreline. You'll get one day of fishing on the Barrancoso River.
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Las Pitras Lodge
Patagonia Browns and Rainbows

Angler with Large Brown

Flyfish for big brook, brown and rainbow trout, plus landlocked Atlantic salmon on famous Patagonia rivers such as the Rivadavia, Carrileufu, Chubut, Arrayanes, and the Futaleufu Lakes region. The intimate lodge hosts eight anglers per week.
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Argentina - SET Fly Fishing
Two Golden Dorado Lodges

Golden Dorado

Flyfish Argentina's Ibera Wetlands or the Upper Parana River for golden dorado. SET Fly Fishing offers two very nice lodges and a camp option on the Ibera Wetlands. Combine both lodges and fishing areas with a charter flight between the two lodges included in the Combo package.

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