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Fishing Cuba
Liveaboards and Lodges

Protected Marine Parks

8 Liveaboards and 2 Resorts

All marine parks in Cuba are now protected Fly Fishing Sanctuaries. No commercial fishing is allowed other than for lobster.
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For all liveaboard yachts, you can choose to book individually, or you can also book a half-yacht. Liveaboard vessels require a minimum occupancy to operate every week. In general, this minimum occupancy corresponds to the total number of rooms on each ship. (For example, on a 12-room vessel, our operator is unable to operate with less than 12 anglers onboard). In the case of reservations confirmed for HALF-YACHT, if said occupation is not fulfilled at the time of the trip, either by the group itself or by other groups reserved directly by our outfitter, our outfitter reserves the right to relocate the group in another boat or accommodation, always respecting the destination and on the same dates as confirmed for the group.

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