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Agua Boa Amazon Lodge - Fly-Fishing
2021 and 2022 Hosted Weeks

Agua Boa Amazon Lodge

Agua Boa was named one of the top ten fly fishing lodges in the world by Forbes. 70-percent of our anglers repeat this trip! The Lodge has access to 100-miles of the Agua Boa River. Land 20 to 50+ peacock bass per day--some will be huge. We've hosted trips here for 17-straight years. Join our 2021 and 2022 Hosted Weeks.

Itapará Lodge - Lure or Fly Fishing
Two Lodges - 2022 Hosted Week

Itapará Lodge

Fly or Lure Fishing. Two Lodges 40 miles apart. The Itapará River has some of the largest peacock bass in the world, with good numbers of peacocks between 15 and 24-pounds. Peak fishing is from Christmas to mid-March. The Lodge is remote, a five-hour boat ride to the nearest village. Join our 2022 Hosted Week.

Kendjam Lodge - Fly-Fishing-Only
Target 10 different species

Kendjam Lodge

Flyfish the Iriri River for arapaima, peacock bass, wolffish, payara, and more. Aluminum canoes and English-speaking guides, plus a native Kayapo guide. There are two new outcamps, one on an upper beat of the Iriri River and one at the lower end. The safari-style tent camp is located 28-miles from the Kendjam community.

Pirárucu Lodge - Houseboat
Fly Fishing for Arapaima

Pirárucu Lodge

Flyfish for arapaima and arowana. The Mamiraua Reserve is a complex system of lakes and channels that lies 370+ miles west of Manaus. The season runs mid-September through November. The floating lodge has ten duplex-style cabins, and the area is one of the top birding sites in the Amazon.

Rio Marié Liveaboard
XL Peacock Bass

Rio Marié Liveaboard

Fly fishing for giant peacock bass. 350 air miles from Manaus, the Rio Marie liveaboard targets the largest population of giant peacock bass of any river in Brazil. The liveaboard's fishing area has rights to more than 400 miles of the Rio Marié, 180 creeks, 60 lakes, and three major tributaries. Peacocks average over 10-pounds. In 2017, a 31-pounder was landed here.

River Plate Floating Cabins
Ultra-Remote Large Peacock Bass

River Plate Anglers

Fly or lure fish the exclusive and private, unfished waters of the Amazon's Rio Negro and Madeira for XL peacock bass. It's common to catch 20 to 30 peacock bass per day, plus payara, bicuda, pacu, redtail catfish, and more. Stay in River Plate's floating cabins that move each day to new fishing areas. The season runs from June through February.

River Plate's Uneuixi River
New! Also known as the Rocado Fishery

River Plate Anglers

Fly or lure fish the Rocado River for trophy peacock bass. River Plate's exclusive peacock bass fishery reopened in 2018. The Rocado fishery, the headwaters of the Uneuixi River, is the only fishery with a proven record of eight peacock bass over 20-pounds by one angler in a week. Stay in floating cabins. Bi-lingual host. Each week is limited to eight anglers.

Xingu River Lodge Payara
New! Fly Fishing for Giant Payara

Xingu River Lodge

Flyfish for payara, peacock bass, pacu, and more. The Xingu Rivers runs more than 1,000 miles through the Kayapo rainforest. In 2021, the camp will be open for four weeks, targeting large payara. Two anglers per professional English-speaking guide and two Kayapo Indian guides. The Lodge hosts a maximum of four anglers.

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