New Exclusive Peacock Bass Fishery - Brazil

The Rocado-Uneuixi Fishery

Flies or Lures for XL Peacock Bass at River Plate Anglers' New Exclusive Peacock Bass Fishery on the Uneuixi-Rocado River. After being closed for 13 years, The Roçado, River Plate’s exclusive trophy peacock bass fishery, reopened in 2018. On the second day of reopening, a 33-year-old record was broken in which 84 peacocks were landed in one day by a party of seven anglers with 12 trophies between 17 and 22 pounds

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Uneuixi River peacock bass

The Uneuixi River

The headwaters of the Uneuixi River near the fountainhead are called Rocado, which is now the name for the fishery. The Rocado is the only fishery with a proven record of 8 Peacock Bass over 20 pounds by one angler!
The Roçado-Uneuixi was one of River Plate’s best-of-the-best for trophy peacock bass until it was closed down in 2005. After much negotiation with the Indian authorities, the fishery re-opened in August, 2018.
In November of 2005, when River Plate last fished the lower part of the concession, David Isaac´s party landed 46 twenty-pounders, six of which were 23-24-pounds! Plus, over 100 peacocks were in the 16 to 19-pound category! In another party, one angler, Alan Zaremba of Hollywood, Florida, landed eight peacocks over 20 pounds, the largest weighing 24 pounds.
The Reserve is one of the Amazon's last remnants of untouched trophy peacock bass fishing. The upper half of the concession has never been sportfished. Both sections have many lagoons and oxbow lakes.
The Roçado fishery is a new and exotic destination deep in the jungle, but the operation will follow River Plate’s well-proven standards.
Sample Fishing Days:
7:00 a.m. - Breakfast is served.
7:30 a.m. - Your guide will be ready to leave.
Mid-day - They suggest you return to the camp for lunch and a nap since you could be as close as 5-15 minutes away. You'll fish another four hours in the afternoon.
Return to the Camp for appetizers and dinner.

XL Peacock Bass

Peacock Bass Fishing Facts:

Season:  The Rocado River camp is only open for seven weeks each year from October through November during the low-water season and to minimize fishing pressure.
Guides:  River Plate’s carefully trained guides are hardcore and intimately familiar with the complexities of fishing the Amazon. Many have guided for River Plate for over fifteen years. They speak almost no English yet can effectively communicate what is important.
Boats:  Aluminum 20-foot shallow-draft tunnel boats with 40-HP outboard motors and standard bass boat features. Two anglers per boat and guide.
Group Size:  Each week is limited to eight anglers.
Fishing License: is included in the package.
Equipment:  River Plate provides the use of Baitcasting and spin tackle, including heavy and mid-action TFO rods, Shimano reels, and all lures except jigs. A $100 breakage fee applies. Anglers using lures must use single hooks. Fly fishing gear and flies are not provided. A complete gear and tackle list is provided in our confirmation packet.
Exclusive Fishing Areas:  Since 2002, Brazilian authorities have granted River Plate exclusive entry permits to fish on Indian reserves and Government preserves, which means they don’t fish where other outfitters or commercial fishermen operate. In exchange for exclusive entry permits, River Plate helps local communities and tribes with various humanitarian projects.

The Uneuixi  Floating Cabins

The Rocado Floating Cabins - River Plate

One of their River Plate floating trains, complete with cabins and a 12 x 23' dining lounge, will move to the Uneuixi/Roçado for the season. These shallow-draft floating cabins can bypass shallow water, which is the key to exceptional peacock bass fishing. The floating cabins draw only four inches of water and navigate shallow water barriers in comfort and style. In these remote waters, peacock fishing improves in both numbers and size.
Air-conditioned cabins are 10 feet wide by 16 feet long, with a front porch, two twin-size beds, and a full bathroom. Power is available at camp to charge batteries.
In the 12' x 23' dining sitting lounge, you'll enjoy international and regional dishes, chilled wines, ice-cold beer, hard liquor, soft drinks, and Brazilian-style margaritas. Fresh bread and pastries are baked daily. Bilingual host.

River Plate Anglers

Since 1992, River Plate Anglers has held exclusive access to many private waters in the Rio Negro system. River Plate does not overfish. Every few days, the floating cabins are moved to fresh and unfished waters (while you're out fishing).
River Plate's improved logistics allow them to access and operate in these extremely remote areas. Very shallow-draft tunnel barges help them to stage supplies and fuel closer to the camp.

Getting to the Floating Cabins:

After you arrive in Manaus and clear customs, a River Plate representative will drive you to a five-star hotel. The first hotel night is included in the package. Day 2, at approximately 6:30 a.m., you'll depart on a 3.5-hour charter flight to the Uneuixi/Roçado River. You'll take an Express boat ride to the floating cabins. If time allows, you'll fish for a few hours in the afternoon.
(The package includes a hotel night in Manaus upon arrival and the roundtrip charter flight between Manaus and the Rocado fishery.)

2024 and 2025 USD Rate:

7-nights and 6.5-days guided fishing
(6-nights at camp and one hotel night in Manaus)
The Rocado River:
October - November 2024:
Two anglers per cabin
$6,990.00 per person

The Package Includes:

• One overnight at a luxury hotel in Manaus upon arrival
• Domestic charter flights in Brazil
• All necessary ground transfers in Brazil
• All meals at the Camp
• All beverages at Camp, including wine, beer, hard liquor, bottled water, juices, and soft drinks
• Daily laundry service and housekeeping at Camp
• Wi-Fi at the hotel and limited Wi-Fi at Camp
• Guided fishing in exclusive private waters
• Fishing license
• Use of baitcasting and spin tackle, heavy and mid-action TFO rods, Shimano reels, and all lures except jigs
• Our 65-page eBook Fly-Fishing for Peacock Bass by Larry and Guy Schoenborn, upon request

The Package Does Not Include:

• International airfare
• Brazilian visa required as of 04/10/2025
• Food and beverages in Manaus
Private city tours
• Special airport transfers when not arriving/departing with the group
• Gratuities for guide and staff
• Satellite phone calls ($5.00/minute) at Camp
• Extra hotel nights
• Masseuse, $30 per hour at Camp
• Satellite phone calls $5 per minute
• Extra hotel nights
• Fly outfits and flies
• Baitcasting jigs and Catfishing rigs
• Global Rescue
• Travel Insurance
• Anything not mentioned under inclusions.

Peacock Bass Fishing Tips and Tactics

Like largemouth bass, peacocks often prefer structure—rocks, fallen logs, points, and sand bars are hiding places for baitfish, so this is where the peacocks will usually be lurking. Of course, you should always heed the guide’s recommendations on where to cast.
Peacocks usually roam in small schools searching for baitfish, often bursting into a feeding frenzy. In this situation, get your fly or lure in front of the feeding fish as quickly as possible. The sooner you cast, the better your chance of a hookup. Peacocks are greedy and a highly competitive schooling fish. Always cast a lure or fly right next to any hooked fish. Another peacock will almost always be nearby (attracted by the commotion). If no strike results, continue fishing in the surrounding area.
Novice peacock anglers tend to set the hook too fast when fishing topwater lures or flies. Peacocks will often slap at the lure to stunt it and then come back around and firmly grab it on the second pass. It’s difficult to remember at first, but don’t set the hook on the strike. If you can’t see the plug or fly after about three seconds, drop your rod tip and set the hook as hard as you can. Big peacocks have very tough skin around their mouths and tend to grip the plug or fly firmly.

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