Photo:  Tanzania Tigerfishing

AFRICA Tiger Fishing Trips

Plus, Giant Nile Perch in Cameroon

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AFRICA - Cameroon Giant Perch

Fly Fishing for Nile Perch

Flyfish the Faro River for giant perch that reach up to six and a half feet in size. They'll take your fly with a brutal hit-and-run and are aggressive and strong. Fishing is on foot, and the Faro River fishery is divided into beats. English-speaking guides.

AFRICA - Nxamaseri Island Lodge

Nxamaseri Island Tigerfishing

Lure and Fly Fishing - Nxamaseri Island Lodge is regarded as the premier fly fishing destination in Botswana. Fish the deep waters of the Okavango Delta for tigerfish, catfish, and bream. Peaceful riverside lodge with over 300 bird species in the area.

AFRICA - Shackleton's Tigerfishing

Shackleton's Tigerfishing Lodge

Lure and Fly Fishing - Shackletons is located in the floodplain region of the upper Zambezi River in Zambia near the village of Mwandi, meaning a place of plenty of fish. Peak fishing months are June and July. Stone-thatched chalets with teak decks overlooking the river.

AFRICA - Tanzania Tigerfish

Fly Angler with Trophy-Sized Tigerfish

Flyfish the Mnyera and Ruhudji Rivers in Southwest Tanzania. On both rivers, anglers have the opportunity of landing tigers over 20 pounds. You'll stay at Dhala and Samaki Camps. The outfitter is now African Waters, formerly known as Tourettes.