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African Zambezi Tigerfish

Shackleton's is located in the floodplain region of the upper Zambezi River in Zambia near the village of Mwandi, meaning a place of plenty of fish. The Lodge has access to 130 km (80 miles) of the upper Zambezi River, named "God's Highway" by renowned explorer David Livingstone.

Upper Zambezi River Fishing

Zambezi Tigerfishing

Shackleton's Lodge caters to fly fishing, spin, and lure anglers of all levels.
Peak fishing months are June and July.
All fishing is catch-and-release.
Large tigerfish in the 14-to 22-pound range are in these waters. Hot tigerfishing is less than a five-minute boat ride from the Lodge. Ten species are available, including tilapia, bream, and catfish. When our lodge reviewer and host, Eric Schoenborn, was here in October 2012, five tigers were considered a daily average. You should see hippos, crocodiles, a few elephants on the river and glorious sunsets.

Fishing Facts:

Shackleton's Fishing Boat

Lodge Season: The upper Zambezi River fluctuates constantly, yet the Lodge is open for fishing year-round.
Due to the floodplains, this section of the upper Zambezi River offers great fishing. The annual floods rejuvenate the river system around the Lodge. The river rises from December through May, six months of the year, to form the floodplains and recedes for the other six months, from June through November. The tigerfish adapt their feeding habits according to the ever-changing river levels, water clarity, water temperature, and food sources, which means that tiger fishing methods change, too.
Methods:  Throughout the year, trolling, drift bait fishing, spinning, and fly fishing are popular methods. Worm fishing is popular for bream (worms are supplied).
Guides:  The guides are courteous, knowledgeable, and speak Fishing English - enough to get by. Two anglers per boat and guide.
Boats:  The boats are basic and range from 12 to 26 foot, with 60-to 140-HP four-stroke outboard motors. Some boats resemble bass boats with a low profile and an upfront casting area. There is a bench seat in the back and limited space, but casting is possible. The boats are wide and stable. If desired, an angler could sit and cast from a chair in the boat.
Equipment:  All spin rods, reels, lines, trace, hooks, and lures are provided. (A loss or breakage fee applies at cost.) You are welcome to bring your own gear too. Fly anglers are required to bring their own equipment and flies. A comprehensive tackle list is provided in our confirmation packet.
Fishing License:  No fishing license is required at the Lodge.

Shackleton's Tigerfishing Lodge:

Shackleton's Lodge

The intimate Lodge accommodates 12 guests in duplex-style thatched-roofed cabins with teak decks overlooking the Zambezi River. Each room has two full-sized beds, a ceiling fan, a safety deposit box, mosquito netting, an ensuite bathroom with a shower, sink, toilet, and electricity. The main area features a swimming pool, a lounge, and an open dining area, with a riverside bar and sundowner deck. Enjoy the unparalleled views of the Zambezi River. Great home-cooked meals. The area is home to over 300 bird species.
Communications:  There is cellular reception at the Lodge. Make sure to check with your provider about your plan.
Electricity:  220V generated electricity with three-prong M plugs. An adapter and voltage converter is required.
Meals at the Lodge:  The Lodge is renowned for its great home-cooked meals, with fresh vegetables from their garden. Tea, coffee, fresh-baked rusks (biscuits) are available all day long. A breakfast of cereal, yogurt, and fruit is served at 6:00 a.m. Lunch is more of a brunch taken at the Lodge – toast, eggs, bacon, sausage, and fruit. Afternoon tea and cake are served at about 2:00 p.m. before returning to fishing at 2:30. Buffet-style dinners feature a meat dish, salad, veggies, and potatoes or rice. Plus, nightly desserts. Meals can be taken on the sundowner deck or in the large dining room area. The Lodge caters to all dietary needs.
Alcohol:  Alcohol and soft drinks are not included in the package. Shackletons provides a wide range of beer, wine, spirits, and mixers at reasonable prices.

Getting to the Lodge:

You’ll fly to Johannesburg, South Africa. From there, you’ll take a one-hour and 40-minute flight to Livingstone, Zambia. Once you’ve arrived at the Livingstone Airport, you’ll need a ground transfer from the airport to the Lodge - at $55.00 each way, with a minimum of two passengers per vehicle. The Lodge will pre-arrange this ground transfer. It’s a one-hour and 45-minute drive to the Lodge, about 87 miles over a paved road with some bumps and quite a few potholes. The landscape is relatively barren, with small villages and limited scenery. Zambia is a malaria area. Prophylactics are advised.

2023 USD Rates:

Fishing, Lodging, and Meals:
$300.00 per person per day

Children under the age of 12
(Fishing, lodging, and meals):
$150.00 per person per day

Non-Angler Companion, sharing room:
$150.00 per person per day

Road Transfers: (Based on a minimum of two guests).
From Livingstone/Kazungula Ferry/Katima Mulilo to Shackleton's: $55.00 per person
From Shackleton's to Livingstone/Kazungula Ferry/Katima Mulilo: $55.00 per person

The Packages Include:

• Double-occupancy lodging
• Meals, tea, and coffee
• Guided fishing
• Use of fishing tackle (except for fly fishing)
• Up to 20 liters (about 5 gallons) of gas per boat per day
• Wi-Fi at the Lodge
• Community development and tourism levy.

The Packages Do Not Include:

• Airfare
• Ground transfers
• Visas
• Alcoholic beverages, beer, wine, bottled water, soft drinks
• Fly fishing tackle and flies
• Broken and lost fishing tackle
• Extra fuel
• Global Rescue
• Travel insurance
• Gratuities to guides and staff
• Departure taxes
• Anything not mentioned under inclusions.
• Fishing with Larry adds a 2.5% convenience fee to all credit card transactions (as of 10/2020).

Shackleton's TigerFishing

Tigers also known as a striped water dogs.

trophy tigerfish africa

Goliath-sized tigerfish

trophy tigerfishing africa

Year-round fishing peaks in June and July

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Tigerfish are fierce predators.

Trophy tigerfishing africa

Swimming pool, lounge, and open dining

Zambezi trophy tiget fishing

The Zambezi River restocks itself.

Shackletons Tigerfishing Lodge Africa

Shackleton's Lodge on the Zambezi River

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Bedrooms with ensuite bathroom

Shackleton's Lodge

River and sunset cruises

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View from the Lodge

View of the Lake from the Lodge

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