Photo:  Crooks Lake Lodge - Canada


Northern pike are known for their savage strikes. Typically found in the shallower weedy areas, northern pike are regarded as the barracuda of the North and feed on anything that swims, including small rodents, ducklings, and other fish. Pike love spinners of all kinds.

ALASKA - Royal Coachman Lodge

Alaska Pike Fishing

The Lodge has two DeHavilland Beaver floatplanes that allow guests access to 32 different rivers, flying up to 120 miles one way per day. Ten-pound pike are common in these rivers, lakes, and sloughs. Up to 30-pound pike, measuring over four feet in length have been caught by lodge guests.

CANADA - Gangler's North Seal River Lodge

Gangler's Northern Pike Fishing

Gangler's is an Orvis-Endorsed operation that's been open since 1985. Gangler’s fishing grounds stretch over 7,200 square miles, a unique area where 12 river systems form over 100 lakes and merge with one of Canada's greatest rivers, the North Seal. Their largest pike to date is 51.5 inches.

CANADA - Crooks Lake Lodge

Crooks Lake Northern Pike

Crooks Lake Lodge is located on the famous Upper Eagle River watershed, a 60-mile floatplane flight from Goose Bay, Labrador. Target large northern pike up to 20-pounds. Comfortable and unpretentious, the lodge caters to six anglers per week. The Lodge is only open in June and July for peak brook trout and pike fishing.

CANADA - Minor Bay Lodge

Wollaston Lake pike

Minor Bay Lodge is located on the southwest corner of Wollaston Lake, Canada’s 13th largest lake, and the spawning ground of monstrous northern pike and lake trout. The lake covers an area of over 1,300 square miles, with over 800 square miles of water within its boundaries. The Lodge is only open in June and July.

CANADA - Trout Rock Wilderness Lodge

Trophy pike fishing

Great Slave Lake Trophy Pike Fishing in the land of the Midnight Sun. NW Territories is home to the world-famous Great Slave Lake, which is 300 miles long. The Lodge is a 12-minute floatplane flight from Yellowknife. Trout Rock Lodge weeks sell out fast. Plan on booking early for this unique operation.

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