Crooks Lake Lodge

Brook Trout and Northern Pike Fishing

Labrador, Canada

Crooks Lake Lodge, a fly-fishing-only lodge, is located on the famous Upper Eagle River watershed, south of the Mealy Mountains, a 60-mile floatplane flight from Goose Bay. The comfortable Lodge caters to six anglers per week.

Fishing Crooks Lake

Crooks Lake Lodge

Crooks Lake is five miles long. The rivers and streams entering and leaving the lake are full of 2 to 8-pound brookies, with an average size of 5-pounds. For the last three decades, the Lodge's catch-and-release policy has sustained a high-quality wild brook trout fishery, plus lake trout, northern pike, dolly varden, and Arctic char. Brookies are native to Labrador's many rivers and lakes and, though commonly called a trout, are actually a char.
At Crooks Lake Lodge, there is a lot of opportunity for anglers who like to wade fish. Streamers, nymphs, dry flies, and mouse popper imitations are very effective.

The Fishing Program

Crooks Lake Lodge

2024 Season:  The Lodge is open eight weeks for peak dry fly fishing from June 9 through July 29.
Capacity:  The Lodge hosts six anglers per week.
Boats:  16 ft. aluminum boats with 15-HP engines. Two anglers per guide and boat.
Guides: The Lodge has three experienced veteran fly-fishing guides who offer tips and proven techniques to beginners and accomplished fly anglers. You are guided 8 to 10 hours each day.
Equipment:  The Lodge does not supply any gear or flies. A detailed equipment list is included in our confirmation packet.
Fishing License:  A Canadian fishing license is included in the package.

Crooks Lake Northern Pike

Northern Pike Fishing

Northern pike up to 20-pounds are also plentiful here and provide a secondary challenge for fly anglers who choose to take them on light tackle. Northern pike season begins in mid-June. Regarded as the barracuda of the North, northern pike are known for their savage strike and feed on anything that swims, including voles, ducklings, and even trout. Northern pike like to cruise the shallower, weedy areas of the watershed. Anglers should bring wire tippets as their surgical scalpel-like teeth will slice through monofilament like a knife through butter. They love mice patterns but will also explode on big poppers, spoons, large crankbaits, and large saltwater streamer patterns.

Diane with nice brook trout

A Typical Fishing Day:
You're guided 8 to 10 hours each day.
7:00 - 7:30 a.m. - Breakfast. If you’d like to fish before breakfast, there is good fishing right in front of the Lodge. After breakfast, you’ll join your guide for the 15-minute boat ride down to the lake.
1:00 p.m. - Most anglers choose to return to the Lodge around 1:00 p.m. for lunch; however, lunch on the river is also an option. Depending on your wishes and the weather, you may choose to rest in the afternoon and fish after dinner in the evening instead. The guides are as accommodating as possible.
6:00 p.m. - Dinner is served.

Angler with big grin and bright brook trout

Brook Trout Flies

At Crooks Lake, brook trout feed voraciously on the abundant insects. Hatches of mayflies, stoneflies, or caddisflies can occur anytime, and when they do, you had better be ready! Depending on the time frame, anglers should also bring an assortment of wooly buggers and saltwater deceivers. Later in the season at Crooks Lake, when the hatches taper off and the fish start to stage for spawning, a popular fly is the “shaving brush.” It is a big spun caribou or deer hair popper with a blunt end that pops as you retrieve it in short jerks. The more noise, the better. The fly mimics a lemming or a mole, both of which are plentiful. The brook trout don’t love this fly... they hate it and prove it by smashing at it with a vengeance, often coming a foot out of water when they strike!

Crooks Lake Lodge floatplane

About Crooks Lake Lodge

Comfortable, unpretentious lodge in a wilderness setting. The main lodge overlooks the lake and has a kitchen, dining and lounge area, three large bedrooms, and a screened-in sun porch. There are two full bathrooms, each with a hot shower. Generated power. The Lodge is limited to six anglers per week, with an emphasis on personal attention. Their cook prepares three delicious home-cooked meals each day.

Crooks Lake Lodge Living Room

Alcohol:  Alcohol and mixers are not provided. You can bring your own or order alcohol at least three weeks in advance and have it sent to the Lodge.
Communications:  Free Wi-Fi at the Lodge. The Lodge encourages guest to use WhatsApp.

Getting to the Lodge:

Commercial flights are available to Goose Bay Airport in Goose Bay, Labrador. You will need to arrive in Goose Bay the day before your departure to the Lodge. A Lodge representative will meet you at the airport and drive you to The Bunkhouse. (Lodging and a continental breakfast in Goose Bay are included in the package.) Early the next morning, you'll be driven to the floatplane for the 35-minute flight to the Lodge. This roundtrip charter flight is included in the package, and there is a baggage weight limit of 50-pounds.

A 35-minute Floatplane Flight to the Lodge.

Floatplane with passengers loading

The Bunkhouse in Goose Bay

The Bunkhouse in Goose Bay

Bedroom at the Bunkhouse in Goose Bay

Bedroom at the Bunkhouse in Goose Bay

2024 USD Rates:

The Lodge is only open in June and July for peak fishing. Rates may fluctuate due to exchange rate.

6-nights and 5-days guided fishing
$5,000.00 per person
(Depending on the floatplane's arrival at camp, you may get in an extra half-day of guided fishing)

The Packages Include:

• 2-nights at The Bunkhouse in Goose Bay
  (First and last night)
• Continental breakfast at The Bunkhouse
• Roundtrip floatplane flight between Goose Bay and the Lodge
• 5-nights at the Lodge
• All meals at the Lodge
• 5-days guided fishing
• Canadian fishing license
• Wi-Fi at the Lodge
• 15% harmonized sales tax (HST) on total package is included.

The Packages Do Not Include:

• Airfare to Goose Bay, Labrador, and return
• Lunch or dinner in Goose Bay
• Fishing equipment and tackle
• Liquor or mixers
• Gratuities for guides and staff
• Global Rescue
• Travel insurance
• Anything not mentioned under inclusions.

Crooks Lake Lodge

Rebekka Redd with Brook Trout

Rebekka Redd with bright brook trout

Crooks Lake Lodge Northern Pike

Guide and angler with northern pike

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