Roosterfish are great fighting fish and give a tremendous fight on light tackle. The species are found in warmer waters and have a rooster-like comb and seven very long spines in the dorsal fin area.

MEXICO - Van Wormer Resorts

Baja roosterfishing

Famous roosterfish fishing - many world records have been logged here. Great roosterfishing is May through November. English-speaking captains. Two hotel options.

PANAMA - Paradise Fishing Lodge

Paradise Fishing Lodge

At Paradise Fishing Lodge, you'll find roosterfish 15 to 80 pounds. Paradise Fishing Lodge is located just 50-miles from the famous Hannibal Banks.

PANAMA - Tropic Star Lodge

Tropic Star Lodge

At Tropic Star Lodge, June and July are some of the best months for big roosterfish, with some over 70 pounds. Over 300 IGFA World Records have been broken at this Lodge.

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