Photo:  Plummers' lake trout fishing

Canadian Fishing Trips Fly and Lure

Canada, our neighbor to the north, has some of the best fishing in the world for salmon, steelhead, rainbow trout, brook trout, lake trout, walleye, northern pike, grayling, and more.
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Crooks Lake Lodge - Labrador
Brook Trout and Northern Pike

Labrador Brook Trout

Crooks Lake is five miles long, and wild brook trout range from 3-8 pounds, averaging 4.2 pounds. Fly-fishing only. Large northern pike will frequently rise to your trout flies. Crooks Lake Lodge caters to six anglers weekly and is open for peak dry fly fishing from early June to late July.

Elk Island Lodge - Manitoba
Brook Trout and Northern Pike

Elk Island Lodge

Elk Island Lodge is a remote, fly-in-only, family-run fishing lodge on God's Lake in Northern Manitoba. The cold, deep waters of God’s Lake offers world-class fishing for northern pike, lake trout, walleye, and brook trout. With an add-on fly-out to God's River, target legendary brook trout fishing.

Gangler's Lodge - Manitoba
True Canadian Grand Slam

Gangler's Lodge

Orvis-Endorsed. Gangler’s allocation stretches over 7,200 square miles, a unique area where 12 river systems form over 100 lakes and merge with one of Canada's greatest rivers, the North Seal. North Seal River Lodge is their main lodge, plus five outposts. Gangler's has 20 fly-out options available - for an extra fee.

Langara Fishing Lodge - B.C.
King Salmon and Halibut Fishing

Langara Fishing Lodge

Langara Island lies just south of Alaska, off the northern tip of Canada's majestic and remote Haida Gwaii ~ Queen Charlotte Islands. This remote island is the centerpiece to one of the richest marine environments on earth. Luxury lodges, world-famous salmon fishing, and spectacular wildlife viewing.

Minor Bay Lodge - Saskatchewan
Trophy Northern Pike Fishing

Minor Bay Lodge

Minor Bay Lodge is on the southwest corner of Wollaston Lake—the spawning grounds of pike and lake trout. The lake covers over 1,300 square miles, with over 800 square miles of water within its borders. Minor Bay Lodge is only open for two months—June and July for peak fishing.

Plummer's Arctic Lodge - NW Territories
Lake Trout and Arctic Char

Plummer's Arctic Lodge

The #1 Fishing Destination in North America - Field and Stream magazine, 2006. For over 60 years, Plummer's has provided some of the world's best lake trout, Arctic char, and grayling fishing. Five lodges in all. Both fly and spin anglers are welcome. Tree River Camp, Home of World Record Char and remarkable beauty.

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