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Fly Fishing for Golden Dorado

Fly fishing for Golden Dorado - Tsimané (pronounced Chi-mon-ee) is situated in the heart of Bolivia, within the National Park and Indian Reservation Isiboro Secure (TIPNIS). Home to some of the most amazing, untouched rivers of the world, Tsimané’s operating area is about 125 miles from the capital city of La Paz and 270 miles from Santa Cruz.

Tsimané Lodge Fishing

Tsimané Lodge

Tsimané’s (chee-mon-ee) three lodges—Pluma, Secure, and Agua Negra—offer miles of pristine rivers located exclusively inside the Isiboro Secure National Park. This is probably the best fly rod fishery for golden dorado in the world. Sightcast freestone mountain rivers for two dorado species, pirapitinga, and pacú.
Each day, two anglers and one guide will fish one beat/location. The fishing manager rotates the anglers and beats on a schedule; no angler will fish the same beat twice. Fishing is performed in different ways - walking upstream and sightfishing in low waters or prospecting fish in runs and deep pools. You must be physically fit as there is a lot of wade fishing. Strict catch-and-release. Water types vary from deep pools to rugged, terraced pocket water.
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Tsimané's Fishing Facts:

Tsimané Lodge

Peak Fishing Months:  for Tsimané dorado are May to early June and late August to mid-October. This is when the weather gets warmer and clear water conditions give anglers stunning sightfishing opportunities. Two different species of dorado are available plus other Amazon basin fish such as pirapitinga (pacues) and yatorana.
Boats:  Custom-made aluminum skiffs with outboard motors and comfortable casting platforms and poling platforms. Dugout canoes are used fo the Upper Pluma and Itirizama Rivers. Two anglers and two guides per boat. (There is a native boatman and one professional English speaking guide per boat.)
Wade Fishing:  99% of the fishing is done wading or fishing from the bank. The river structures vary in every section of the river. From sandy and small gravel beaches to sharp volcanic rocks passing through all kind of freestones. Wading is not difficult or risky, but there is a lot of it. Each week, only eight anglers can fish this section of the national park.
Fishing Equipment:  Equipment is not included in the package. Pluma Lodge has a complete fly shop. Sécure Lodge has a well-stocked gift shop with a wide selection of flies. Tomas and Tomas rods and reels are available to rent for about $300.00 per person per week. Flies are $10.00 each.
Fishing License:  Due to the Community Fees, fishing licenses are not required.

Tsimané's Three Lodges

Tsimané Lodges

Pluma, Secure, and Agua Negra Lodges
Each lodge operates separately.
Pluma Lodge is Tsimané's most deluxe lodge and is strategically located on the Pluma River, near the confluence of the upper Pluma and the Itirizama. Wooden cabins with spacious ensuite bathrooms. The Lodge accommodates six anglers for the 2019 season.
Secure Lodge takes advantage of all Secure River waters, blending the finest aspects of angling techniques with majestic scenery, clear mountain rivers and exotic species of gamefish of significant size and fighting capabilities.
Agua Negra Lodge accommodates four anglers and fishes all waters of the Agua Negra, the Secure medium sector, and the tiny and prolific Chimoro jungle creek on the fly. Agua Negra is one of Tsimané’s jewels due to its excellent number of dorado, pirapitingas, and the largest number of surubí atigrado (South American striped catfish). Fly fish the main and Upper Pluma River, the Itirizama and the lower sections of the Secure River from Pluma Lodge, with a max of eight anglers per trip. Agua Negra features three tent cabins for up to four anglers plus one host.
All three lodges were built with local hardwoods and have log cabins with box-spring beds, hot water showers, and electric lights. Free Wi-Fi is available at all lodges. Use of a satellite phone is $5.00 per minute. International cuisine and great Argentinean wines, beer and spirits.
Non-Angler Activities:  Read and tap into Wi-Fi in the comfortable living room. View a wide variety of birds and butterflies. Take a canoe ride on the river, and the Lodge can arrange for you to visit the local indigenous community.

Getting to Pluma Lodge:

After staying a night at a five-star hotel in Santa Cruz (arranged for by outfitter and included in package), a lodge representative will meet you in the morning, and drive you to the local airport. The group of eight anglers will take a 90-minute charter flight to Oromomo Community landing strip. Guides will transfer guests by boat (a 20-minute ride upstream) to Secure Coruya Dock. From here, guests will be transported on 4x4 vehicles – a 45 to 60-minute drive on a gorgeous road in the middle of the jungle to Pluma Lodge. This is an example for Pluma. Getting to each Lodge is different. Request an information packet for full details.

2021 USD Rates:

All packages listed are for 9-nights and 6-days guided fishing (2-hotel nights in Santa Cruz and 7-nights at the Lodge)

The single-angler rates include one-angler per room in Santa Cruz and at the Lodge and one angler per boat and guide.

Pluma Lodge:
8-anglers per week
Two anglers per boat and guide:
$7,600 + $670 Native Community fee
= $8,270.00 per person
One angler per boat and guide:
$12,540 + $670 Native Community Fee
= $13,210.00 per person
Non-angler companion:
$5,000 + $670 Native Community fee
= $5,670.00 per person

Secure Lodge
6-anglers per week
Two anglers per boat and guide:
$5,800 + $570 Native Community fee
= $6,370.00 per person
One angler per boat and guide:
$9,550 + $570 Native Community fee
= $10,120.00 per person
Non-angler companion:
$4,500 + $570 Native Community fee
= $5,070.00 per person

Agua Negra Lodge
4-anglers per week
Two anglers per boat and guide:
$5,800 + $570 Native Community fee
= $6,370.00 per person
One angler per boat and guide:
$9,550 + $570 Native Community fee
= $10,120.00 per person
Non-angler companion:
$4,500 + $570 Native Community fee
= $5,070.00 per person

Packages Include:

Ground transfers in Santa Cruz upon arriaval, two nights (first and last night’s stay) at a 5-star hotel in Santa Cruz, roundtrip domestic charter flight Santa Cruz to the Lodge, guided fishing, the number of nights at the Lodge/Camp as outlined in itinerary, and all meals and beverages (including beer, wine, and spirits) at the Lodge/Camp.

Packages Do Not Include:

International airfare, Native Community Tax and National Park Fee—payable in Bolivia, meals and beverages in Santa Cruz, gratuities, $25.00 departure tax, fishing tackle and flies, excess baggage charges, transportation not included in the itinerary, optional side trips, phone calls, items or accommodations not specifically listed, Global Rescue, Signature Travel Insurance, and anything not mentioned under inclusions.

Yellow Fever

A Yellow Fever Vaccine is recommended as Santa Cruz is considered a Dengue affected area. (We also advise our clients to be current with hepatitis and tetanus vaccinations.)

Tsimané Lodge

Golden dorado are aggressive fighters.

Fly fishing for golden dorado

Marcus Braun with Tsimané golden dorado.

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Pacú fishing - Tsimané

Tsimané pacú fishing

Tsimané golden dorado

Tsimané Gold

Boats vary per lodge - dugout canoes to...

Tsimané Lodge boat

Tsimané Lodge - Wi-Fi is available.

Tsimané Lodge

Tsimané Lodges - remote golden dorado

Remote Tsimané Lodge

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