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Fly Fishing for Golden Dorado

Tsimane's three Lodges (pronounced Chi-mon-ee) are in the heart of Bolivia, within the Isiboro Secure National Park (TIPNIS), where the Amazon jungle meets the Andes Mountains. The Park is home to some of the most amazing, untouched rivers in the world. Tsimane’s operating area is 125 air miles from the capital city of La Paz and 270 miles from Santa Cruz.
• Tsimane Lodges four main species are golden dorado, pacu, yatorana, and catfish (suburi).
• You'll be on your feet with 99 percent wet fishing/wade fishing.
• Pluma Lodge offers a Heli-Fishing program.
• Free Wi-Fi is available at all Tsimane Lodges.
• As of 2024, all Tsimane lodging is one angler per room, including the first and last hotel nights in Santa Cruz (which are included for all Tsimane packages).
• Click here for Sherpa (up-to-date travel requirements).

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