Guy Schoenborn with Christmas Island bonefish

Don't leave home without
Travel Insurance.

"I fish and hunt all over the world, which is why I always travel with my Global Rescue card. Many of the places I travel to are very remote. They are the only service that will evacuate me no matter where I am and bring me to my hospital of choice. I trust Global Rescue with my life and recommend that you do, too. Don’t leave home without them."
-Guy Schoenborn, President
Fishing with Larry

We strongly recommend that our clients purchase:
Global Rescue Evacuation Membership
(especially if you are traveling to a remote location)
and Trip Cancellation Insurance.

Global Rescue
Evacuation Services

Global Rescue is the world's premier provider of medical and evacuation services. Memberships start at $119.00. Only Global Rescue has the field rescue units that will come to help you wherever your emergency occurs, by whatever means necessary. Their corps of deployable paramedics, field rescue specialists, and special operations veterans will find you, stabilize you, and bring you home to your hospital of choice.
Not only does Global Rescue cover you on remote trips, but also on any adventure that takes place over 100 miles from your home.
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(If you sign up on Global Rescue's website, use this code:  FWL.)
Global Rescue's phone number:  800-381-9754

We Highly Recommend that You Purchase Trip Cancellation Insurance.

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