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North Seal River - Northern Manitoba

Fly and Spin Angling - Home of the True Canadian Trophy Grand Slam

Since 1985, Gangler's has held exclusive fishing grounds that stretch over 7,200 square miles, which is unheard of. Here, 12 river systems form over 100 lakes and merge with one of Canada's greatest rivers, the North Seal. Ganglers offers exclusive access to over 61 different lakes, and over 123 boats are positioned on lakes, stretching from the 58th to the 60th parallel. The Lodge is almost 240 miles from the nearest road.

Gangler's Fly-Outs and Species

North Seal River Lodge

Gangler's is ranked as one of the top ten fishing lodges in the world for trophy pike, grayling, lake trout, and walleye. Gangler’s caters to every ability, from beginner to expert, with great service, great fishing, and experienced and professional staff.
Three Floatplanes are on-site. Gangler's offers fly-outs to over 30 lakes (26 from the main lodge), including two portage lakes.
For many anglers, a great attraction to the Canadian North is the potential for a Canadian Grand Slam—trophy pike, lake trout, walleye, and Arctic grayling. The list of Canadian waters where all four of these species swim is minimal, and the lakes with true trophy potential for all four are almost non-existent. On the North Seal, you can also target burbot and big whitefish.
From the Boreal Forest to the Tundra, the Lodge offers fly-outs and two portage lakes. 5-million acres (7,200 square miles) of an exclusive watershed is yours to explore. No other lodges in the area and no commercial fishing.

Fishing Facts:

North Seal River Lodge

Season:  The Lodge season runs from early June into September.
Strict Catch-and-Release Fishing:  It’s provincial law to use barbless hooks, so don't forget to clip those barbs or bend them down.
Boats:  Gangler's main lodge has custom-built 16.5 and 18 ft. boats outfitted with 25 to 40 HP Yamaha four-stroke outboard motors and depth finders.
Guides:  The Lodge staffs up to 14 experienced guides; some have been with Ganglers for almost 25 years. You’ll have the same guide throughout your stay.
Guided Hours: You'll get in up to nine hours of guided fishing each day.
Evening Fishing: If you'd like to get in more fishing after dinner, there are great areas to fish near the Lodge. The guides charge $25.00 per hour.
Equipment:  Complimentary loaner fly and spin rods and reels are available on a limited basis and require a reservation when booking. Equipment is subject to a loss or breakage fee. A comprehensive gear-and-tackle list is included in our confirmation packet.

Typical Fishing Day:
7:00 a.m. - A light continental breakfast is available.
7:15 a.m. - A full breakfast is served.
8:00 a.m. - You will head out with your guide.
Midday - Your guide will prepare a Canadian shore lunch with fresh fish and all the fixings.
5:00 p.m. - You’ll return to the Lodge for appetizers.
7:00 p.m. - Dinner is served.
Day of Arrival:  You’ll arrive at the Lodge at 9:00 a.m., so your day of guided fishing runs from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and then a late dinner.

More about the Lakes:  The sprawling Egenolf Lake, home to the main lodge, is at a major junction of the North Seal with four adjacent lakes.
East Lake is just a quick five-minute boat ride east of the Lodge. The lake is rarely fished, and when it’s hot, it’s an excellent pike producer. Dillabough Lake sits at the south end of their airstrip, just off Egenolf. Dillabough is a beautiful lake offering some great pike fishing and the occasional monster.
Minihuik Lake is northwest of Egenolf. The Lake has excellent fishing for pike, lake trout, and walleye and breathtaking scenery. Minihuik, a drive-in portage, is a 15-minute Polaris ride away. You'll need boots as the portage crosses a swampy area, but the terrain is amazing.

Daily Fly-Outs and Lakes

North Seal River Lodge

The Lodge's state-of-the-art DeHavilland Beavers await your beck-and-call (for an added fee). The Lodge can accommodate up to six fly-outs per day with their float planes, depending on the schedule and weather. Their OTTER can take up to six anglers and three guides, and the BEAVER can handle up to four anglers and two guides. The 206/185 takes two anglers and one guide. Fly-outs are scheduled to allow for normal fishing days, although hours can be adjusted.
Neekik Lake:  is just south of Maria Lake and has some really big pike and walleye fishing. At times, walleye will dominate the lake's surface as they feed on bug hatches.
Foord Lake:  The Foord is the last lake before the Fergus River feeds into the Bain. Big pike and walleye abound in this boulder-strewn lake.
Blackfish Lake:  This huge lake is 20 miles long and 12 miles wide, with many islands, big weed beds, deep holes and the Robertson Esker traverses its west side. Big pike and grayling and it is one of Gangler's finest trout lakes. The Blackfish has been featured in TV shows.
Chatwin Lake:  A large, gorgeous lake in the North Seal with other river systems feeding into it. Great for all four species and exceptional walleye fishing.
Collister Lake:  25 miles SE of the main lodge, this nice-sized lake has all four species. This Lake is part of the Laurilla River system, which flows from Stevens-Nicklin to the North Seal and can go seasons without being fished.
Sprott Lake:  This ten-mile-long lake is relatively untouched and has dynamite pike, walleye, and lake trout action. Featured prominently on Lindner's Angling Edge TV show.
Grimes Lake:  A consistent and popular lake, Grimes is a 30-mile fly-out SE of Gangler's main Lodge. This lake has many shallow flats and weeds for great pike, walleye, and laker fishing.
The List Goes on.... Request an Information packet for details.

North Seal River Lodge

North Seal River Lodge

Gangler's North Seal River Lodge

North Seal River Lodge

North Seal River Lodge is Gangler's main lodge on Egenolf Lake. The 4,200 square feet Lodge has a classic Northwood charm with soaring beams, a majestic fireplace, and spectacular views. Gangler's main lodge is accessibility-friendly, with a golf cart to move guests as needed.

The Main Lodge is Limited to 26 guests per week.

North Seal River Main Lodge

Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge is limited to 26 guests per week, with a 1:1 staff-to-guest ratio for personalized attention.
Other Activities:  Nature walks, hiking, and wildlife viewing for bears, moose, wolves, otters, eagles, osprey, and more. For an additional fee, join a hunting safari or charter a trip to the Barrenlands to see caribou and muskox.

Dining at North Seal, a 5-Star Experience

Dining at North Seal

Meals:  Delicious meals and appetizers. From apricot-glazed cornish hens, encrusted leg of lamb with rosemary potatoes, or the perfectly cooked prime rib with a maki-style cucumber-wrapped salad, each dining experience is a delight. With advance notice, dietary restrictions can be accommodated.
Alcohol:  Beer, wine, and other liquor are available for purchase at the Lodge.

Cabins at the Main Lodge

North Seal Lodge Cabin

Private Deluxe Cabins. Each duplex cabin hosts four anglers. Each cabin has two bedrooms with two full-size beds per room and two private baths with towels and soap. The cabins are carpeted, propane heated, and have a screened-in porch with chairs and two rod holder racks. In each room, there is free Wi-Fi, a dresser, nightstand, TV, DVD player, table and chairs, couches, coffee table, coffee maker, extra pillows, linens and blankets, and closets with plenty of hooks and hangers. Coffee is delivered each morning at 7:00 a.m.

Gangler's Main Lodge

Pool Table in Large Vaulted Dining Room

Gangler's main lodge has a grand interior with comfortable lounging areas, a pool table, card table, ping pong table, a DVD library, the rustic Timberwolf Bar (alcohol is not included in the packages), use of a complimentary computer, free Wi-Fi, a fly-tying table, and tackle room.

Communications at Gangler's Lodge

Angler with Large Lake Trout

Communications:  The Lodge has hotwired the entire camp at the main lodge. Wi-Fi access extends out to the front benches overlooking the shoreline and is available in each cabin. The picture above is of the Lodge and campfire against the backdrop of the Northern Lights.

Getting to the Lodges:

You’ll fly to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Winnipeg is easily accessed with over a dozen flights per day. You'll need to stay overnight in Winnipeg. The hotel night is not included in the package. (Usually, no overnight in Winnipeg is required for the return trip.)
You'll depart at 5:30 a.m. on a two-hour charter flight from Winnipeg to Gangler's main lodge on the North Seal River; the roundtrip charter flight is included in the package. The flight has a 55-pound baggage weight limit, including carry-ons.
The Lodge's 5,400-foot airstrip is right behind the Lodge. If you're staying at the main lodge, you'll enjoy a hearty brunch before you start fishing. If you stay at an Outpost, it's a short floatplane flight to Gangler's other camps.

Gangler's Fly-Out Lodges

Gangler's Outpost Lodges

Gangler's has five Outpost Lodges strategically placed. At some of the Lodges, you will need to do your own cooking, but food is provided.
Gangler's Five-Star Outposts:
• Maria Lake Mini Lodge
• Stevens/Nicklin Deluxe Outpost
• Burnie Lake Deluxe Outpost
• Bain Lake Deluxe Outpost
• Clifton Lake Classic Outpost
Request an Information packet for details.

2024 USD Rates:

North Seal River Lodge
Two anglers per boat and room:

7-nights and 7-days guided fishing
$6,995.00 per person
2024 Weeks run from June 8 to August 17.

5-nights and 5-days guided fishing
$6,495.00 per person
2024 Dates run from June 8 to August 31

4-nights and 4-days guided fishing
$5,995.00 per person
2024 Dates run from June 13 to August 31.

3-nights and 3-days guided fishing
$4,595.00 per person
2024 Dates run from July 27-30.
One angler per boat and guide:
Add $500.00 per day
One angler per room at the Lodge:
Add $500.00 per day.

The Packages Include:

• Charter flights between Winnipeg and the Lodge
• Lodging, two or four guests per cabin
• Meals at the Lodge
• Wi-Fi in the main lodge
• Guided fishing
• Use of loaner rods and reels.

The Packages Do Not Include:

• 5% GST on the total package
• Airfare to Winnipeg, and return
• Hotel stays and meals in Winnipeg
• Optional fly-outs
• Fishing license
• Fishing tackle
• Alcohol
• Gratuities to guides and staff
• 3.5% PST for any purchases at the Lodge
• Global Rescue
• Travel insurance
• Anything not mentioned under inclusions.

More About Gangler's

Gangler's Fishing in June:

Gangler's Northern Pike

June:  Ice-out is generally late May to early June. Fishing is generally very shallow for all species. This is the time many pike fishermen dream of, with pike warming themselves in 8” to 12” of water early on and moving to 2’ to 4’ of water later in the month. Many a pike addict has turned into quivering jelly at the sight of so many big fish in shallow, clear water. There are no significant weeds at this time. Trout are shallow, ranging from 3’-15’, in current areas, rivers, and off-sand points. Depending on the time of ice-out, they will start to move slightly deeper late in the month. At this time of the year, you never quite know where they may turn up, and a 30-pound lake trout, when you least expect it, is quite the surprise. Walleye are very shallow in the river areas and are concentrated in large numbers in shallow bays two to four feet deep. Grayling are in the rivers and are easily fished with dry flies or small spinners.

Gangler's Fishing in July:

Gangler's northern pike

July:  At the start of the second week of the season, pike begin to move between the weed beds and the shallow bays. Trout are usually fully concentrated by mid-July, offering incredible concentrations of fish. Depths range from 10’ to 25’ early on and 40’ to 60’ after mid-July. Walleye begin strong patterns, forming huge, tight schools in current areas. Walleye fishing at its finest with lots of 20” to 26” fish and larger. Most walleye caught by one boat in a day – 400! Grayling are in the rivers, easy to access after water levels stabilize. Bug hatches (the good ones) are tremendous.

The following are the largest to date:  51.5” pike, 46.5” lake trout, 32” walleye, a 22” grayling, 30” burbot, and a 24” whitefish!

Gangler's Fishing in August:

Gangler's grayling

August:  Pike still ranging from bays to weed beds, which by now are in full bloom. 4’ to 8’ of water by casting. Trout are concentrated in the holes, with large numbers of big fish caught by trolling or vertical jigging. August also hosts an unusual phenomenon they’ve seen only on the North Seal. Once or twice in August, (and usually lasting three to four days each), lake trout flood into the river mouths in large concentrations, almost like a false spawn. Angling is intense. Walleye are in the same patterns as July, and many 28” to 32” walleye are landed at this time. Grayling are in the rivers and, at their peak, will smash any dry fly that happens their way.

Churchill Super Combo Adventure:

Gangler's Overnight options

For those looking to further their Northern Manitoba experience, Gangler’s has partnered with Great Canadian Travel. Guests of North Seal River Lodge will be able to combine a side trip to Churchill, Manitoba, the unique seaport, and the ecosystem on Hudson Bay. Paired with a 4-day excursion to Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge (including 3.5 days of guided fishing), this 8-day trip coincides with the annual migration of the famed Beluga whales as they flood into the harbor. The migration has been estimated at over 57,000 whales. The whales are calving this time of year, and you may see the females with their newborn calves. Guests will enjoy two land and two sea tours, including tours of the historic port and two Zodiac or boat adventures on the bay with the whales. Space is limited to eight guests per time slot. This trip can be customized to include snorkeling with the whales and a trip to see the Polar bears as they begin their move from their denning areas. This is an ideal trip for both couples and families.

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