Agua Boa Amazon Lodge

Fly Fish the Agua Boa River for Large Peacock Bass

A 90-Minute Charter Flight from Manaus, Brazil

Agua Boa Amazon Lodge is a fly-fishing lodge on the Agua Boa River, one of the 1,000-plus tributaries feeding the mighty Amazon River. We've hosted fishing trips at Agua Boa each year since 2004.
The large number of peacock bass make this trip mind-boggling." - Larry Schoenborn

• Agua Boa Amazon Lodge was named ...One of the top 10 fly fishing lodges in the world. - Forbes, 2010.
• Don't miss our Agua Boa Hosted Weeks for 2023 and 2024. (See below.)
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Mike Matus with a large arapaima - a rare catch, Hosted Week

Mike Matus

Jack Henderson and Brad Staples with Agua Boa double.

Jack Henderson and Brad Staples

The Agua Boa River System

The Agua Boa River System

From its source to the Rio Branco, the Agua Boa River is approximately 150 miles long, with many lagoons and oxbow lakes varying from two to 25 acres in size. When the water is slightly higher, the guides will pole the boat through the shallow creeks that lead off the main river into the connecting lakes. When the waters are lower, a walk of no more than a quarter of a mile may be required to reach the fishing.

Fly Fish for Large Peacock Bass, Catfish, Pacu...

Photo Credit: Matt Harris

Due to the unusual clarity of the many lakes and lagoons, this is the best fly fishing trip for peacock bass. Land 20 to 50+ peacock bass per day - some will be huge. The giant reserve area boasts birds, wildlife, very few people, and almost no mosquitoes. Two anglers per boat and guide. The Lodge divides the river into beats. Beats are rotated daily, so you'll get a chance to see the entire river. Additional boats are kept on 12 or more lakes, a short hike away.
Other Species:  Arowana, pirarucu, pacu, piranha, shovelnose or tiger catfish, and more.

Agua Boa Fishing Facts:

Season:  The Lodge is open during the dry season from October 15 through April 1.

Boats:  The fleet of 18-foot aluminum skiffs with poling platforms and new fishing support rails are ideally suited for fishing the Agua Boa River, its tributaries, and lagoons. All boats have the option of using a conventional two-stroke Mercury motor or a four-stroke Yamaha jet motor. The jet motors prove invaluable for those low-water sightcasting opportunities. Each of the boats has a GPS Spot device, so in case of an emergency, the guides can contact the Lodge. Two anglers per boat and guide.

Fishing Day:  The guides can take you fishing as early as 7:00 a.m., and you are welcome to fish until 5:00 p.m.

Fishing License:  is included in the package.

Equipment:  is not included in the package. A detailed tackle list is included in our confirmation packet.

Flies:  We provide flies for our hosted trips. If you desire to tie your own, Guy Schoenborn will send you fly samples.

Regulations:  Agua Boa is a well-managed fishery where catch-and-release fishing and the use of single barbless hooks is required to preserve the large population of fish. The Agua Boa River is the only fly-fishing-only, single barbless hook river in the Amazon.

Hosted Fishing Weeks

2023 Hosted Weeks

7-nights and 6.5-days guided fishing $6,600.00 per person
• November 3-11, 2023:  John Holpuch hosts
• November 10-18, 2023:  Al Larson hosts
• December 1-9, 2023:  Carson Oldham hosts

2023 Hosted Holiday Weeks Save $950.00

Now $5,650.00 per person
• November 17-25, 2023:  Guy Schoenborn hosts
• November 24 - Dec. 2, 2023:  Guy Schoenborn hosts

2024 Hosted Weeks

• November 1-9, 2024:  John Holpuch hosts
• November 8-16, 2024:  Carson Oldham hosts
• November 15-23, 2024:  Brad Staples hosts

2024 Hosted Holiday Weeks Save $950.00

• November 22-30, 2024:  Mike Sadar hosts
• Nov. 29 - Dec. 7, 2024:  Mike Sadar hosts

You are not restricted to our hosted weeks. Provided there are openings, we can book Agua Boa for a time that works best for you.

Guide with Large Agua Boa Peacock Bass

Guide with Large Peacock Bass

Guides:  Very experienced guides who paddle and pole boats. You'll have a different guide each day. Guides speak Portuguese but know enough English to get by.

It's a short walk From the Lodge to the Dock.

Agua Boa Amazon River Boat Dock

Agua Boa Amazon Lodge

Agua Boa Amazon Lodge

Agua Boa Amazon Lodge is remote. It’s over 50-miles to the nearest habitation. Electric supply is standard U.S. sockets and 110 voltage. The main lodge has a dining room, lounge-recreation area, and satellite TV. The 65-foot swimming pool overlooks the river. The Lodge hosts 12-anglers per week. We recommend booking early. The Lodge is handicap accessible and can accommodate almost anyone.

Bedrooms with air-conditioning and Ceiling Fan

Bedroom at Agua Boa Amazon Lodge

There are six individual air-conditioned bungalows. Each bungalow has two double beds, private bathrooms with showers, plenty of storage, free Wi-Fi access, and a refrigerator with cold drinks.
Communications:  There is free Wi-Fi access (a tad slow) in the bungalows and the main Lodge. A satellite phone is available for guests at $5.00 per minute.
WhatsApp:  There is an app called WhatsApp for cell phones. It’s free, and you can make calls where there is no cell phone coverage. WhatsApp works through the internet. A lot of people are using this app in Argentine, Brazil, and other countries. For it to work, you need to have it on your cell phone, and so does the person you are calling. It does not work on landlines.

Lounge Area at the Lodge

Lounge at Agua Boa Amazon Lodge

Beverages:  Beer, wine, bottled water, and soft drinks are served at the bar and are included in the package.

Meals at Agua Boa Amazon Lodge

Buffet-Style Breakfast at Agua Boa

Meals:   Buffet-style breakfast with hot and cold dishes, bread, pastries, meat, fresh fruit, cereal, plus fresh fruit juices and coffee. You may either enjoy lunch at the Lodge or take a packed lunch and stay on the river. Three-course dinners served with wine. The main course is a buffet, with several meat and fish dishes. Throughout the day and evening, snacks and hot and cold drinks are available in the dining area.

Getting to Agua Boa Amazon Lodge

Getting to Agua Boa Amazon Lodge:

Upon arrival in Manaus, Brazil, an English-speaking lodge representative will greet you at the airport and arrange for a transfer to your chosen hotel. (A hotel night is required and is not included in the package.) Saturday morning, you’ll be met at your hotel at 5:00 a.m. by a lodge representative and transferred to the domestic airport for your charter flight. At 6:00 a.m., you'll take a 90-minute charter flight (200 miles northwest of Manaus) to the Lodge's landing strip, where the staff will greet you. The Lodge is only accessible by plane. (The roundtrip charter flight from Manaus to the Lodge is included in the package $850.00 value.) The following Saturday, your return flight to Manaus will leave the Lodge at 9:00 a.m.

Agua Boa Amazon Lodge has its own Landing Strip.

Agua Boa Amazon River


All Packages are for 7-nights at the Lodge and 6.5-days guided fishing.
All Rates include an $850.00 roundtrip air charter between Manaus and the Lodge.

January 1 - March 25, 2023 - Peak Season:
• 2-anglers per room and boat:  $7,150.00 per person
• One-angler per room and 2-anglers per boat:  $8,150.00 per person
• One-angler per room and boat:  $14,100.00
• Non-angler sharing room:  $4,550.00

October - December 2023:
• 2-anglers per room and boat:  $6,600.00 per person
• One-angler per room and 2-anglers per boat:  $7,600.00 per person
• One-angler per room and boat:  $12,350.00

2023 Holiday Weeks – (Save $950.00):
Thanksgiving Weeks:  Nov. 18-25 and Nov. 25 - Dec. 2, 2023.
Christmas Weeks:   Dec. 16-23 and Dec. 23-30
• Two anglers per room and boat now... $5,650.00 per person
• One angler per room and two per boat (if space allows) now... $6,650.00 per person
• One angler per room and boat now... $10,450.00

December 30, 2023 - March 23, 2024:
• 2-anglers per room and boat:  $7,700.00 per person
• One-angler per room and 2-anglers per boat:  $8,700.00 per person
• One-angler per room and boat:  $14,550.00

Non-angler rates are available upon request.

Packages Include:
• Airport reception in Manaus
• Ground transfers to hotel and charter in Manaus
• Charter flight from Manaus to the Lodge, and return
• 7-nights Lodging at Agua Boa Amazon Lodge
• All meals at the Lodge
• Soft drinks, beer, wine, and caipirinhas in the evenings
• Daily laundry service
• 6.5-days Guided fishing
• Fishing license
• Fly patterns (if you tie)
• Upon request, our eBook Fly Fishing for Peacock Bass by Larry and Guy Schoenborn.
• Flies are provided for our Hosted trips.

Packages Do Not Include:
• Airfare to Manaus, Brazil, and return
• Airport taxes
• Satellite telephone calls $5.00 per minute
• Liquor
• Hotel nights/meals/and optional city tour in Manaus
• Mandatory medical/safety evacuation insurance
• Medical insurance
• Gratuities to guides and Lodge staff (a suggested 10-15% of the total package)
• Fishing tackle
• Sage rod rentals $150.00 per week
• Mandatory Global Rescue or some other equivalent form of medical evacuation insurance
• Travel insurance
• Anything not mentioned under inclusions.

Deposit Policy:  Bookings require a 50-percent deposit within ten days to confirm the reservation.

Cancellation Policy:  All payments are non-refundable unless space is subsequently filled. Final payments are due 90 days prior to trip date.
Fishing with Larry recommends Trip Cancellation Insurance. Click here for our Travel Insurance page.

Mandatory Release Form:   All clients must sign and submit their Notice of Acceptance of Dangers and Release Liability form before being allowed to fish at Agua Boa Amazon Lodge.

Adverse Water Conditions:   Should Amazon Agency Corporation cancel your fishing trip the Lodge due to adverse water conditions, the guest will be offered the next available space at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge. In the event of a cancellation due to water conditions, they cannot refund your payment. They will roll you over to the next season. They encourage all their guests to purchase trip cancellation insurance to protect your payment in the event of a cancellation.

Agua Boa Amazon Lodge's RESPONSIBILITY CLAUSE:  Visiting our camps requires flying a private charter fixed-wing aircraft. Passengers must understand and accept the risks which are inherent in and associated with such means of conveyance. Travel schedules in Brazil and to and from Brazil can change due to adverse weather, strikes, or other factors beyond the control of the organizers of this trip. This can cause delay and even missed charter flights to or from the Lodge and international connections. Such delays could impose an additional cost to you in hotels, chartering an additional aircraft to or from the Lodge, or in changing airline tickets for which we cannot be responsible.

New Requirements:

• As of June 17, 2019, Brazil no longer requires a Tourist Visa for U.S. citizens.
• The Lodge requires guests to have Medical evacuation insurance in the event of an emergency. We recommend Global Rescue.
• All Agua Boa Amazon guests must sign a Liability Waiver.

Sample Week Itinerary:

Friday:  After you arrive in Manaus, you’ll go through customs. After customs, you’ll be greeted by an Agua Boa Amazon Lodge representative, who’ll be holding a sign. He will have your transportation arranged for the hotel you’ve chosen for your overnight stay.

Saturday:  The charter for the Lodge departs at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday. (If you miss this charter, you will need to charter a plane at your own expense to get to the Lodge.) You’ll be met at your hotel at 5:00 a.m. by the Lodge’s ground crew and then transferred to the airport to meet the charter for the 90-minute flight to the Lodge. You'll arrive at the Lodge about 8:30 a.m. Upon arrival at the Lodge, the guides will help with your bags and escort you to your bungalow. After a champagne reception and breakfast, you’ll fish the rest of the day.

Fishing Days: (Sunday through Friday)  Breakfast is served at 6:30 a.m. Your guide will be available at 7:00 a.m. You’ll fish until 5:00 p.m. You’ll return to the Lodge for a relaxing caipirinha (rum and lime), followed by the evening meal at 7:15 p.m.

Agua Boa Amazon

Getting to Agua Boa Amazon Lodge

Jack Henderson and Brad with a double

Agua Boa Hosted Weeks

Kyle Siler with peacock bass

Agua Boa Peacock Bass

Larry Schoenborn and Perry Cardoza

Larry Schoenborn at Agua Boa

65-foot swimming pool

Agua Boa Swimming Pool

Arowana - Charlie Swett

Arowana Fishing

About an 80-pound Pirarucu - Agua Boa

Agua Boa Pirarucu Fishing

Peacock bass flies for the Agua Boa River.

Agua Boa Flies

Mike Casey with a nice peacock bass

Peacock Bass Fishing

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