Agua Boa Hosted Fishing Trips - Brazil

2024 and 2025 Hosted Fishing Weeks

The Ultimate Trip - Most Deluxe - Most Peacocks

" . . . one of the top 10 fly fishing lodges in the world." Forbes

70% of our clients repeat this trip

large peacock bass

Land 20 to 100+ peacock bass per day—some will be huge. The Lodge has fishing rights to over 100 miles of Agua Boa River. Giant reserve area with birds, wildlife, no people, and almost no mosquitoes. Fishing is usually best October 25 - January 1.

A Great Couples Trip

view of lodge and pool

Air-conditioned cottages with tiled baths, double-sized beds, and free Wi-Fi. The Lodge has satellite TV with English channels, a rec room, a large lounge area, and a 65-foot swimming pool with a swim-up bar. Three-course dinners, with the main course buffet. Wine is served with dinner. The Lodge hosts 14 anglers each week.
Agua Boa YouTube 6:49 video of our 2014 Hosted Week.

Guy's Agua Boa 2023 Hosted Trip Report

Mike Iftiger with Agua Boa River peacock bass during 2023 Hosted Week at Agua Boa Amazon Lodge.

Mike Iftiger with Peacock Bass - 2023 Hosted Week

"My two hosted weeks at Agua Boa Lodge in 2023 were the best weeks for big peacock bass in my 20-plus weeks of fly-fishing there that I have seen. We had multiple days with two anglers in a boat, landing 10 or more peacocks over 10 pounds per day."
Read Guy's Schoenborn's Full 2023 Trip Report.

The Agua Boa River

fishing the Agua Boa

You'll be fishing two anglers per guide and boat. Excellent guides paddle and pole the boats. Additional boats are kept on 12-plus lakes, a short hike away. Each of the boats has a GPS SPOT device in case of an emergency the guides can have contact with the Lodge.

If you desire to tie your own flies, email Guy Schoenborn to send you fly samples.

Our Hosted Fishing Weeks at Agua Boa

In 2004, Larry Schoenborn hosted his first "Fishing with Larry" hosted group at Agua Boa Amazon Lodge. 2024 marks our 20th year hosting groups at Agua Boa. You're not restricted to our hosted weeks. Book anytime.

Hosted Fishing Weeks

You are not restricted to our hosted weeks. Book anytime.

2024 Hosted Weeks:

7-nights and 6.5-days guided fishing
$6,950.00 per person

• November 1-9, 2024:
John Holpuch hosts

• November 8-16, 2024:
Al Larson hosts

• November 15-23, 2024:
Carson Oldham hosts

2024 Hosted Holiday Weeks:
Save $950.00

now $6,000.00 per person
• November 22-30, 2024:
Carson Oldham hosts

• Nov. 29 - Dec. 7, 2024:
Matt Podoblinski hosts

2025 Hosted Weeks:

7-nights and 6.5-days guided fishing
$7,200.00 per person

• Oct. 31 - Nov. 8, 2025:
John Holpuch hosts

• November 7-15, 2025:
Guy Schoenborn hosts

• November 14-22, 2025:
Guy Schoenborn hosts

• December 5-13:
Carson Oldham hosts

2025 Hosted Holiday Week:
Save $950.00

now $6,250.00 per person
• November 21-29, 2025:
Matt Podoblinski hosts

• Nov. 28 - Dec. 6, 2025:
Carson Oldham hosts

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Agua Boa Amazon Lodge - Hosted Weeks

Agua Boa Trip Report

Jack Henderson and Host Brad Staples had a fantastic fishing week. This peacock is in the three-bar-color phase.

Brad Staples and guide with Agua Boa peacock bass

Agua Boa at Christmas

Brad Staples with a peacock bass in the spotted-color phase called “Paca” in Portuguese. The lines of the three-bar-phase are just beginning to show.

The large barrel-like mouth of a peacock bass

bucket mouth of a peacock

Multiple species are available at Agua Boa: payara, catfish, arowana . . . yet peacock bass are the most prized.

Doug Camp with spotted peacock bass during a hosted trip.

Doug Camp

There are three species of peacock bass on the Agua Boa: the butterfly, spotted/temensis, and azul. Like their namesake, the spot on their tail fins resembles the eyes on a peacock's tail feathers.

Mike Casey with a Large Peacock Bass

Mike Casey with Large Peacock Bass

Jack Henderson and Brad Staples

Jack Henderson and Brad with a double