Cuba - Jardines One

The JAF1 Liveaboard

Two Locations

Back in 2010, the JAF1 was a brand new yacht built from scratch. 130-feet in length, she is beautiful and comfortable with ten staterooms. The JAF1 resides in Isla de Juventud marine park for peak season - mid-February through mid-July; and in Jardines de la Reina during low season fishing from December - February and mid-July through December.

Lounge area

JAFI Lounge

The liveaboard hosts up to 12 anglers and eight crew members. For the JAF1, the minimum is 8 anglers, and the maximum is 12. (Ten guests is ideal for optimum comfort.) The design and interior decor give the yacht a touch of intimacy, refinement, a sense of warmth, and simplicity. The boat has the perfect balance of substantial exploration capabilities and a unique and noble style.

Boats and Guides

Super Skiffs

Dolphin 16' Super Skiffs teamed with Yamaha 70-HP motors. Jardines de la Reina (JDR) offers more fishing hours than any of our Cuba destinations and is ideal for fly anglers who desire to fish from dawn until dusk, about 5:00 p.m.

Ten Cabins, Nine Bathrooms OnBoard

Eight Cabins

On The JAF1, there are now ten cabins/staterooms. Eight cabins have private bathrooms, and two cabins will be sharing a bathroom, for a total of nine bathrooms onboard. Three of the cabins have queen-size beds.

Seven Cabins have twin-size beds

Upper Deck

Each cabin has air conditioning and heat controls, electricity plugs, (220 volts and 110 volts), drawers for storage, and panoramic Caribbean views.
Communications:  There is no Wi-Fi available on the liveaboard. You’ll need to check with your cell service provider before your trip to see if your U.S. cell phone will work in Cuba. Satellite phones are strictly prohibited in Cuba and will be confiscated at the airport on arrival.

Dining Area

Dining Area

Meals:  Cuisine is simple yet gourmet. Salads with fresh vegetables and a variety of fruits are available. Fresh sashimi is offered nightly. Dinners feature delicious fresh fish, pork, or chicken entrees.

Alcohol:  The Open bar is now included in the package and includes beer, wine, liquor, and sodas. Self-serve beer and wine are available around the clock. Liquor is available throughout the day until the staff retires to their rooms for the evening.

The JAF1 Floorplan


Upper Boat Deck

Boat Deck

On the upper deck, there is a spacious and comfortable lounge, dining room, and bar area (combination).

2023 Rates:

Peak Season:  The JAF1 resides in Isla de la Juventud
February 18 - July 15, 2023
Rate for exclusive full boat with 6 skiffs and 6 guides. 10 to 12 anglers
7-nights and 5.75-days guided fishing
$99,900 per group
Low Season:  The JAF1 resides in the Jardines de la Reina
Dec. 31, 2023 - Feb. 18, 2023 and July 15 - Dec. 30, 2023.
Full Yacht:  $44,900.00 per group
Half Yacht:  $22,450.00 per group

2024 Rates:

Peak Season: The JAF1 resides in Isla de la Juventud
February 18 - July 15, 2023
7-nights and 5.75-days guided fishing
Full Yacht:  $114,400.00 per group
(10 staterooms, 6 skiffs and 6 guides for 10 to 12 anglers)
Half Yacht:  $57,200.00 per group
(5 staterooms, and 3 skiffs and 3 guides)
Low Season:  The JAF1 resides in the Jardines de la Reina
Dec. 30, 2023 - Feb. 17, 2024, and July 13 - Dec. 28, 2024.
Full Yacht:  $54,000.00 per group
Half Yacht:  $27,000.00 per group

Packages Include:

- 7 nights on The JAF1
- All meals and open bar on the liveaboard
- 5.75 days guided fishing
- Marine Park Conservation fee (only for 2023)

Packages Do Not Include:

- International Airfare
- Ground transfers from Havana to Jucaro Port $150.00 p.p. per way
- Ground transfers in Havana
- Hotels and meals in Havana
(4 and 5-star hotels run $250 to $350 per night)
- Gratuities for guides, staff, and laundry
- Ground transfers on arrival/departure airport to the hotel
- Optional Fishing equipment rental of $350.00 per week.
- $300.00 Marine Park Conservation fee p.p. in 2024
- Optional Diving equipment rental of $250.00 per week.
- Cuban Tourist Card, approx. $85.00
- Global Rescue insurance
- Personal expenses
- Anything not mentioned under inclusions.

Cuba - Cayo Cruz

Cayo Cruz Fly Fishing

The Cayo Cruz, also referred to as Cayo Romano fishery, is a small resort island in the Jardines del Rey chain off central Cuba.

Isla de la Juventud - Liveaboard

Angler and Guide with Bonefish

Isla de Juventud is Spanish for Island of Youth. Aboard The JAF1, a 110-foot liveaboard yacht, you’ll fly fish and explore the most remote areas of the Canarreos Archipelago, the world-famous chain of islands in this protected marine park.

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All marine parks in Cuba are now protected Fly Fishing Sanctuaries. No commercial fishing is allowed other than for lobster.

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