Jurassic Lake Trout - Trophy Rainbows

Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge - Argentina

Jurassic Lake is a 25-square-mile body of water in the absolute middle of nowhere (in wild Southern Patagonia). These burly wild rainbow trout average 6-to 8-pounds, fight like a freight train and offer you countless opportunities to catch the rainbow of a lifetime. World-class fly fishing, excellent food, wine, and lodging in a very remote landscape.

Fishing Jurassic Lake - Lake Strobel

Jurassic Lake

Lake Strobel, also known as Jurassic Lake, has quickly become a must-visit rainbow fly-fishing destination. Catch your lifetime best rainbow. These fish average ten pounds, some are over twenty. Due to its remote location, the lake has only recently been discovered. Jurassic Lake is surrounded by three private ranches, so access is limited. Other than the Lodge guests, you should not see any other anglers while fishing. Jurassic Lake and 15 other lakes and streams are available to the Lodge. The first afternoon our hosted group arrived (2010), our group of seven anglers landed over 100, 4-to 8-pound rainbows at Laguna Verde within 150-yards of the Lodge.
Monsters Bay Spring Creek is a recent discovery and is promising to be a guest favorite.
The Barrancoso River: This incredible river is the only tributary of Jurassic Lake. Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge owns this river tributary, and they maintain exclusive access to five miles of these incredible waters. This mountain freestone river is about 30 to 50 feet wide, with transparent waters and large boulders. Amazing rainbows lie in its pools, flats, and pocket waters. Barrancoso rainbows average 4-to 5-pounds with fish over 15-pounds.
See 3:22 YouTube video of Barrancoso River.
The Lodge now has exclusive access to a large section of Lake Strobel's north shore. Up to four anglers can spend a night at Lago Strobel Lodge, a small lodge on the north shore. New roads provide access to several of the most remote bays.

Fishing Facts:

Estancia Laguna Verde

Season:  The Lodge is open for peak fishing from mid-October through April 30.
Species:  Rainbows, browns, and prolific dry fly hatches give you consistent opportunities for large trout on the surface.
Fishing Licenses:  are not included in the package and run about $60.00 for a one-week license, $80.00 for an annual.
Guides:  Hardworking English-speaking guides. You'll have the same guide all week for about 8-to 10-hours each day. Two anglers per guide. They'll transport you via Toyota 4WD trucks to the lake and the river.
Equipment:  Please bring your own equipment. In case of breakage, a limited amount of loaner gear is available. Flies are available for purchase ($3.50 each) at the Lodge. A detailed gear and tackle list is provided in our confirmation packet.
New Improvements:
Estancia Laguna Verde has improved their fishing program with more access to new fishing areas, new trucks, and guide-prepared daily shore lunches. There are also new rooms at the Lodge, a wider selection of carefully chosen Mendoza wines, and an upgraded kitchen. Jurassic Lake is 15 minutes from the Lodge, and Barrancoso River is 5 to 20 minutes from the Lodge.

Typical Fishing Day:
At around 8:00 a.m., breakfast. At 9:00, you'll leave for the river with your guide. At 1:30 p.m., enjoy a riverside lunch. After lunch, you can enjoy a siesta or a cup of coffee or tea with some freshly baked cookies. Then, your guide will drive you to your next fishing spot. At 6:30 p.m., you’ll finish fishing and return to the Lodge. At 7:30 p.m. is cocktail hour and wines served with cold cuts, a variety of cheeses. A three-course dinner is served about 8:00 p.m. Then you'll enjoy coffee, tea, or a digestif (post-dinner liquor) at the bar in the living room.

Don McCleve's Trip Recap:

Estancia Laguna Verde

Don McCleve with 32 inch, 20 lb. rainbow
Don McCleve's Recap:
"My first of four days was probably the best fishing day for trout in my life. Fifteen fish averaging better than 7-8 pounds. Guides would say even 10 pounds, but there were a few small fish. Toward the end, I got my biggest rainbow ever:  32 inches, 10 kilos on the scale, but the net weighs a kilo, so a shade over 9 kilos or 20 pounds It was also the fiercest trout I've ever caught. It immediately charged away, until the backing was dangerously deteriorating and the guide warned me. Then the fish jumped an incredible distance away, and the line went totally slack. I was sure I'd lost it. I reeled furiously but felt absolutely nothing for the next three minutes, and I didn't feel motion until then. Apparently, it had turned 180 degrees towards me."
Guy Schoenborn's Recap:  "The fishing was fantastic. The facilities and food were great, and the guides were excellent. I captured the top four largest rainbows of my life, including a monster that was 23 pounds."
Brad Staples's Recap:  “If you are okay with standing in 47-degree water and casting as far as you can with an 8-weight and stripping it back, it is the best trip in the world for big rainbows. I loved it because I like BIG trout!”

Getting to the Lodge:

From Buenos Aires, you’ll take a 2 hour and 30-minute flight to El Calafate, Argentina. There is a 45-pound luggage weight limit for this domestic flight. (No flights or hotel nights are included in the package.) The Lodge requests guests to be in El Calafate on the night prior to the start of their trip. The next morning, a Lodge representative will pick you up at your hotel. It is a five-hour drive from El Calafate to the Lodge. The night of departure, an overnight in El Calafate, is not required as you’ll be able to take an overnight flight home.

About The Lodge:

Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge hosts up to 12 anglers. There are eight single-occupancy rooms and two double-occupancy rooms. Depending on the group size at the Lodge, single-occupancy rooms may be available at no additional cost. The Lodge is able to accomodate guests in wheelchairs.
The Lodge has a spacious living room with a view of Laguna Verde, a 42” LCD TV with satellite connection, a DVD player, a fly-tying desk, and a library. There is a dressing and drying room for waders and clothing. Laundry service is provided twice a week.
Meals:  World-class three-course dinners with entrees such as their famous asado (barbecue), traditional Patagonia lamb, homemade pastas, and more. The Lodge has two chefs, an exclusive chef and a sous chef.
Alcohol:  Wine and cocktails are served in the evenings. All beverages are included—soft drinks, beer, bottled water, outstanding wines, and a moderate selection of liquor.
Communications:  The Lodge has a satellite telephone and an IP telephone available, and free Wi-Fi. A computer is available at the Lodge. Outgoing phone usage is available for $2.00 per minute. Incoming calls are free.

Estancia Laguna Verde

USD Rates valid thru April 30, 2023:

Two anglers per guide:

7-nights and 6.5-days guided fishing $6,200.00 per person
5-nights and 4.5-days guided fishing $4,900.00 per person
4-nights and 3.5-days guided fishing $4,100.00 per person
Non-Angler Companion:
7-nights and 6.5-days guided fishing $3,100.00 per person
5-nights and 4.5-days guided fishing $2,450.00 per person
4-nights and 3.5-days guided fishing $2,050.00 per person

2023 USD Rates valid thru April 30, 2024:

Two anglers per guide:
7-nights and 6.5-days guided fishing $6,500.00 per person
5-nights and 4.5-days guided fishing $5,200.00 per person
4-nights and 3.5-days guided fishing $4,400.00 per person
One angler per guide:
7-nights and 6.5-days guided fishing $8,370.00 per person
5-nights and 4.5-days guided fishing $6,615.00 per person
4-nights and 3.5-days guided fishing $5,535.00 per person
Non-Angler Companion:
7-nights and 6.5-days guided fishing $3,250.00 per person
5-nights and 4.5-days guided fishing $2,600.00 per person
4-nights and 3.5-days guided fishing $2,200.00 per person

Packages Include:

Roundtrip ground transfers between El Calafate and the Lodge, lodging, meals, beverages (including wine with dinner and open bar), guided fishing (one guide per two anglers), use of ATVs inside the estancia, daily transportation to fishing areas, laundry service (twice per week), and free Wi-Fi.

Packages Do Not Include:

International and domestic airfare, ground transfers in Buenos Aires, first night hotel and meals in El Calafate, outgoing phone calls $2.00 per minute, satellite and IP telephone use, gratuities, fishing equipment, flies $3.50 each at the Lodge ($35.00 per dozen or $100.00 for 36 flies when pre-ordered), fishing license ($60.00/week or $80.00/annual), Global Rescue, travel insurance, and anything not mentioned under inclusions. As of December 10, 2020, Fishing with Larry now adds a 2.5% convenience fee to all credit card transactions.

Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge

Martin J. Landholm with Jurassic rainbow

Martin Landholm

Robin Cartwright with Jurassic rainbow

Robin Cartwright

Guy Schoenborn with Jurassic rainbow

Lake Strobel fishing

Mike Wright’s rainbow at Estancia Laguna

Estancia Laguna Lodge

The Lodge overlooks Laguna Verde.

The Lodge overlooking Laguna Verde

Mario Masciola at the Barrancoso River

Estancia Laguna Lodge

Brad Staples with Jurassic Lake rainbow

Jurassic Lake rainbow

Comfortable bedrooms with ensuite bath

Estancia Laguna bedrooms

World-class three-course dinners

Estancia Laguna Lodge

4WD trucks for getting to the lake

Estancia Laguna transportation

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