Golden Dorado Fly Fishing - Argentina

Upper Parana River, Ibera Wetlands, and Isoro Marsh

Golden Dorado Experience - Three Lodge Options

For this unique adventure with SET Fly Fishing, you’ll target golden dorado at two of the three Lodge options based on water conditions. You’ll stay five nights at two very nice lodges, two nights at camp in the heart of the Wetlands, and fly fish in two diverse landscapes. During Brad Staples’ exploratory trip in 2019, he was very impressed with the Lodges and the fishing. The package includes three domestic charter flights in Argentina.

2025 Hosted Week:
• November 15-22, 2025
Brad Staples hosts
7-nights and 6-days guided fishing
$8,350.00 per person
You are not restricted to our Hosted Weeks. Book anytime.

The Ibera Wetlands

Aerial View of Boat on bera Wetlands System

The Ibera Wetlands (Spanish for bright water), in the north-central Corrientes Province of Argentina, is one of the most important and largest freshwater wetlands in South America. Estimated to be 5,800 – 7,700 square miles, it is second in size only to the Pantanal in Brazil. In 2017, our operator was granted exclusive fishing access to this area. This license provides access to the wetland's endless miles of bogs, gin-clear creeks, swamps, lagoons, and lakes–prime golden dorado habitats.
The Iberá Wetlands is one of the premier golden dorado fisheries in South America and truly an experience not to be missed. The Ibera Wetlands provide daily opportunities to catch multiple golden dorado, typically ranging from 4 to 15 pounds on surface flies, poppers, and mouse patterns.

The Fishing Program

Angler Fly Casting From Boat

Season:  This Combo package is available year-round, with peak fishing from January through May and September to December.
Boats:  Itati Lodge uses North Carolina skiffs with 90 HP motors. These boats allow two anglers to fish simultaneously from the bow and stern. Jet'u Lodge uses North Carolina skiffs with 40 HP motors, as this is the limit set by the national park. Both anglers can fish at the same time. La Alondra´i Lodge uses flats-style boats equipped with 40 HP motors and poling platforms. These boats are designed for one angler at a time, rotating every 30 minutes or as you and your partner decide.
Guides:  Knowledgeable, passionate, English-speaking golden dorado experts. Several of their guides have bailed out of the professional corporate world to pursue their passion. Two anglers per guide and boat.
Equipment:  Quality gear is provided if needed, brand new Helios, Sage R8, Scientific anglers lines, etc. A detailed gear and tackle list is included in our confirmation packet. Bring an 8-weight, 9-ft, four-piece, fast-action rod with a good fighting butt for golden dorado. This weight allows you to cast heavy flies and lessen arm fatigue. For pacu and pira pita, a stiff 6-weight, 9 ft, a four-piece with a good fighting butt is sufficient.
Flies:  All necessary flies are included and provided by your guide.
Fishing License is included in the package.
Group Size:  Seven anglers plus a host.

The Upper Parana River

Angler with dropped jaw holding a bright golden dorado

The Parana River is over 3,000 miles long, traveling through Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. You'll fish the Upper Parana River, the tailwaters of the Yacyreta Hydroelectric Dam, located approximately 80 miles upstream from Itati Lodge. The resulting clear and stable water conditions produce an ideal fly fishing environment.

The River of Gold YouTube

The Upper Parana River offers you the chance to catch a trophy, a truly once-in-a-lifetime golden dorado. You'll target golden dorado between 4 and 30 pounds, and each season, a handful of fish above 40 pounds are landed! You'll cast surface and sub-surface flies around structures such as logs, rocks, and fallen trees in search of a huge wild beast. For a Parana River Grand Slam, target pacu and pira pita with dry flies.

Upper Parana River Golden Dorado

Angler Holding Golden Dorado with Fly in Mouth

"Here, we call golden dorado, "Your Majesty."

The Hard-Fighting Pira Pita

Bright Yellow with Orange Pira Pita

The hard-fighting pira pita are known locally as the salmon of the river. They range from 2 to 12 pounds, jump multiple times, and put on a show. Large attractor flies that imitate insects, fruit, mice, and even flowers attract these omnivores. If conditions are right, fishing for pira pita provides a nice midday break from casting large flies to golden dorado.

Itati Lodge - Upper Parana River

Lodge overlooking the River

For this fly-fishing adventure, you'll stay five nights at two very nice lodges and two nights at camp. You'll take a 30-minute charter flight between Lodges and get in three full days of guided fly fishing at each location.
Itati Lodge is a traditional “estancia” on the banks of the Parana River. The air-conditioned lodge accommodates up to ten anglers in five well-appointed bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. Orlando, their professional chef, serves a blend of local flavors and international cuisine. The package also includes beer and wine. The boats are docked a few meters from the rooms, with a short ride to the fishing action. In between fishing sessions, you'll return to the Lodge for lunch. Free Wi-Fi access is available.

Itati Lodge Bedroom

Two Twin Beds

Itati Lodge Dining

Gourmet Meal on White Plate

La Alondra´i Lodge

Shadows of the Trees and The Lodge at Night

La Alondra´i Lodge, a reconditioned historic home in a peaceful setting, offers the perfect lodge experience for your visit to the marshland. Four spacious air-conditioned bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. The adjoining gallery and patio are ideal gathering spaces. Excellent cuisine, plus beer and wine. The Lodge also has a new outdoor swimming pool. Free Wi-Fi access is available.

La Alondra´i Bedroom

White Spread on King Bed, pastel green walls with dark accents

Fly Fishing for Gold

Fly Fishing with Guide Poling the Boat

The Two Camps - Ibera Rugua Camp

Cabin with Fence in Foreground

The Ibera Rugua Camp hosts four anglers and is a two-bedroom rustic-style cabin with a separate dining area and gazebo. Each of the two bathrooms has a toilet and a hot shower. You will be well cared for by Omar, your host.

Yaguarete Ava Camp

Two Tents Amidst Trees

The boat ride to the Yaguarete Ava Camp in the heart of the wetlands allows you to experience a unique perspective of this natural sanctuary. Four anglers per camp. Two comfortable tents sit on an elevated wooden platform. Each tent has a small table and two cots with a mattress and a sleeping bag. The Camp has one bathroom with a toilet and a hot shower. The dining structure is on a third platform.

Jetu'u Lodge - Isoro Marsh

Log-Sided Ranch with Willow Chairs

Jetu'u Lodge is one of the three options. From Jetu’u Lodge, you’ll walk 200 yards to the boats. The Lodge is located mid-way from Goya to Reconquista in the Corrientes Province.

Isoro Marsh

Angler Leaning Over Side of Boat with Golden Dorado

Isoro Marsh is a vast, natural wildlife sanctuary and a golden dorado fishing paradise. Isoro Marsh is a great location for surface patterns, depending on conditions. Since the Isoro Marsh gets its water source from the middle section of the Parana River, water levels are consistent throughout the season. An incredible clear water fishery with golden dorado, dogfish, and giant piranha is only a short boat ride from the Lodge.

Three Charter Flights Included

White Airplane in Flight

The itinerary includes three charter flights for convenience and longer fishing days. The charter flights to the Lodges land within walking distance of both Lodges.

Cessna Aircraft

Guests Departing Aircraft

The 30-minute flight between La Alondra´i Lodge and Itati Lodge is aboard a 4-passenger Cessna 206 aircraft. Two planes are flown, so the entire group arrives at Itati Lodge at about the same time. The return flight to Buenos Aires departs from Itati Lodge. (Both Buenos Aires flights are aboard an 8-passenger Cessna Grand Caravan EX.)

A Sample 7-Day Itinerary:

1.) Depending on your schedule, you may add extra days in Buenos Aires before or after your fishing trip.
Thursday:  You’ll fly to Buenos Aires (EZE), arriving Friday morning and spending the night at the Loi Suites Recoleta Hotel. The hotel night is not included in the package.
Saturday:  At 6:20 a.m., the entire group will meet in the lobby of the Loi Suites Recoleta Hotel. The group will transfer to the FDO Aviation Terminal and board a ten-passenger Cessna Grand Caravan EX for your flight to the first of the two lodges that you will be fishing at. There is no guided fishing on the day you arrive. A delicious lunch will be served, followed by an orientation. Afterward, relax, explore, and reset your clock to Argentina time. Examples of the lodging options are listed below: If fishing at Jetu’u, the schedule will be different, but similar.
Sunday and Monday:  After breakfast, the guides will drive you to Ibera Wetlands, a 30 to 45-minute drive. You’ll meet the boats and head to the fishing grounds. You’ll split into groups of four anglers, and each group will spend a night at one of the Ibera Wetlands Camps. On the second night, your group will rotate to a new camp.
Tuesday:  After a full day of guided fishing, your guide will drive the group back to La Alondra´i Lodge for an overnight stay.
Wednesday:  You’ll have an early morning flight from La Alondra´i to the closest runway to Itati Lodge. The 30-minute flight is aboard a 4-passenger Cessna 206 aircraft. Two planes are flown so the entire group arrives at the Lodge at about the same time. You’ll fish a full day on the Upper Parana River.
Thursday and Friday:  You’ll fish for two full days on the Upper Parana River and stay at Itati Lodge.
Saturday:  Be ready to depart the Lodge by 10:15 a.m. You’ll take a two-hour and 30-minute flight to Buenos Aires, arriving about 1:30 p.m. Do NOT book your flight back home any earlier than 7:30 p.m. A later flight is suggested to ease the stress of travel.

Golden Dorado Fly Fishing

Golden Dorado Mid-Air Thrashing Above the Water

2024 and 2025 USD Rates:

Two anglers per room and guide
7-nights and 6-days guided fishing
$8,350.00 per person
The 7-night program allows you to stay five nights at two very nice lodges and two nights at a camp in the heart of the Ibera Wetlands.

10-nights and 9-days guided fishing
$11,455.00 per person
The 10-night program combines the three lodges with three days of guided fishing at each location, a Golden Dorado trifecta.
All rates are subject to change.

Request a SET Golden Dorado
Information Packet. 

The Package Includes:

• Three domestic charter flights in Argentina
• Ground transfer from the hotel to FDA Aviation in Buenos Aires
• Ground transfer from FDA Aviation to the Ezeiza International Airport on the last day
• Lodging
• Meals at the Lodges
• Beer, wine, and alcohol
• Soft drinks
• Wi-Fi at the Lodges (not available at the camps)
• Guided fishing
• Fishing license and flies
• Use of rods and reels, if needed

The Packages Does Not Include:

• International airfare to Buenos Aires, and return
• Hotel nights, meals, and ground transfers in Buenos Aires
• Gratuities for guides and lodge staff
• Laundry service, $15.00 per load
• Global Rescue
• Travel insurance
• Anything not covered under inclusions.
• Fishing with Larry adds a 2.5% convenience fee to all credit card transactions.

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