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The Sapsuk River also known as the Hoodoo is situated on the Alaska Peninsula, 500 miles southwest of Anchorage. These premier fly fishing camps for salmon and steelhead are a 50-minute boat ride from the Bering Sea village of Nelson Lagoon. The camps provide access to some of Alaska's most pristine and untouched waterways.
"Put this one on the bucket list." - Brian O'Keefe.

Last-Minute Savings
King Salmon Opener
June 12-19, 2024
Reg. $5,625.00 per person
now $4,850.00 per person
Three spots - camp is limited to 4 guests.
Think chrome, sea bright, and sea-liced salmon.
Call 1-800-205-3474 for availability.

Sapsuk (Hoodoo) River Fishing

Super King Camp

Swing flies to wild salmon at Aleutian Rivers Angling remote salmon camp in the Alaska Peninsula. The Sapsuk, also known as the Hoodoo River, is ideal for fly fishing and easily waded. The camp has exclusive access to multiple rivers and caters to only six anglers per week.
Fish for chrome-bright kings and silvers fresh from the Bering Sea. There are also plenty of chum, sockeye, pinks, rainbows, and dollies.
Methods:  Fly fishing only. Anglers mostly wade fish.
Boats:  The Camp employs 16 -17 ft. boats with 60 HP and 40 HP Yamaha motors for accessing fishing areas. Three anglers per boat and guide.
Equipment:  No equipment is provided, and the camp does not have backup rods if you break yours. The guides recommend spey or switch rods for this river, especially for king and steelhead season. You can also fish with a single-handed rod during all seasons, but spey rods are more effective at covering the water. The guides provide leaders.

Aleutian Seasons

Angler in River with Bright Salmon

King Salmon Season:  The king season runs from mid-June to mid-July. Three anglers per guide. Chrome-bright kings come straight out of the Bering Sea and onto the end of your line. Anglers can expect to catch between two and eight kings per day. Catch-and-release king fishery. July and August are Grand Slam Season. The Sapsuk River is one of the best places in the world to catch all five species of Pacific salmon on the fly for the coveted Alaskan Salmon Grand Slam.
Silver Salmon Season:  Mid-August to Mid-September. Three anglers per guide. These silvers love pollywogs. The Sapsuk River is one of the very best silver streams on the Alaskan Peninsula.
Possession:  Total catch-and-release on kings. You can keep one daily limit on silvers.
Steelhead Creek Camp:  September through mid-October. Two anglers per guide.
Sapsuk Steelhead:  September - October. Two anglers per guide.

Typical Fishing Day:
6:30 am - Breakfast is served.
Your guides will take you out fishing as soon as you are ready.
Midday - Lunches are typically soup and sandwiches enjoyed while out fishing or back at camp.
The guides will usually get you back in time to shower and enjoy appetizers before dinner.
7:00 pm - Dinner.
In the Evenings - The guides discuss the fishing options with you and plan for the following day. You are welcome to fish all evening at the great fishing hole right in front of the Camp or relax by the fire and watch the sunset cross the westward skies of the Aleutian Basin.

Sapsuk River Salmon

Angler on the Hoodoo River with Fly Vest on and Bright Salmon

"What a fishery and at a great price. The manager picked me up at the airstrip at Nelson Lagoon and told me the river was the highest he had seen it in his lifetime. I thought we were going to have problems finding fish, but that was not the case. I fished for about three hours and landed at least 25 silvers on pink bunny leeches. The fish were fresh out of the salt, with many of them covered in sea lice. These are nice-sized silvers; most were 10-13 pounds. I couldn’t imagine how good it would have been under normal conditions. I only had the one day to see their operation, so I made the most of my short stay."
- Guy Schoenborn

About Sapsuk River Camp

American Flag at Camp with White-Domed Tents

“This is one of the nicest camps I’ve seen.” – Guy Schoenborn
The riverside camp has insulated, heated, solid platform WeatherPort tent-style structures with comfortable beds with linens, down comforters, blankets, and pillows. Two to three anglers per room. There is a separate storage tent for drying waders. There’s a bathhouse-style shower facility with on-demand hot and cold running water. Outhouses are just a few steps away. The well-maintained camp is comfortable, warm, and dry, hosting up to six anglers per week.

Meals and Beverages

American Flag at Camp with White-Domed Tents

Meals at Camp:  The camp chef prepares three hearty homemade meals a day. Breakfast is between 6:30 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. Lunches consist of sandwiches and soups and can be shoreside or back at camp. In the evening, anglers enjoy drinks, appetizers, and a delicious family-style dinner. Dinners include main courses such as crab, salmon, chicken, or a variety of steaks.
Alcohol:  The Camp does not provide alcohol. You can order alcohol ahead of time or you can purchase alcohol in Anchorage. (Keep in mind the charter flight's 50-pound baggage limit.)
Communications:  There is a satellite phone at camp for emergencies. Wi-Fi is not available.

The Stairwell Down to the River

The walkway down from Aleutian Anglers Camp to the Sapsuk River

Male Silver Salmon have a Pronounced Hook on the Nose.

Sapsuk River angler holding large male Coho Salmon in Alaska

Unlimited Fishing Near Camp in the Evenings

At Aleutian Anglers Sapsuk River anglers can get in unlimited fishing in the evenings after dinner.

Getting to the Camp:

Arrival Day:  You'll need to arrive in Anchorage the day before you depart for camp. You'll spend the night in a hotel in Anchorage (not included in the package. Hotel recommendations are in our confirmation package.) The following morning, you’ll take a two-hour and 30-minute charter flight from Anchorage International Airport to Nelson Lagoon Airport. At the airport, you’ll be greeted by a camp representative. You'll take a scenic 50-minute jet boat ride to camp.
(The hotel night in Anchorage and the charter flight / Anchorage to Nelson Lagoon are not included in the package. The roundtrip charter flight is $2,150.00 p.p. for 2024. The charter flight to Nelson Lagoon has a 50-pound baggage weight limit.)
Departure Day:  The Camp staff does their best to get you back to Anchorage as scheduled; however, due to uncontrollable weather events, they do not recommend flying out of Anchorage prior to 9:00 p.m. Many clients choose to stay the last night in Anchorage and travel home the following day.

2024 Rates:

7-nights and 6-days guided fishing
3-anglers per boat
King Salmon - June - July:
$5,625.00 per person
Silver Salmon - August - October:
 $5,325.00 per person
Sapsuk Steelhead - September - October:
$5,875.00 per person

Steelhead Creek Camp
September - mid-October:  $6,400.00 per person
The Steelhead Camp is at the mouth of a river, 40 miles west of Nelson Lagoon. All-terrain vehicles make the scenic hour-long drive down the Bering Sea beach. The camp is only open for three weeks during steelhead season and hosts two anglers, one guide, and one chef per week. The river/creek is much smaller than the Sapsuk River and, is perfect for the single-handed rod, and allows anglers to sight cast to good numbers of fish.

Request an Aleutian Anglers
Information Packet  

The Packages Include:

• Boat transfers between Nelson Lagoon and camp
• 7-nights Camp Lodging
• Meals at Camp
• Non-alcoholic beverages
• 6-days guided fishing
• Use of backup fly rods and reels, in case of breakage
• Fish care for silvers.

The Packages Do Not Include:

• Airfare to Anchorage, and return
• Hotel nights in Anchorage
• Roundtrip charter flights between Anchorage and Nelson Lagoon, $2,150.00 per person roundtrip
• Gratuities to guides and staff
• Alcohol
• Alaska fishing license, $45.00
• Alaska king salmon stamp, $45.00
• Global Rescue
• Travel Insurance
• Anything not mentioned under inclusions.

Sapsuk River

Three Anglers per Guide for Salmon

Sapsuk River angler holding large male Coho Salmon in Alaska

Two Anglers per Guide for Steelhead

Fly fish for bright Sapsuk River steelhead at Aleutian Anglers camp on the Alaska Peninsula.

One of the Best Silver Runs in Alaska

Woman angler with large Sapsuk Silver River salmon on the Alaska Peninsula.

Aleutian Adventures - Alaska

Angler with Bushy Moustache holding Bright Silver Salmon.

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