Aniak River Lodge

One of Alaska's Best Fishing Trips

Spin or Fly Fishing

The Aniak River in SW Alaska is a 95-mile tributary of the Kuskokwim River. The Aniak is one of Alaska's best rivers due to its variety – rainbows, dollies, grayling, all five salmon species, sheefish, and northern pike – and the sheer number of fish you'll catch. This trip is one of the best in the world for novice fly anglers because they’ll get so many opportunities to hook and land large quantities of fish each day. Aniak River Lodge is an Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Expedition and now practices catch-and-release fishing. While the lodge emphasizes conservation, guests can still enjoy some guide-prepared shore lunches.
Read Guy's 2023 Hosted Trip Report.

2024 Hosted Weeks:

7-nights and 6-days guided fishing
$7,765.00 per person
Rainbow Mousing Week:
• July 11-19, 2024:  Phil Lighty hosts
Rainbows and Silvers Weeks:
• Aug. 8-16, 2024:  Guy Schoenborn hosts
• Aug. 15-23, 2024:  Guy hosts - SOLD-OUT

2025 Hosted Weeks:

7-nights and 6-days guided fishing
$8,450.00 per person
Rainbows and Silvers Weeks:
• August 7-15, 2025:  Guy Schoenborn hosts
• August 14-22, 2025:  Guy hosts

You're not restricted to our hosted weeks. Book anytime.

Aniak Rainbow Fishing

The Leopard Rainbow is a rare and exquisite trout species found mainly in the Aniak River, Alaska. With distinct, leopard-like spots, this beautiful fish is endowed with unique survival skills and a resilient nature.

Aniak's rainbow fishing may be some of Alaska’s best. Rainbows average 18 to 20" in length, with bows up to 30 inches. Aniak River Lodge offers some of the best mousing for trout in Alaska. You can catch giant leopard rainbows on mouse patterns every week of the fishing season. June and July are particularly productive with this unique topwater method, plus peak char, grayling, and northern pike.

Kurt Rathjen with an Aniak Silver Salmon

Alaska's Aniak River is renowned  for anglers seeking the thrill of catching silver salmon. Silvers congregate in these pristine waters especially during the spawning season. Aniak Silvers are known for their breathtaking leaps.

The Kuskokwim boasts Alaska’s largest run of silver salmon, and the Aniak is the best-producing tributary of the Kuskokwim River. It’s not uncommon to land thirty-plus silvers a day here from early August through early September. Aniak's unique location offers many of the same options as expensive lodges without the need for fly-outs, allowing more time to fish.

Mira Lee with 26-inch with Aniak Rainbow Trout

Aniak River in Alaska is renowned for anglers pursuing Alaskan rainbow trout. Aniak Rainbows are prized for their size, viatality, and prove to be an exciting challenge.

Typical Fishing Day:
7:00 am - Coffee.
8:00 am - Breakfast.
9:00 am - Begin your fishing day. If weather permits, guides prepare a shore lunch for you. Otherwise, you’ll enjoy a packed lunch from the cooler.
5:00 pm - Return to the Lodge for a hot shower.
6:00 pm - Drinks and appetizers are served.
7:00 pm - Dinnertime. After dinner, the guides have an evening orientation, addressing your questions and providing casting or mousing lessons if desired. You’ll prepare for the next fishing day, swap stories, or simply relax.

The Fishing Program:

Aniak River Lodge has ten 18 ft. Jet Boats with Yahama 40 to 90 HP motors. Two anglers per boat and an experienced fishing guide.

Season:  Mid-June through mid-September. The Camp hosts 16 anglers per week, except for the final two weeks of the season when the maximum is 14.
Boats:  Aniak has ten 18 ft. G3 Jet Boats with Yamaha four-stroke 40 to 90-HP motors. Two anglers per boat and experienced, Coast Guard licensed guide.
Methods:  Spin or fly fishing. You’ll fish from the boat and bank, depending on the river conditions and species.
Fishing Days:  You’re guided daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Fishing Equipment:  The Camp can provide fly outfits on a limited basis. Split shot, hooks, beads, and leader are provided by the Lodge. Flies are not included in the package. Fishing with Larry supplies flies for silvers, rainbows, and sheefish on our Hosted Weeks. Guy will send sample patterns if you want to tie your own. If you want to fish pike or grayling, please bring your own flies. A comprehensive tackle and gear list is provided in our confirmation packet.
Fishing License: is not included in the package. You will not need a king stamp for the Aniak.
Drying Room:  The Camp has an unheated drying room for your gear.
Fly Tying:  We can send sample flies if you want to tie some before your trip.

Dolly Varden are very colored up from August 10th on.

Renowned for its beauty and fighting prowess, the Aniak River Dolly Varden is an exciting challenge for novice and veterans anglers. The Aniak River in Alaska has impressively sized Dolly Varden.

Guy Schoenborn with Dolly Varden

Aniak River Lodge anglers enjoy fishing for the beautiful and challenging Dolly Varden. Shown here in the bright orangish-red colored-up Phase.

Sample Weekly Itinerary:
Thursday:  You’ll fly to Anchorage. You’ll spend the night at a hotel in Anchorage as your flight to Aniak leaves the next morning. (The hotel night is not included in the package.)
Friday:  In the morning, you'll take a one-hour and 35-minute flight to Aniak. You are limited to 70 pounds of luggage. No flights are included in the package.
At Aniak Airport, you'll be greeted by a staff member and driven to Aniak's Base Lodge, a five-minute drive. At the Base Lodge, you'll have a sandwich and beverages and a brief orientation. Then, you'll fish for sheefish and pike during your 25-mile boat ride upriver to the Camp.
You'll reach Camp at about 5:30 p.m. Your gear is shuttled ahead on a separate boat and then transferred to your tent. You'll have time to relax before dinner with a beverage or fish unguided in front of the Camp.
Saturday - Wednesday:  Full days of guided fishing from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Thursday:  After a full day's fishing, you’ll return to Camp by 5:00 p.m. Shower, appetizers, and dinner. Pack for the next morning's departure.
Friday:  Departure day. After breakfast at 7:30 a.m., you'll take a jet boat ride downriver to the Base Lodge in Aniak. Then, at 10:45 a.m., you'll take the five-minute shuttle to the Aniak Airport. Please do not book your flight from Anchorage to home before 5:30 p.m. in case of a flight delay.

In the heart of the Alaskan Wilderness, the crystal-clear waters of the Aniak River system, are a fertile habitat for multiple species from Leopard rainbow trout, silver salmon, dolly varden, grayling, and northern pike.

Guide and Bob Buchman

Guide and Bob with Aniak Rainbow

Tyler and Guide with Northern Pike

The Aniak also has Northern Pike. These aggressive predatory fish are known for their sharp teeth, voracious appetite, and exciting fight. On the Aniak, Northern Pike grow to impressive sizes.

Carl Quertermus with Aniak Sheefish

The Aniak River Sheefish is a feisty and unique freshwater fish found predominantly in the Aniak River in Alaska and holds cultural significance in local indigenous communities.

Our hosted weeks are a great time to target beautiful leopard rainbow, silver salmon, grayling, char, and a few sheefish.

Aniak Arctic Grayling

The Aniak Sheefish, also known as the Inconnu, is a unique freshwater fish found predominantly in the Aniak River and streams in Northern Alaska. The Aniak's cold clear waters prove an ideal habitat.

Mike Sevon with Aniak Arctic Grayling 2022 Hosted Week.

Aniak's Deluxe Mid-River Camp

Aniak River Lodge sits on the banks of the Aniak River in SW Alaska. The Lodge is in the heart of bountiful fishing grounds, with comfortable accommodations and an idyllic wilderness setting.

Aniak's Accommodations

The Camp has high-end 15 x 30 WeatherPort Tents. Two anglers per tent. Each tent has two full-size beds with quality bedding. The tents also have a toilet, a shower, and a sink with hot running water.
Meals:  The Camp has a gourmet kitchen with delicious chef-prepared meals served in the dining tent. After dinner, share fishing stories around the fire pit and watch the sunset.
Alcohol:  The Lodge cannot provide alcohol, but you are welcome to bring your own. Aniak is a damp village, which means it is illegal for the Lodge to serve or sell alcohol.
Communications:  Aniak and the Camp now have Starlink Wi-Fi. The service is strong enough for electronic devices and cell phone use.
A Signed Liability Release Form:  is required for this adventure.

Abundance of Wildlife

On the Aniak River in SW Alaska, you'll often see majestic moose and brown bears on the banks of the river. The area is teeming with an array of wildlife including Bald Eagles and waterfowl.

The region is loaded with an abundance of wildlife. It’s not uncommon to see brown and black bears, moose, wolves, otters, mink, beaver, wolverine, osprey, or bald and golden eagles.

We've Hosted Trips at Aniak River Lodge since 2000.

Larry Schoenborn with a large Aniak Rainbow

Larry Schoenborn with a nice Aniak rainbow. Larry began hosting trips at Aniak River Lodge in 2000. The Aniak was Larry’s favorite Alaska freshwater trip.

Tillie and Mike Sevon with Aniak Bow

Tillie and Mike with Aniak Rainbow Trout

Guide Ben and Amy Brulke - Sheefish

Amy Brulke with sheefish and Guide Ben

2024 Rate:

Friday to Friday
7-nights and 6-plus days guided fishing
$7,765.00 per person

2025 Rate:

Friday to Friday
7-nights and 6-plus days guided fishing
$8,450.00 per person

Our advice is free.
We never charge more than the Lodges we represent.

The Package Includes:

• Ground transfers from Aniak airport to Aniak's Base River Lodge
• Boat transfers from Aniak to the Camp
• 7-nights Lodging at Mid-River Camp
• Meals at the Camp
• Non-alcoholic beverages
• Starlink Wi-Fi at Camp
• 6-plus days guided fishing
• Use of fly outfits, limited quantity
• Split shot, hooks, beads, and leader
• FWL supplies flies on Hosted Weeks.

The Package Does Not Include:

• Airfare to Anchorage and return
• Airfare between Anchorage and Aniak, the $720.00 charter flight is not included and will be added to the trip invoice.
• Hotel, meals, and ground transfers in Anchorage
• Alcohol
• Alaska fishing license $45.00, 2023
• Fishing equipment and tackle
• Gratuities to guides and staff
• Global Rescue or similar medical/safety evacuation insurance
• Travel insurance
• Anything not mentioned under inclusions.
• Fishing with Larry adds a 2.5% convenience fee to all credit card transactions.

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