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Brad Staples with Campeche Tarpon

Brad Staples with Large Tarpon

Don Arthur's Recap:  "You could not ask for a better host than Raul. He's very attentive to all your needs. He always kept us up-to-date on what was happening and what was planned. He met us on our late arrival and explained what we would be doing in the morning. He met us every morning for breakfast and explained what the day would be like. His restaurant recommendations (within walking distance) were excellent, and we enjoyed all our meals. The hotel in Campeche was very good, and the breakfast buffet was very good. The hotel in Merida was something out of the Colonial days of Mexico. It was a pleasure to have stayed there. The town of Campeche was a delight. Very clean, very lively, very pretty, and the “old walled city” is not to be missed. The guides were very friendly and very knowledgeable. Their knowledge of the area and techniques to catch tarpon is excellent. There are a lot of juvenile tarpon in the area. We had some weather problems, but overall the fishing was good. When the weather cooperated, the fishing was excellent. As you can see, I really enjoyed myself. My thanks to Raul for such an enjoyable experience."

Ken Arthur's Recap:

I had a great trip with Tarpon Town Anglers, Campeche. Raul did an excellent job handling all of the details, and the trip was well organized. While the weather was not the best for fishing due to a daily North or West wind, we still caught fish, and there are a lot of tarpon in the area. I fished with Juan; he did an excellent job of spotting fish and giving instructions. This was my first time to fly fish for tarpon, and Juan was patient and helped me with the techniques unique to fly fishing for tarpon. The town of Campeche was clean, and the people were friendly; by far the nicest town I have ever visited in Mexico.
- Ken

Robert Arthur's Recap:

The trip went very smoothly. Flights and all transportation were on time. Raul runs a fantastic operation. While speaking limited English, his guides, Juan and Fernando, work hard and are very knowledgeable of the waters, fly fishing casting, techniques, and how to handle the fish once hooked. The boats were well stocked with food and drinks. Raul’s English is perfect, and he makes sure you feel welcome, in good hands, appreciated, and are aware and prepared for what was next. He also guided me one day and was able to help me make improvements in my fly casting.
The food in the restaurants was excellent as well. We depended on Raul for recommendations. The town was very clean.
While the fishing action was slower the first three days for me personally, the fourth day made up for it. I hooked six and landed four. One was in a very skinny mangrove inlet, and, with Juan’s coaching, I got it to the boat without it getting caught in the mangroves.
I would highly recommend the trip.
- Robert

Tarpon Town Guides

Guide Leading the Way on Boat

Guides:  Their guide team is comprised of three native fishermen with an outstanding ability to read the water and pole the boats. Some of them have fished in the area for more than twenty years. Some guides speak English while others don’t, yet you can expect them to give you their best effort in finding you lots of action. Each guide carries an assortment of flies to use in case you do not bring enough for your trip, and they also have spools of monofilament of 20-and 40-pound test to build last-minute leaders.

Tarpon Town Boats

Tarpon Town Boats

Boats:  (2023) They have four 21 to 23 ft. pangas with newer 60-90-HP Suzuki motors. Two anglers per guide and a panga-style boat. They can handle larger groups, but it is best to keep the group size to six people. The pangas have a casting deck, two poles, a cooler, a first aid kit, two chairs, life vests, a fire extinguisher, a cell phone, VHF marine portable radio, limited insurance coverage, and all federal and tourism licenses.

Jim Mills and Brad Staples 2016 Hosted Week.

Jim Mills and Brad Staples

Two anglers per guide and boat. Native guides read the water and pole the boats. 21 to 23 ft. panga-style boats with 60-90 HP Suzuki motors

Historic Campeche

Historic Campeche

Campeche, a quaint town with Mayan and Spanish history, receives as many tourists in one year as Cancun gets in a day.

Baby tarpon action

baby tarpon action

Due to their acrobatics, baby tarpon are considered the ultimate species for fly fishing and light tackle. They're found here in outstanding numbers from five to 30 pounds.

Scott Ankenbrand's Baby Tarpon

Scott with baby tarpon

Los Petenes Biosphere Reserve is one of Mexico's largest and most productive mangrove shore and wetlands areas, with 180,000 protected acres.

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