Christmas Island Bonefishing
The Villages

Giant Trevally, Yellowfin Tuna, Triggerfish...

Situated in the central Pacific Ocean in the Republic of Kiribati, Christmas Island is the largest coral atoll in the world. The island is only 144 miles north of the equator and is a three-hour flight from Honolulu. While a fantastic inshore fishery for bonefish, triggerfish, and giant trevally, you can also fish outside the reef for tuna, wahoo, sailfish, and other species. The location also offers excellent birding opportunities. Join our Hosted Weeks for 2025 and 2026.
Both fly and conventional anglers are welcome.

2024 Hosted Weeks:

• Oct. 28 - Nov. 5, 2024:
Two slots open- Brad Staples hosts

2025 Hosted Weeks:

7-nights and 6-days guided fishing
$3,590.00 per person
Feb. 24 - March 4, 2025:
Brad Staples hosts
March 3-11, 2025:
Brad Staples hosts
March 31 - April 8, 2025:
Guy Schoenborn hosts
April 7-15, 2025:
Guy Schoenborn hosts
April 14-22, 2025:
Guy Schoenborn hosts
Oct. 27 - Nov. 4, 2025:
Brad Staples hosts

2026 Hosted Weeks:

7-nights and 6-days guided fishing
$3,590.00 per person

• Feb. 23 - March 3, 2026:
Brad Staples hosts
March 2-10, 2026:
Brad Staples hosts
March 30 - April 7, 2026:
Guy Schoenborn hosts
April 6-14, 2026:
Guy Schoenborn hosts
April 13-21, 2026:
Guy Schoenborn hosts
November 2-10, 2026:
Brad Staples hosts

You're not restricted to our hosted weeks. Book anytime.
Rates are subject to change.

Christmas Island Bonefishing

Christmas Island Bonefishing

Kyle Siler with bonefish during hosted week.

Christmas Island has earned global recognition for its abundant bonefish population, the presence of giant trevally, and seemingly endless clear waters with a white sand bottom. These factors, combined with the unique sand and coral flats, enhance visibility and make spotting bonefish easier compared to other locations. It has been our experience that Christmas Island bonefish prefer sparsely-tied fly patterns.

The Villages offers anglers two distinct advantages over other lodges on Christmas Island. Firstly, your skiff is about a thirty-second walk from the Lodge, and you can be fishing the flats within minutes. Secondly, each angler is assigned their own fishing guide. A 1:1 guide-to-angler ratio. The benefit of this individual attention cannot be overstated, especially in bonefishing, where an extra pair of eyes scanning the water can make all the difference.
Click here for Guy's 2023 Hosted Trip Report.

The Fishing Program:

Polynesian Style Skiffs are used for transport to bonefishing flats or for offshore bluewater fishing at Christmas Island.

Travel Time:  From the Lodge, it's only a five to 10-minute skiff ride to large, broad, shallow flats that are easily waded and teeming with bonefish. Some flats are 15 to 30 minutes away, and some are as far as 90 minutes. No long pickup rides. A panga-style speedboat is used for longer runs. If the tides are right, trucks are used to access spots like the Korean Wreck or Huff Dam.
Season:  The Lodge is open year-round, and fishing is consistently good all year.
Skiffs:  The Villages owns five skiffs with Yamaha 60-HP four-stroke outboards. The Polynesian-style 30 to 35-foot outrigger boats are common are commonly used by fishing lodges on Christmas Island.
Guides:  Each angler is assigned their own English-speaking guide. The Villages is the only lodge on the island that offers a 1:1 guide to angler at no extra charge. And, the extra sets of eyes really help with bonefishing.
Fishing Equipment:  The Lodge does not provide equipment. On our hosted trips, FWL supplies all bonefish flies and conventional rods and reels for bluewater trolling for tuna and wahoo. A comprehensive tackle and gear list is included in our confirmation packet.
Fishing License:  You'll purchase a fishing license for AUD $60.00 upon arrival at the airport.
Physical Condition:  You should be in good physical condition for this trip. You’ll be in a remote location with a lot of wade fishing.
View our 4:19 YouTube Video of our 2012 Hosted Week.

Typical Fishing Day:
After a hot breakfast, you’ll make lunch from the sandwich bar for your fishing day.
7:00 am - you'll take about a 30-second walk from your beach bungalow to the skiffs. A skiff takes 3 to 5 anglers and their guides to their fishing area. When you’re ready to move, your guide will radio the captain, and he’ll transport you to a new location.
Midday - Lunch on the boats or flats.
4:00 to 5:00 pm - You'll return to the Lodge and freshen up with a hot shower.
6:00 pm - You'll head to the maneaba (meeting house) for some appetizers—tuna or wahoo sashimi.
7:00 pm - Enjoy a buffet-style dinner with fresh fish of the day, and chicken, beef, or pork. Local musicians and dancers perform during and after the evening meal a couple of times a week.

You'll walk out to the boats at 7:00 a.m.

The Villages

Local Musicians

Local Musicians Singing to Guitar

Ten Bungalows

The Villages on Christmas Island has ten double-occupancy bungalows with air-conditioning, a covered porch, and a private bathroom with a shower.

Two Anglers Per Bungalow

The Lodge:  The Villages opened in 2006 and is run by locals, ensuring genuine Polynesian hospitality. The Lodge sits on a white sandy beach overlooking an aqua-colored lagoon.
The Lodge has ten bungalows with air-conditioning and covered verandas. Each bungalow has a private bathroom with a shower. The Lodge hosts up to sixteen anglers, with single-occupancy packages available. If you have not been to The Villages, think “nice fish camp,” not the Marriott. Laundry Service is available for AUD $30.00 per week.

Air-Conditioned Bungalows

The Bedrooms at the Villages have twin beds, ample storage, a refrigerator, and a table.

Meals:  Meals are enjoyed in the maneaba (the gathering center), which lies in the heart of the complex. After a cooked-to-order breakfast, you'll make a sandwich from the lunch bar and grab an apple or an orange and four water bottles for the day. Sashimi—thin slices of fresh tuna or wahoo—is served each evening during happy hour. Buffet-style dinners. Fish is always one of the two dinner entree choices; other weekly choices include chicken, beef steaks, and pork.
Beverages:  Alcohol is not included in the package. There is a bar. Beer is $4.00 per can. You receive four bottles of water daily, $3.00 per bottle after that.
Communications:  Starlink Wi-Fi is now available for AUD $20.00 per person weekly. It works very well. We recommend the WhatsApp app for phone calls.
Electricity:  The Lodge has both 110V and 240V power. U.S. residents will need a power plug adapter and a voltage converter.

Mark Moeller with a GT, landed on a fly!

Mark Moeller with GT

Getting to the Lodge:

1.) We recommend flying to Honolulu at least one day before you depart for Christmas Island. Hotel recommendations are provided in our confirmation packet. A Fiji Airways flight departs from Honolulu to Christmas Island each Tuesday at noon. This weekly flight is three hours long and includes a meal.
2.) You’ll arrive at Christmas Island on Wednesday (due to crossing the International Dateline). A lodge representative will greet you at the airport and drive you to The Villages, a 30-minute drive.
The package does not include airfare, hotel, and meals in Honolulu.
Carry-On for Fiji Airways:  Bring your fly rods on as a carry-on item in a tube or case. Keep your two carry-on items to less than 15 pounds. (A purse is considered a carry-on. It's best to put it in your backpack before the gate to avoid check-in fees.)
Departure Day:  After your fishing week, you’ll depart Christmas Island the following Wednesday morning and arrive in Honolulu on a Tuesday (due to crossing the International Dateline).

2024 USD Rates and Packages:

7-nights and 6-days guided fishing

Two anglers per bungalow:
$3,590.00 per person

One angler per bungalow:
$3,750.00 per person

Non-Angler Companion sharing a room:
$1,250.00 per person

The Packages Include:

• Airport reception
• Ground transfers between the airport and the Lodge
• 7-nights at The Villages
• All meals at the Lodge
• Four bottles of water per day, $3.00
• 6-days guided fishing—one angler per guide.
• All island taxes and GST
• For hosted trips, FWL supplies all bonefish flies and conventional rods and reels for bluewater trolling for tuna and wahoo. Please bring your own lures.

The Packages Do Not Include:

• No airfare is included.
   - Airfare to Honolulu, and return
   - Honolulu to Christmas Island flight, and return
• One-night hotel stay and meals in Honolulu
• Starlink Wi-Fi, AUD $20.00 per week
• Gratuities to guides and staff
• Fishing license AUD $60.00 per week
• Alcohol, beer $4.00 per can
• Daily laundry service, AUD $30.00 per week
• Global Rescue
• Travel Insurance
• Anything not mentioned under inclusions.
• FWL does not supply lures for trolling in the bluewater.
• FWL adds a 2.5% convenience fee to all credit card transactions.

The Villages
Deposit Policy:  $1,000.00 down within 14 days, and the balance is due 90 days before your arrival.
Cancellation Policy:  Deposit refundable only if a suitable replacement is found by this group or by an individual if booked that way. If trips need to be canceled due to unforeseen emergencies, they may be considered for a future credit towards a future trip.

Fishing with Larry recommends Trip Insurance and Global Rescue.
Click here for our Travel Insurance page.

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The suggested guide tip is $60.00 AUD per angler per day for the guide, and the boatman should receive at least $30.00 per day from the group. Plan on tipping the guides and boatmen daily. Anglers can tip their guides more for exceptional service. Recommended staff tips are $160.00-$200.00 per guest per week.

Christmas Island:

Pat Shanley with Bonefish

Pat Shanley Bonefishing

Rick Hergenreder with a Giant Trevally

Christmas Island Giant Trevally Fishing

Jim Schmid with Yellowfin Tuna

Jim Schmid with Yellowfin Tuna

Ron Gager with Milkfish

Ron Gager with Milkfish at Christmas Island

Mike Merritt with Large Bonefish

Christmas Island Bonefishing

Wes Ong with a Giant Trevally

Bonefishing Christmas Island

Triggerfish are Hard on Hooks.

Triggerfish Christmas Island

Barbara Adams with Sailfish

Barbara with Sailfish

Kent Saltonstall with Sailfish

Sailfishing Christmas Island

Tillie Arizmendi with Large Bonefish

Christmas Island Bonefish

Aerial View of Christmas Island

Aerial view of Christmas Island

Excellent Birding Opportunities

Birding Christmas Island

Christmas Island Bonefishing

Brad Staples with Bonefish


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