Christmas Island 2019 Trip Report

by Guy Schoenborn

I just returned from a couple of great weeks at The Villages on Christmas Island (April 23 - May 8). Overall the weather was pretty good. We had about 75-percent clear skies with winds of 5 to 15 mph. There were good numbers of quality bonefish from 3 to 6-pounds and some very nice bonefish up to 10-pounds. I had several clients that had 30 plus fish days on bonefish. Tony Buzolich landed a 10-pound bone. Tom Ferguson’s first bonefish ever was a 6-pounder.

Doug Swift with nice bonefish

Doug Swift

Doug Swift landed 27 bones in the two weeks he was there that were over 4 pounds.

Tom Ferguson with large giant trevally

Tom Ferguson

Some very nice trevally were caught. Tom Ferguson landed a 60 plus pound GT on a spin rod and a large popper. Denver York focused mainly on GTs with his 12 weight and caught three between 25 and 55-pounds. He also caught a good number of 5-10-pound GTs and bluefin trevally.

Dean, Brian, and Sam Crouser with GT

Hosted Group

Dean, Brian, and Sam Crouser had three banner days for GTs. They were casting poppers and swim baits in the waves near the reefs and also near coral heads. They had one day with over 30 hookups on GTs.

Chris Heddins with a huge bluefin trevally

Chris Heddins

Chris Heddins landed a huge bluefin near London.

Dave Patula with large golden trevally

Dave Patula

Dave Patula landed a jumbo golden trevally the first week near Huff Dam.

Doug Swift with a large milkfish

Doug Swift

Doug Swift with a nice milkfish caught on a fly after a 40-minute battle. The conditions need to be just right for this fishery, and it was for the first 10 days that I was there. The milkfish bite was hot. Everyone that had the chance caught two or more milkfish. Believe it or not, a 15-pound milkfish will fight harder and longer than a 25-pound GT. We were using 12 weight rods with 60-80 pound-tippet, and it still took 20-30 minutes to land one. Milkfish have to be one of the strongest fish on the planet.

Mike Sekosky with sailfish

Mike Sekosky

The blue water fishing was excellent both weeks. Corley Phillips, Anthony Turr and Tom Ferguson landed eight wahoo and two yellowfin tuna one day. We landed 3-10 wahoo and or yellowfin every day we went out in the blue water. Mike Sekosky even landed a sailfish (pictured above).

We had such good fishing...

We had such good fishing that 17 of my 27 anglers rebooked. If you are thinking about a Christmas Island hosted trip with Brad or me, you need to Book now for 2024 and 2025. Or if you have other dates you'd like, get with us now.

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$3,590.00 per person
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• April 7-15, 2025:  Guy Schoenborn
• April 14-22, 2025:  Guy Schoenborn
• Oct. 27 - Nov. 4, 2025;  Brad Staples hosts

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