Providence Atoll Fly Fishing Liveaboard

Fly Fish the Flats - Remote Indian Ocean

Providence Atoll lies 400 nautical miles south of Mahe and has remained mostly untouched, with fewer than a thousand visitors in the past century. After a six-year suspension on fishing, the Atoll reopened in 2015 to fly anglers. Providence is the largest fishable atoll in the Seychelles, the least explored, and arguably the best Giant Trevally fishery on the planet.

Providence Atoll

Providence, a remote and pristine atoll in the Seychelles, offers pristine, undisturbed waters teeming with inshore and offshore species. With its white sandy beaches and vibrant coral reefs, the atoll is an unforgettable destination for any fly angler.

Providence Atoll is 34 miles (55 km) long and 8.6 miles wide (14 km), and like many atolls in the Seychelles, Providence is a fly-fishing wilderness. The vast flats, enormous lagoon system, and feeder channels allow fly anglers to wade up to 214 square miles (345 km) of pristine sand flats, turtle grass banks, surf areas, and lagoon edges while targeting many species. The large ear-shaped lagoon provides easy skiff access to the amazing fly fishing grounds.
Inshore Species:  Giant Trevally, huge shoals of Bumphead parrotfish, various Grouper species, Milkfish, Triggerfish, Bonesfish and big Barracuda are also found on the flast. Providence Atoll is one of two destinations in the Seychelles to catch bumphead parrotfish.
Offshore Species:  Billfish, Yellowfin and Dogtooth Tuna, Wahoo...

One of the best GT Fisheries on the Planet

Hooking a Giant Trevally in the crystal-clear waters of Providence Atoll is the pinnacle of saltwater fly fishing. This remote atoll boasts some of the largest GT populations globally, making it one of the ultimate destination for this powerful species.

Milkfish have an incredible power-to-size ratio and execute spectacular aerial leaps, making it a demanding species to target.
Bonefishing: The Providence Atoll fishery caters to novice and highly experienced anglers. Novices can target large numbers of fairly naive bonefish while the experienced rods hunt single trophy-tailing bonefish, permit, and monster GTs.
Wading:  Most of the fishing is wading. You'll cover up to two miles a day over challenging terrain, so correct footwear is essential. Protective flats wading boots (hard rubber soles with ankle support) must be worn. You will not be taken to the flats without proper footwear.
The Outfitter:  FlyCastaway Fishing Company has specialized in elite fly-fishing trips since 2004, and also operate St. Brandon's Atoll.

Offshore Fishing

Renowned for its crystal-clear azure waters teeming with offshore species such as yellowfin tuna and wahoo, Providence Atoll offers a unique opportunity for anglers to reel in the prized sailfish. Bluewater:  At most anchorages, bluewater begins very close to shore, so it is possible to fish these waters from tender boats. Surface fish for sailfish, barracuda, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, dogtooth tuna, and an occasional marlin, to name a few.
Group Size:  12 anglers per week.
Boats:  Locally built panga-style skiffs are used for bluewater fishing and transport from the Liveaboard to the fishing grounds. Three anglers per boat and guide.

Fishing Facts:

The vibrant Triggerfish, characterized by its distinct undulating lines and richly colored body, is found in the tropical waters around Providence Atoll.

Two Seasons:  The Atoll has two fishing seasons--March through April and October through November.
Guides:  Three anglers to one guide ratio. The program has four English-speaking world-class fly-fishing guides who are some of the most experienced guides in the Indian Ocean. They are also experts in rigging, teasing, and the handling of bluewater fish. Each guide has a skipper’s license and is first aid trained.
Fishing Equipment is not included in the package. A fly outfit rental is $100.00 per week, and a $250 breakage fee applies. Fly lines are not included. A detailed list of what to bring is in our confirmation packet.
Fishing License:  Fishing Licenses are not required on the Atoll. A Seychelles conservation license is included in the package.

Guide and our client Bruce Tyson with Sailfish

Providence Atoll is known for its abundant sailfish population. On occasion, the Atoll's vibrant blue waters play host to the majestic marlin - adding to the allure of this incredible fishing destination.

Typical Fishing Day:
7:00 am - You'll have a quick breakfast.
7:30 am - You'll head out to the flats to fish the first tide.
Mid-day - Anglers generally stay out on the flats with a packed lunch, especially if the prime tidal movement coincides with the lunch break. There is the option to return to the mothership for lunch if the tide allows. However, it is best arranged with the head guide the evening prior.
5:00 to 5:30 pm - You'll return to the vessel.
7:30 pm - Enjoy a buffet-style dinner. After dinner, the guides and captain review the fishing tides for the next day.

The Maya's Dugong Liveaboard

The Maya's Dugong, a 135-foot expedition vessel is your homebased for your week at Providence Atoll. The Liveaboard has seven air-conditioned cabins, a large dining area and lounge, and observation deck.

The Liveaboard:  The Maya’s Dugong, a 150-foot expedition vessel, has a large air-conditioned dining area and lounge, several outdoor decks, a spacious bridge, and an observation deck. The vessel boasts the most experienced crew in the region. The ship's large back deck provides ample room for gear storage and tackle setup. The vessel can store four tender boats.

Security:  Providence Atoll fishing was suspended for six years due to piracy in the Indian Ocean. Though the risk of attack is considered low, three armed security personnel are on board.

Seven Air-Conditioned Cabins

The Maya's Dugong, a 135-foot expedition vessel, and your home base for the week, has seven air-conditioned cabins with a private bathroom and shower. Two guests per cabin.

Two guests per air-conditioned cabin with a private bathroom and shower. Free laundry service twice a week.
Meals:  Hot breakfasts, packed lunches, and buffet-style dinners.
Alcohol:  All beer, spirits, and wine are available for purchase onboard and do not include a 15% GST. You’re encouraged to bring your own alcohol from home or the duty-free store at the airport.
Communications:  There is no Wi-Fi or cell reception on the Atoll. The Maya’s Dugong's satellite phone can be used for $5.00 per minute for incoming and outgoing calls.

A Tractor Ride to the Mothership

From Farquhar Airport, you'll take a 15-minute tractor ride (true island style) to the Maya Dugong, the 135-foot liveaboard vessel, and your home base for your week at Providence Atoll.

Getting to the Liveaboard

For travel to the Seychelles, you need an eTA (Eletronic Travel Authorization) if you have a United States passport. Seychelles also requires Mandatory travel health insurance.
1.) You'll fly to Dubai, which serves as a connecting hub for regular international flights from the United States.
2.) From Dubai, you’ll take a 4.5-hour flight to Seychelles International Airport on the island of Mahe and stay the night in a hotel.
3.) In the morning, you'll take a two-hour charter flight on a Beechcraft 1900 to Farquhar Atoll.
4.) From the Farquhar Airport, you'll take a 15-minute ride on a tractor and trailer (true island-style) to the Maya Dugong mothership.
Once you have settled into your cabin, the Liveaboard will depart for Providence Atoll, a four to eight-hour sail. (The hotel night and ground transfers in Mahe are not included in the package. The two-hour domestic charter flights between Mahe and Farquhar are included in the package.)
Departure Day:  After fishing on the sixth day, the Liveaboard returns to Farquhar. You'll stay the night on the liveaboard, and the following morning, you’ll take the return flight to Mahe. Then, you’ll either take a late-night flight home or, if desired, stay another night in Mahe at your own expense.

2024 USD Rates

Our advice is free.
We never charge more than the Lodges we represent.

7-nights and 6-days guided fishing
Two per cabin, three per boat:
$15,500.00 per person

One angler per cabin:
add $2,500.00 per person
Single cabins are limited.

Bruce Tyson with Giant Trevally

Bruce Tyson with Giant Trevally

"Great trip! The GT is the most exciting fish I have ever caught. Sailfish was pretty cool too." - Bruce Tyson - 2018.

The Package Includes:

• Domestic flights between Mahe and Farquhar
• Tractor transfers in Farquhar
• 7-nights on the Liveaboard
• All meals on the Liveaboard
• Water, soft drinks, coffee, and tea
• 6-days guided fishing
• Seychelles conservation license, $210.00 p.p.
• Laundry service
• Global Rescue Medical Evacuation Coverage
• Fuel and visitation permit fee

The Package Does Not Include:

• International airfare to Dubai, and return
• Airfare from Dubai to Mahe Island, and return
• Ground transfers on Mahe
• Hotel night, meals, and beverages in Mahe
• Beer, spirits, and wine
• Gratuities for guides and boat staff
• Fly outfit rental, $100.00 per week
• Tackle, lines, and flies
• Items of a personal nature
• Satellite phone calls, $5.00 per minute
• GST of 15% for all goods purchased on the Liveaboard
Mandatory Travel Health Insurance is required for the Seychelles.
  (You must have valid travel health insurance that covers potential COVID-19-related costs.)
• Travel Insurance is highly recommended.
• Anything not mentioned under inclusions.

Request a Providence Atoll
Information Packet. 

Providence Atoll Bluefin Trevally

Bluefin Trevally

Providence Atoll trips are primarily based on sightfishing the flats, having top-quality polarized sunglasses is a must. We suggest bringing two pairs with you.

Endless Wading Flats and Trophy Bonefish

Trophy Bonefish

For Bonefish, Triggerfish, and Bumphead Parrotfish, the outfitter recommends a top-quality 9-ft./9-wt. saltwater fly rods such as G. Loomis NRX or GLX CrossCurrent. A detailed tackle list is provided in our confirmation packet.

Exotic Species - Providence Atoll has it all!

Providence has it all!

Bring a Digital Camera with 5 million or more pixels, preferably waterproof. Bring your downloading cable so they can back up your photos every few days. Each guest is given a selection of low-res images from the week at the end of the trip.

Napolean Wrasse

The Napoleon Wrasse, or Humphead Wrasse, reaching nearly 6 feet and tipping the scales at a hefty 400 pounds, this species is among the largest fish to call coral reefs home.

Napolean Wrasse, also known as Humphead Wrasse, is identified by its puffy thick lips and forehead bump. These reef dwellers feed on mollusks, crustaceans, and fish. They have an impressive lifespan, living up to 40 years.

Providence Atoll Adventure

Exotic Species on the Atoll

English-speaking guides have abundant knowledge and experience in successfully targeting Providence’s flats and offshore species.

The Powerful GT

Finest GT Flats

Powerful and predatory, the GT is the bully on the block and hunts individually or in schools. Call us today for this Providence Atoll Fly Fishing Liveaboard Adventure!

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