Caño Negro Green Forest Lodge

Caño Negro Lodge is located in the midst of a two million acre nature preserve in the Rio Negro San Simon system. Protected rivers and lagoons hold huge populations of gamefish, including peacock bass, and payara. Due to the fishing and the exotic wildlife, this area has been nicknamed the Jurassic Park of the Amazon.

Caño Negro Fishing:  Flies or Lures

Bolivia peacock bass fishing

Our clients have caught 30 peacock bass in a day fishing top-water or sub-surface lures and flies. Here, the mighty saber-tooth payara, river tiger of South America, offers the thrilling, tackle-busting fishing experience of a lifetime. Hailed as "tarpon on steroids, these payara range from five to 25-pounds and can exceed 50-pounds. Ten to 15 hookups a day is the norm on payara.
In addition to payara, these river and lagoon systems have the highest concentrations of peacock bass found anywhere on earth. Peacocks range from around 2-to 12-pounds. The daily catch numbers are amazing—it's not uncommon for an angler to land thirty to forty, explosive-hitting peacocks a day. Other excellent gamefish include brawny pacu up to 30-pounds, brilliant yatoranas, curvina, muturos and surubi (giant catfish). Along with the allure of world-class fishing, the sports enthusiast must take on the challenge of outwitting the near twenty different species of piranha. While out on the water, anglers have reported coming in contact with at least 50 piranhas a day.

Fishing Facts:

Cano Negro fishing seasons

Fishing and Dove Shooting Seasons:
Fishing at Caño Negro Green Forest Lodge:
July 20 thru November 3.
Dove Shooting at Las Palomas Lodge:
April thru October.
Cast-and-Blast at Las Palomas Lodge:
April thru October.

Boats:  The fishing boats range from aluminum sleds to local custom-made wooden boats. They are equipped with outboard motors, casting decks, comfortable seats, and ample coolers to store drinks. They also use specially made very long, very stable dugouts. Two anglers per boat and guide.
Fishing Guides:  The hardworking guides are knowledgeable of the river systems and speak very little English. They're able to help you select the right lures/flies, provide help with casting and techniques. Fly fishing instruction is available at the Lodge. Caño Negro has a full-time bilingual host.
Dove Shooting:  April through October.
Olivia is the world's mecca for high-volume dove hunting. 15,000,000 to 20,000,000 eared doves (Zenaida Auriculata) migrate from Brazil each April to feed on the literally millions of acres of sorghum, sunflowers, and soybeans. They stay until November, offering bird hunting that is best described as "astonishing." Hunters routinely expend 60-100 boxes a day on shoots in a great variety of settings.
See Cast and Blast Package below.

Caño Negro Green Forest Lodge

Caño Negro Lodge

Caño Negro Lodge features air-conditioned rooms with private baths, a well-appointed dining room and an adjacent lounge and bar with a scenic view of the vast, live lagoons fed by springs and the Rio Negro. The Lodge is located in the picturesque Amazonian jungle. Wildlife viewing includes a wide variety of birds, giant caimans and possibly a jaguar laying on the beach or strolling across the riverbanks.
Meals:  Bolivian and American foods are featured. Fresh fish, beef, pork, and chicken are accompanied by an assortment of delicious soups, salads, rice, bread, and mixed vegetables. The camp supplies bottled water, soft drinks, local liquor, beer and wine with dinner. Bring your own specialty liquor.
Communications:  Wi-Fi is available at the Lodge for $10.00 per person per day. Only satellite phones will work at Caño Negro. Diesel-generated electricity is turned off from 10 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
The nearest health facility is in Santa Cruz, a two-hour charter flight away.

Getting Here:

A two-hour air charter from Santa Cruz lands you at the Rio Negro/Rio San Simon fishing area and Caño Negro Lodge. You must have a four-day trip minimum (double-occupancy) and a three-passenger minimum for the roundtrip air charter from Santa Cruz to the Lodge to be included in the package.

2019 Rates:

4-nights and 4-days guided fishing
$3,995.00 per person
5-nights and 5-days guided fishing
$4,995.00 per person
7-nights and 7-days guided fishing
$5,495.00 per person

Cast and Blast:
April through October
3-days dove shooting
and 3-days guided fishing
(6-nights)  $5,495.00 per person

Fishing packages include:

Roundtrip charter flight from Santa Cruz to the fishing area (with a 3-person minimum booking), airport ground transfers in Bolivia, lodging, all meals in the fishing areas, beverages (soft drinks, local liquors, beer, and wine), daily laundry service, guided fishing, use of boats, local licenses, and upon request, our eBook Fly Fishing for Peacock Bass by Larry and Guy Schoenborn.

Packages do not include:

Commercial air travel, airport departure tax—currently $25.00 and usually included in your airfare, Visa fee $160.00, Wi-Fi access $10.00 p.p./per day, gun clearance fee of $100.00 per gun (if only one person in the group brings a gun to the Cast-and-Blast, the fee will be $200.00—the minimum required by the Bolivian government issuing the permit), gratuities (to the Lodge staff, fishing guides, and fishing camp staff), lures and tackle, ammunition, items of a personal nature, and anything not mentioned under inclusions. The hotel in Santa Cruz will cost around $100.00 per night (single or double occupancy).

Yellow Fever

All visitors to Bolivia need a Yellow Fever Vaccine certification as Santa Cruz is considered a Dengue affected area. A yellow fever vaccination card is REQUIRED for this adventure. (We also advise our guests to be current with hepatitis and tetanus vaccinations.)

Las Palomas Lodge and Caño Negro Lodge

Cast-and-Blast - Two Lodges:  Mid-July through October.
6-nights and 3-days dove shooting and 3-days guided fishing $5,495.00

Cast-and-Blast packages include:
All meals in the shooting/fishing areas, accommodations, airport transfers, soft drinks, local liquors, beer and wine, laundry, shotgun cleaning, guides, boats, all local permits, and the roundtrip air charter to and from the fishing area. If you choose to bring guns, the permit fee is included in the price. Be sure to have the completed permit application to our office at least 45-days before travel.

Packages do not include:

Commercial air travel, airport taxes (approx. $25.00), visa ($160.00), shells at $14.00 - $15.00/box (subject to change), gun rental ($65.00 per day) gratuities to bird boys and lodge staff or fishing guides and fishing camp staff, lures and tackle, Wi-fi access $10.00 p.p. per day (at Caño Negro), items of a personal nature, hotel and meals in Santa Cruz (as required by itinerary), and anything not mentioned under inclusions. Hotel reservations will cost around $100.00 per room. If hunters bring their own gun, the gun clearance fee will be $100.00 per gun (if only one person in the group brings a gun to the Cast-and-Blast, the fee will be $200.00—it is the minimum due required by the Bolivian government issuing the permit).

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Caño Negro photos

4.5 million acre preserve - Rio Negro San Simon

Rio Negro San Simon Preserve

Saber-toothed payara - Mike Sadar photo

Caño Negro Payara

Howard with a giant catfish

Caño Negro Catfish

Howard with catfish and payara

Caño Negro catfish

Aluminum sleds and local wooden boats

Caño Negro Fishing Boats

Caño Negro Green Forest Lodge

Cano Negro

Caño Negro Lodging

Cano Negro Lodging

Lounge and bar with view of lagoons

Cano Negro Lounge Area

Air-conditioned rooms with private baths

Caño Negro Air-Conditioned Rooms

Fly Fishing for Peacock Bass eBook on Amazon

Fly Fishing for Peacock Bass

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