Bolivia - Jungle Fishing Adventure

Casare River Headwaters - Angling Frontiers

The Casare River is nestled in the meeting point between the Bolivian Amazon and the eastern slopes of the Andes Mountains. For the Jungle Fishing Adventure, the team's mission is to move anglers into the most remote corners of this river system for bigger and meaner jungle gold.

Fly Fishing the Tsimane Jungle

Golden Dorado Fishing

Not for the faint of heart. You'll travel far up the jungle headwaters of the Casare and/or Pachene River, depending on the water levels, for the most pristine reaches of the river system. The Tsimane guide team leads the way—digging or moving rocks and cutting fallen timber to make way for the canoes, doing whatever necessary to push further upstream. Along the way, and as they’ve done for centuries, the local guides gather food and a variety of jungle supplies for their families. As they lead the canoe into the deep green jungle, you’ll have a front-row seat to their skills, strength, and jungle ingenuity. The Pachene jungle adventure provides a rare glimpse into their ancient culture.

Canoes and anglers will take turns (leapfrog fishing) their way upriver, stopping to fish at choice spots to maximize fishing and efficient use of daylight. You'll cover various pools, rocky and woody structure, runs and riffles, back-eddies and more, while navigating the river.
The terrain in this region of the Bolivian Amazon is not easy to traverse. This program is for anglers who are physically fit. In the upper stretches of the rivers, big boulders and rocks make wading tougher. Rocks and boulders can be slippery, and often there are steep banks or fast-moving water. Medical Evacuation coverage, such as Global Rescue, is required for this adventure.
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Chasing 24 Carat Gold.

Fishing Facts:

Jungle Adventure Fishing

Season:  The Camp is open June through October.
Group size:  Four to six anglers per adventure.
Expectations:  There is enough water and fishing opportunities for each angler in the expedition to get at least 2 to 5 chances at a nice-sized golden dorado each day, and of course, some days will be double that or more.
Team:  The entire expedition team includes more than a dozen local Tsimané guides, a few local guides, Chef/Sous chef, and one professional English-speaking fly-fishing guide for every two anglers.
Guides:  English-speaking professional fly fishing guides - two anglers per canoe and guide, plus one local, Tsimané boatman who expertly navigates the canoe through treacherous water. Local indigenous guides are experts on the local culture and its jungle home. From bow-fishing to singing and constant displays of extraordinary strength, these people have no shortage of ways to impress.
Boats:  Motor-powered dugout canoes are used.
Equipment:  Heavy spinning and baitcasting equipment are available for anglers wanting to target giant catfish. Additional tackle and golden dorado flies are available for purchase at the main camp. A detailed list of what to bring is in our confirmation packet.
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Angling Frontiers Casare.

Jungle Fly Camps:

Pachene River Fly Camp

Camp Accommodations:  The adventure takes you through the Casare Camp with its safari-style tents and all its comforts, but you’ll spend more time in the rustic fly camps as you head up the pristine waters of the Pachene River. As you head up the Pachene, the guides will set up fly camps along the river. You MUST bring a lightweight sleeping bag and travel pillow. The fly camps include spacious two-person dome tents with sleeping pads and cots, meshed-in dining tents for meals, solar showers, generator, and outhouses with toilet seats. Although tents are set up on the fly, you’ll find them clean and comfortable after a long but golden day of dorado hunting.
Meals include a big breakfast, packed lunches are enjoyed on the river, and dinners back at camp include grilled meat and fish and other local dishes.
 Soft drinks and limited local beer, and local liquor/wines are included. (You'll need to bring your own specialty liquor and/or tobacco.)
Voltage and Power at Camps:   They have solar-powered batteries (Goal Zero) for charging electronics at the fly camps and generators at the main Casare camp. The generators are available for a limited time during the evening (approx. four hours per night). They recommend bringing a travel charger with you as it will usually have different options for plugs that work with all smartphones and cameras.
Yellow Fever:  A Yellow Fever vaccination certificate is required for entry into Bolivia.
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Pachene River Canoes

Getting to the Camp:

You'll fly to Viru Viru International Airport in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. A representative will drive you to the five-star Los Tajibos Hotel. (The first and last night hotel are included in the package.) The next morning at 6:00 a.m., the lodge representative will drive you to the local airport. You'll take a 2.5-hour charter flight to the jungle airstrip. (This roundtrip charter flight is included in the package. A 50-pound baggage limit is strictly enforced.) Then, you'll take a 75-minute canoe ride upriver to the Casare Camp. After lunch, you'll fish around the home beats. The next morning, you'll travel further upstream.

2023 USD Rate:

June through October
Four anglers per week
9-nights (2-hotel 7 at camp)
and 7-days guided fishing

$6,250 + $600 Native Comm. Fee = $6,850.00 per person

Packages Include:

Airport meet and greet in Santa Cruz, ground transfers between the airport and hotel, first and last night’s stay at the 5-star Los Tajibos Hotel and Convention Center in Santa Cruz (for a single-occupancy room, add $100.00 per night), roundtrip private charter flight between Santa Cruz and the jungle airstrip, professional fly fishing guides and local indigenous guides, camp accommodations, free laundry at the main camp, all meals at Camp, soft drinks, and local beer/wine/liquor. Heavy spinning and bait-casting equipment for catfish are available for you to use.

Packages Do Not Include:

International airfare, domestic airfare, airport taxes and fees, Bolivian tourist visa (approx. $165.00 and valid for 5 years), extra hotel nights, any meals outside of the fishing areas, Indigenous territory fee of $600.00, gratuities to guides and camp staff, satellite phone calls ($5.00 per minute), optional limited Wi-Fi at the main Casare Camp ($150.00 p.p. per week), any imported or specialty alcoholic beverages, excess baggage charges, transportation not included in the itinerary, optional or side trips, fly-fishing gear, tackle, or flies (a limited number of flies are for sale at camp for $8.00-$12.00 each), mandatory medical evacuation insurance, travel insurance, hotel upgrades, and anything not mentioned under inclusions.

Fly Fish the Untouched Tsimané Jungle

Casare Golden Dorado

Jungle Fishing for Golden Dorado

All fishing is catch-and-release only. Golden dorado possess a bright golden coloration, accented by rows of tiny black dots running along their powerful, streamlined bodies. Their massive jaws come equipped with rows of razor-sharp, pointy teeth.

Casare Jungle Adventure for Golden Dorado

Fly Fishing for Golden Dorado

This fishing adventure favors dark four-to eight-inch patterns. However, when the water levels drop, smaller and lighter colored flies become crucial. When a sudden downpour muddies the river, the larger, dark flies are back in favor. The outfitter recommends that you bring a minimum of four to six dozen flies.

Dinner Buffet at Casare Fly Camps

Dinner Buffet

The camp cooks prepare three meals per day. Local liquor, beer, and wine are served in the evenings. You may bring your own specialty liquor to camp.

Double-occupancy Tent Camping

Fly Camps

Casare Expedition Fly Camps are not only made on the fly but are also well equipped and comfortable. Though rustic, the camps have solar-heated showers and an outhouse-style toilet. In the Fly Camps, more of the outdoors experience is enjoyed: bathing in the river, sleeping closer to the jungle, hearing more jungle sounds around your tent, and on occasion, spectacular lightning storms.

Fishing Travel Experts

Guy Schoenborn

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Brad Staples

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