Avalon: the exclusive fishing operation at Cayo Largo since 2008.

U.S. anglers can now fish in Cuba. Fly fishing in Cuba is far different from other destinations in the Caribbean. Cuba has protected these pristine areas as National Marine Parks. No commercial fishing is allowed other than for lobster. Cayo Largo is a small island belonging to Cuba, in the Caribbean Sea; and is no more than 16-miles long and 1.9-miles wide. Anglers can now get an educational visa from a conservation organization for approx. $100.00.

Fishing Cayo Largo

world's best permit fishing

Cayo Largo is one of the best locations in the world for finding big permit. On Cuba’s south coast, permit can be found swimming with large schools of bonefish. This scenario presents its own set of challenges. Unless the fly is cast to just the right location bonefish will often take the fly before the permit has a chance to. This kind of precise angling will put all your fly fishing skills to the test and get your heart pounding. Bonefish and snook are available year-round at all Avalon operations. Jacks are wonderful gamefish and are very abundant in the JDR. It is common to see a school of big jacks patrolling the flats, eating everything in sight. Mutton snappers are everywhere in the JDR, and plenty are found and caught on the flats, a real rarity. This is perhaps the best and only place in the world where you can expect to catch mutton snappers on the flats.
Avalon uses Dolphin 16-foot Super skiffs teamed with Yamaha 60 or 70-HP motors at all of their flats fishing destinations. The guides can pole the skiffs on the shallowest bonefish flats. Local guides are excellent fishermen and are very skilled at finding all species. They were born and raised on these waters, and know the ocean and the flats like the backs of their hands. The guides speak Spanish, but also know speak "fishing-English."

Permit, Bonefish and more

permit bonefish Fishing

Permit:  Permit are the ultimate flats challenge, and Cayo Largo is the best location in the world for finding big permit. Permit are intelligent, opportunistic feeders. They will follow behind sting rays, using the rays to flush out crabs and shrimp, which the permit will then eat before the ray has a chance to get its meal. Here, 15-to 25-pound permit are commonly found, and the guides are experts at reading the water and tides in order to find this unique phenomenon.
The best locations in Cuba to consistently find permit are here and Jardines de la Reina.
Tarpon:  Large number of tarpon or sabalo, as they are known in Cuba, are resident year-round in Cayo Largo’s tidal channels and flats, with migrating fish showing up in April until August. Their average weight is from 15-to 30-pounds, but fish up to 120-pounds may be encountered and, indeed, some large fish have been caught over the past seasons. They are in the area all year-long, but tarpons over 50-pounds are more commonly found from March to August.
Bonefish:  Available year-round at all Avalon operations, bonefish are the most abundant and popular of the flat species and average about six pounds. Larger bones are landed, especially in the winter months.

About Hotel Sol Club | Cayo Largo

hotel sol club cayo largo cuba

The Hotel Sol Club Cayo Largo is a beautiful all-inclusive resort located on the southern shore Cayo Largo del Sur. The resort is only five minutes from the International Airport. It offers a total of 296-comfortable rooms with a terrace or balcony overlooking the ocean, including eight junior suites and 52-deluxe rooms. This is the perfect destination to bring a non-fishing spouse or companion.
The hotel provides a broad array of services and attractions: a clubhouse for daytime activities, three restaurants, Spanish classes, cocktail and cooking classes, party hall, karaoke night club, a dive school nearby health center with gym, sauna, massages at bargain prices, Jacuzzi and steam bath, two tennis courts with artificial lighting, multi-purpose courts, bikes, ecological excursions, dancing classes, water sports center for non-motorized water sports, Cuban Club for cultural activities, and theater.

Getting Here:

You’ll fly to Jose Marti International Airport also referred to as the Havana Airport. It is the busiest airport in Cuba and has four terminals. You’ll then need to take a 30-minute charter flight from Havana to Cayo Largo. You’ll be greeted by an Avalon representative upon arrival and driven to the hotel. (The roundtrip 30-minute charter flight and ground transfers to the hotel are included in the package.)

2019 USD Rates:

7-nights and 6-days guided fishing
Saturday to Saturday
Hotel Sol Club Cayo Largo:
High Season:
March 2 - June 29, 2019
$8,200.00 per person
Hotel Villa Marinera:
High Season:
March 7 - July 4, 2019
$6,990.00 per person

Packages include:

Roundtrip flight from Havana to Cayo Largo, reception at Cayo Largo Airport, roundtrip ground transfers airport to the hotel, 7-nights lodging and meals in Cayo Largo, guided fishing, fishing license, and four drinks on the skiff each fishing day (beer, water, or soft drinks).

Packages do not include:

Airfare, Marine Park Conservation Fee ($100.00 – may be paid online prior to your trip), fishing tackle, fly rod, and reels, boarding tax of CUC 25 (CUC Cuban convertible peso) to be paid at airport before leaving, if not included in your airfare; gratuities to guide and staff, personal expenses, extra beverages, and meals other than those stated above, and anything not mentioned under inclusions.

Hotel Villa Marinera

Hotel Villa Marinera consists of five shoreline and five garden-view cabins, a total of 20 single rooms, located at the marina of Cayo Largo. The air-conditioned rooms have ensuite bathrooms, a minifridge, and a small safe in which to store belongings. This is the perfect place for anglers that prefer single accommodations. When you need a moment to relax, you can enjoy a billiard game in the small clubhouse or take a dip in the pool.

Important for Domestic Flight

On domestic flights, Cuban rules for items on board are stricter for security reasons. Hooks, nylons (including tippets, leaders, etc.), spray, or fishing rods (regardless of size) are not allowed in hand luggage. They must be shipped or checked with bags. For your convenience and luggage safety, they suggest that you put TSA certified locks on the luggage to be carried.

Call 1-800-205-3474 for more Information:

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Year-round tarpon here

Cayo Largo

Bonefishing Cayo Largo

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World's best permit fishing

Cayo Largo permit fishing

Best location for big permit

Cayo Largo permit

Cayo Largo is Spanish for "long island"

Cayo Largo

Did we say PERMIT fishing?

Cayo Largo Resort

Hotel Villa Marinera

Hotel Villa Marinera

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